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What would happen if a reality dating show and a choose your own adventure book had a baby? You would have something like Match Maker. This concept presentation is available for brands seeking unique and innovative content.

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Match Maker Game Concept

  1. 1. Match Maker A brand-friendly casual gaming experience.  
  2. 2. What is Match Maker? Your lips are like a fine wine. Your compliments are like an aged cheese.If a reality dating show hooked up with a choose your own adventurebook and had a baby (and put that baby on the internet), you wouldhave Match Maker. It’s a ‘dating’ game with two simple steps.Step One: Select two people:Step Two: Watch them go on a date. By Brian Fountain |
  3. 3. Summar yMatch Maker is a casual game that encourages visitors to try theirhand at the esoteric art of match making.This video-centric experience asks players to review fictional datingprofiles then attempt to pair the lonely candidates with a potentialsoulmate.After selecting a match, players are shown a short video of the coupleon a date (hidden-camera style). Some encounters end in fireworks.Others just crash and burn, but they are all entertaining and funny.The experience can be hosted on facebook, a brand’s homepage oron a single-serve site. It is also executable as a mobile app.   By Brian Fountain |
  4. 4. It’s a Game!Players earn points for creating love connections and unlockrewards for triggering special events (e.g. “Worst Date Ever”).As participants gain experience (aka Heat), they will also unlockspecial power-ups. These new abilities enable them to overcomeobstacles they may encounter during more difficult dates. Eachsuccessfully completed challenge will improve their Match Maker rank.With enough Heat, players can unlock all possible matches andachieve Love God status.   By Brian Fountain |
  5. 5. Experience Over view The visitor is welcomed to the game by a brief video explanation oftheir duties as a matchmaker then shown their candidates. There are twelve profiles total (six men and six women). They are ethnically diverse and cover most of the person- ality archetypes we’ve all met. Users can read profiles Dan the Bartender or watch short video testimonials to learn everything they need to know about the candidates.The videos give us a quick sense of the candidate’s personality. Theprofiles give us deeper insight and contain the typical elements youwould expect (likes, dislikes, favorite quotes, etc.) and can be used forhints on how to pair up the more difficult love matches.   By Brian Fountain |
  6. 6. Experience Over view When the player selects two candidates of their choice and pressesthe “MATCH” button, the other profiles fade out and a video of thedate begins.After a quick title screen (e.g. “Mark and Sasha”),we see the couple seated at a restaurant table orother appropriate date location (a bar, a park, etc.). Mark & SashaNext, we voyeuristically watch the two engage inchit-chat and romantic banter. Sometimes the interaction is natural.At other times it is awkward and stilted. The scene time-jumps asneeded. The tone is funny and natural.   By Brian Fountain |
  7. 7. Experience Over view The date ‘scene’ is typically around two to three minutes but can be asshort as 20 seconds.At the end the date, the player will learn whether or not they havemade a love connection.If the date was not successful, there is no penalty. They are simplyreturned to the main menu to make their next match. If there was aconnection they receive a heart and their Heat meter increases.   By Brian Fountain |
  8. 8. Male Profiles Jock Nerd “I want to take you home and “My love for you is chaotic bench press you.” neutral.” Hipster Musician “I’m really into sub-aural music. “I wrote a poem for you, but it You’ve probably never heard it.” was so sad my tears washed away the words.” Banker Douche “My socks are 800 thread “If I could rewrite the alphabet, count.” I would put you and me together.”   By Brian Fountain |
  9. 9. Female Profiles Goth Party Girl “I hate kittens and metal “I am pretty sure I was Ke$ha in detectors.” a past life.” Socialite Activist “My perfect date is a long walk “I only surf cruelty-free on the beach you just bought websites.” me.” Wallflower Careerist “I’m not your average girl but “My assistant can answer any I do fall within the standard questions you may have. deviation.” Sent from my Blackberry.”   By Brian Fountain |
  10. 10. Decision Points & Power- upsAt key moments during the dating scene, the player may be promptedto use a power-up. These bonus items can be the key to turning a baddate around. Power-ups are unlocked by accumulating Heat.Some dates will have decision points where a power-up can be used.If the player picks the correct item, their Heat meter goes up and thedate is saved. If they choose incorrectly, the date continues its descent.Example abilities include:< Beauty Makeover < Puppy Dog Eyes< Witty Banter < Dance Party< Shopping Spree < Banzai! (bold action)   By Brian Fountain |
  11. 11. Example Achievements < Worst Date Ever - Pair up the least compatible couple “This is without a doubt the worst date that has ever happened in the history of forever.”< Explosive Chemistry - Pair the most sexually compatible couple “I think you just set a new land-speed record for hooking up. Great work.”< Sword Fight - Make two straight guys go on a date “Well that was awkward. Not sure what you expected to happen. Was it at least good for you?”   By Brian Fountain |
  12. 12. Example Achievements < Social Butterfly - Tell a friend about Match Maker “You shared Match Maker with your friends. Don’t be a jerk and immediately delete it from your wall. We have feelings too.”< Completionist - Attempt every possible dating combination “Well at least no one can say you aren’t thorough.”< 5-Timers Club - Make 5 Love Connections “Looks like you’re hitting your stride. Keep at it!”   By Brian Fountain |
  13. 13. ConclusionMatch Maker offers a variety of engagement levels for diverse audi-ences. A casual user can interact with the experience and enjoy a quick5-10 minutes of entertainment, while others may spend several hoursenjoying the content.The mixture of live video and interactive decision points will be a funand fresh experience for participants. This unique mix of humor, gameplay and social commentary will be perfect for sharing with friends.In total the experience will contain approximately 3 hours of originalvideo content, but can be scaled up or down as needed. The contentcan be family-friendly or edgier to suit the brand.   By Brian Fountain |
  14. 14. Brian Fountain“I tell stories in unexpected places.”Transmedia Storytelling and Game DesignBrian Fountain has more than a decade of experience in marketingand advertising in the digital space.In recent years his chief focus has been in the realm of transmediamarketing — designing experiences that transpire across multipleplatforms, including: mobile, web and live events.He is an award winning game designer and software developer.Past work has involved companies such as Motorola, Fiat, SELF andmany more.Contact: | @fountain   By Brian Fountain |
  15. 15. Match Maker  