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Victory of the commons


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Victory of the commons

  1. 1. Victory of the Commons
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Give, and it will be given to you. Luke 6:38
  4. 4. Tragedy of the Commons @yoast
  5. 5. Reversed Tragedy of the Commons @yoast
  6. 6. Hippie... @yoast
  7. 7. History
  8. 8. History @yoast
  9. 9. History @yoast
  10. 10. Oldest article @yoast
  11. 11. Blog posts @yoast
  12. 12. Business
  13. 13. Business The result of all that giving: until 2010 I made no money whatsoever on WordPress. @yoast
  14. 14. I was mowing the pasture all day long. @yoast
  15. 15. Business @yoast
  16. 16. Business The result of that: I needed a job in which I did other things (which happened to be consulting on SEO) @yoast
  17. 17. The Economics of Open Source
  18. 18. Adam Smith @yoast
  19. 19. Adam Smith Adam Smith stated that: In competition, individual ambition serves the common good. @yoast
  20. 20. Adam Smith Meaning: if every individual does what is best for him, the situation will be most optimal. @yoast
  21. 21. Adam Smith Following Adam Smith would mean: do what’s best for my wallet, and thus, stop developing open source plugins. @yoast
  22. 22. Tragedy of the Commons @yoast
  23. 23. John Nash @yoast
  24. 24. John Nash @yoast
  25. 25. John Nash @yoast
  26. 26. Nash Equilibrium “Everyone has to do what’s best for him and the group.” @yoast
  27. 27. Nash Equilibrium Looking for a Nash Equilibrium: two equally important goals: - growing the company - improving our “pastures” @yoast
  28. 28. So: making money
  29. 29. Consultancy @yoast
  30. 30. Website Reviews @yoast
  31. 31. Premium Plugins @yoast
  32. 32. Aside: the importance of good branding @yoast
  33. 33. Reputation @yoast
  34. 34. Reputation Your reputation is a direct result of your “giving”, but: it’s easy to lose. @yoast
  35. 35. Too many sheep on the pasture... @yoast
  36. 36. Or too much mowing of the pasture @yoast
  37. 37. Balance @yoast
  38. 38. Conclusion
  39. 39. Conclusion Just developing open source software and giving it away all the time? NOT GOOD. @yoast
  40. 40. Conclusion Open Source development and making money should go hand in hand. @yoast
  41. 41. Conclusion Profits support you growing your company. @yoast
  42. 42. Conclusion Part of those profits should be reinvested in the pasture. @yoast
  43. 43. Conclusion If we all do that, we all benefit. @yoast
  44. 44. Conclusion And we all get an even bigger and greener field to play on. @yoast
  45. 45. Conclusion So I don’t need just me to succeed. I need you to succeed as well! @yoast
  46. 46. Conclusion So: if you have a good business model, that supports the growth of open source. That way, we can truly have: @yoast
  47. 47. Victory of the Commons @yoast
  48. 48. Volg ons :)Volg ons :) Twitter: @yoast Facebook: Site: The End.