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Beyond SEO: copywriting for professionals


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SEO has gone from a technical trade to being more marketing focussed. Joost & Marieke will talk about how to gain great rankings & satisfied visitors by writing quality content. Focussing on SEO copywriting has a major pitfall. We give examples and tips on how to write a post that is both readable as well as SEO-friendly.

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Beyond SEO: copywriting for professionals

  1. 1. Beyond SEO: Copywriting for professionals
  2. 2. Joost de Valk Marieke van de Rakt
  3. 3. Want our slides?
  4. 4. Today: SEO copywriting
  5. 5. Google’s mission To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  6. 6. What is SEO? SEO aims to improve 
 a website’s position in the free 
 (or “organic”) search results.
  7. 7. No scorched earth tactics
  8. 8. We prefer sustainable SEO
  9. 9. Focus on all aspects 
 of website optimization.
 Be the best result.
  10. 10. Holistic SEO
  11. 11. Quality content Holistic SEO Technical
 excellence Good
 UX & UI Flawless security
 PR & Social
  12. 12. Why does quality content matter for SEO?
  13. 13. What does Google do with text?
  14. 14. Why doesn’t this work (anymore)?
  15. 15. Hummingbird
  16. 16. Quality content is also important, because:
  17. 17. 1. People understand your message
  18. 18. 2. Lower bounce rate
  19. 19. 3. More trust
  20. 20. 4. More attention on social media
  21. 21. So, how do you write quality content?
  22. 22. Research at Yoast
  23. 23. Read about in our Come grab it at 
 our booth!
  24. 24. 1. Focus on the structure of your text
  25. 25. Clear paragraphs • One idea per paragraph • One core sentence • Not too long • Never randomly add whitespace within paragraphs!
  26. 26. Transition words Relation Examples of signal words Enumeration first of all, also, another, furthermore, finally Cause because, so, due to, for the reason that Comparison/contrast similarly, likewise, rather, while, in contrast Conclusion as a result, hence, consequently, therefore Fuzzy signals seems like, maybe, probably, almost Emphasis above all, most noteworthy, certainly, even more
  27. 27. 2. Use clear headings
  28. 28. 3. Make sure your text is easy to read
  29. 29. Short sentences, simple words • No longer than 20 words per sentence • Use simple words • ≤ 3 syllables • Keep your audience in mind: developers understand ‘pull request’
  30. 30. 4. Make sure your text is nice to read
  31. 31. Passive voice Avoid when possible! 
 Passive voice Better alternative This product can be bought in our webshop. Customers can buy this product in our webshop. The employees are informed about their financial contribution. The manager informs his employees about their financial contribution. All our posts are checked by a colleague. A colleague checks all our posts.
  32. 32. Mix it up! • Use synonyms and don’t over-optimize! • Mix sentence length • Short and somewhat longer paragraphs • Variation in word order
  33. 33. Yoast 3.3 We added readability analysis to our plugin. (In our free plugin too!)
  34. 34. Yoast helps
  35. 35. Yoast highlights
  36. 36. Do you have questions?