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Burlington socks brand revitalization and extension


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The purpose of this paper is to introduce Burlington Socks brand extension in the US with respect to brand management concepts. The paper describes the extended brand, and analyzes the subjects of brand, brand equity, and strategic brand management – the design and implementation of marketing programs and activities to build, measure, and manage brand equity. To understand how to improve the long-term profitability of the brand extension strategy and mitigate the risk of brand dilution, the paper provides with concepts and techniques including positioning, brand elements, integrated marketing communications, secondary brand associations, branding strategies, managing brands over time, market segments.

Keywords: brand resonance, mantra, point-of-parity and points-of-difference, brand elements, brand values, secondary brand associations, brand image, perceived value, brand relevance, brand awareness, marketing strategy, marketing promotion, database marketing, integrated marketing communications, database marketing.

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Burlington socks brand revitalization and extension

  1. 1. Founded in 1923, Burlington Industries Greensboro North Carolina  Hosiery, Men's and Women’s Socks  Argyle Diamond Pattern  Design, Innovation (Bioguard)  US market, license KayserRoth, Inc. 
  2. 2.     Going out of online business is not a serious decision Brand needs revitalization New development around design and reinforcement of innovation Leveraging its basic triangle logo Effective July 22, 2013, Burlington socks and hosiery will no longer be available for purchase online at
  3. 3.     Maximize present value by its specificity, distinctiveness Define goals and find the perfect market balance Be unconventional, be the risk takers and the fun havers Shift image to one that expresses individuality
  4. 4.    Create extension equity Desired point-of-parity Powerful points-of-difference  functionality to appealing to fashion and style  still maintaining image and quality of performance
  5. 5.  Offensive strategies  Authenticity as a Core Value  Memorability  Burlington memorable ad campaigns  Meaningfulness  Being the official sock of the creative counterculture  Likability  Friendly, Burlington Socks is a likable company because exuding niceness
  6. 6.  Defensive Strategies  Launch sport and music programs, which moves the brand to being an actual music and sport event producer  Transferability-Adaptability  Build a purpose for the brand beyond selling: Without this, there’s no path to authenticity at all
  7. 7.  Apparel:  Outwear  Bags:  Handbags  Accessories:  Scarves, umbrellas, belts, wallets, jewelry
  8. 8.   Young street culture interested in sport and adventure with a high sense of community Anticipate consumer preferences and develop new products is vital
  9. 9.   Associations with companies (Burlington), countries (USA) and distribution channel (specialty stores, department stores) Brand ambassador, event sponsorship and other related activities
  10. 10.      Balance: margins and basic Focus the action on lifestyle brands. Boost brand reputation Create buzz and excitement Generate an engaging customer experience outside the store
  11. 11.     Establishing a deep emotional bound Increasing sales Project a modern and innovative image in line with brand values Establish a strong digital presence
  12. 12.     Associations, brand ambassadors, co-branding, licensing Design customized marketing activities Leverage secondary associations Develop brands elements and new products
  13. 13.      Viral advertising campaigns Mobile marketing/cobranding initiatives Advergaming: gamers want to play the game Social networks Launch Facebook challenge: personalize your outfit
  14. 14.    Old loyal customers Socks not pleased with transformation to fashion centric strategies Burlington image be diluted In co-branding, Burlington Socks can lose charge or control to the overall brand development process as it is peg with other brands