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Standardization or adaptation of the international company Ads, different lows and banned ads, i hope you enjoy it!

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Presentazione todorovayoana

  1. 1. Marketing Docente: Antonio Picciotti Tesina: International to Integrated Global Marketing, Standardization or Adaptation ? Yoana Hristova Todorova
  2. 2. Global strategies emphasize how firms can develop a competitive advantage operating in interdependent national markets  focuses on the role and the importance of international marketing and the deployment of country-specific marketing strategies  Sheth supports the view that the traditional orientations of international marketing will be replaced by integrated global marketing, which involves a global-wide integration of all global marketing activities, as well as the focus strictly on transnational market similarities.  1) focus on transnational similarities; focus more on transnational similarities for target markets across national boundaries and less on international differences.  2) cross-functional global integration of operations and activities, focus more on crossfunctional integration and coordination as opposed to functional adjustments across national boundaries
  3. 3.  The first shift, the search for similar transnational target markets rather than international market differences, is a result of the increased globalization of markets and industries in order to reap the benefits that are involved  The second shift, the tendency towards a greater cross-functional and global integration, is a result of the global markets targeted.
  4. 4. Target market ad effections
  5. 5. The marketing communications system
  6. 6. Push verses pull promotion strategy
  7. 7.  Promotional tools The company’s total marketing communications mix, also referred to as the promotional mix, consists of a blend of marketing tools that include the following five main promotional tools: Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotion, Public relations, Direct marketing.
  8. 8. Cross-functional view of marketing communication Example: Levi’s campaign “live unbuttoned” Francia Germania ded&v=5TIttG_h41I#t=2 English+Francia !!!
  9. 9. Ad market
  10. 10. Searching for growth-mobile ads  UK digital advertising market continues unstoppable growth as mobile doubles market share  New figures from the IAB and PwC show that digital ads pend grew £435 million to £3.04 billion in the first half of 2013, a 17.5 percent increase year on year
  11. 11. Searching for growth- internet ads  Search remains the leading category with 59 percent, or £1.8 billion, of the total, but display is the fastest growing, with a 23 percent like-for-like growth on last year, to a total of £738 million.
  12. 12.  44 percent is spent on old-fashioned banner ads  Mobile advertising grew 127 percent • Advertising via social media isn't significant, reaching £250 million in the first half of 2013
  13. 13. • Advertisers Will Spend As Much On Social Media As They Do On Online Video Ads By 2015 • spending on social media ads shown on mobile devices is expected to increase 170% over last year
  14. 14. • Mobile Advertising Revenue In 2013 • worldwide mobile advertising revenue in 2013 will crossover $11.4 billion figure, up 18.75%
  15. 15. Spending for ads
  16. 16.  Etymax- Offer a solution that includes concept checking, transcreation , incountry copy consultancy, subbing and artwork in every language. Involve the creative process of a global campaign meansensure translated copy reads as if originated in the local target language and that copy retains the style and tone of the original creative source language copy
  17. 17. Global ads AT&T recently launched a colorful and creative advertising campaign using painted hands to represent familiar images from various countries around the world where they offer mobile phone and data coverage
  18. 18. =gsxigPA1KPk  ASICS-”A Sound Mind, in a Sound Body”- is running an integrated advertising campaign with the tag line, “Sport Releases More Than Just Sweat”.
  19. 19. Standartization -attributes of a truly global brand:  1) Consistent, easy to pronounce name in all markets  2) Dispersed sales, not a dominant market  3) Possible to develop the same brand positioning in all markets and cultures  4) Satisfying same consumer needs or serving the same target market everywhere  5) Consistently presenting the brand through packaging, pricing, adv in all markets Standardization depends on     1) Type of brand 2) Nature of the category 3) Level of aspiration 4) Nature of the local culture
  20. 20.  China Shampoo Ad - Values of Success and Strength:  The All New Garnier Fructis Long & Strong 2011 India Commercial: Great Job !!!  Chinese Pizza Hut Ad: Created in Italy elated  Indian Pizza Hut Ad:
  21. 21. Adaptation  The globalization of economies and trade intensification lead companies to communicate with consumers of different languages and cultures. Within the framework of international marketing strategies, advertising plays a key role. It has to resolve a dilemma which can be summarized in the following question: How can we sell a standardized product to local and different consumers?  International advertising consists of using the same strategy of communication in all targeted countries. The advantage of this approach lies mainly in the economies of scale generated because of the standardization of the campaign
  22. 22.  The debate between the upholders of global standardization and those of local adaptation •The standardization of consumer behaviors in many countries (a tangible evidence of the cultural homogenization). •The emergence of similar new categories of consumers on the international level (new transnational markets). •The introduction of international themes and icons thanks to the television networks and the pop music (movie stars and supermodels)  The risks of a forced standardization are not insignificant. The relevance and the influence of the local culture are still very substantial in numerous countries around the globe including in Western Europe. It is indeed very risky not to adapt communication to some local markets.
  23. 23.  Every part of these could be a problem when transferring it from one language to another. And every one reflects a facet of the cultural issues. To understand the stakes of the problem, one should think in semiotic terms , that is to say that culture is embedded in linguistic, plastic, graphic and pictorial signs that constitute the message.  1.The first example of international advertising is what we can call the "graphic adaptation". In the advertisement for the perfume Tuscany the adaptations of the advertising image can be divided in two categories:  a) Regarding the iconography: we find the same graphic elements in the French and Arabic versions  b) Regarding the meaning: this graphic stratification renders the background elements that are decisive in determining the meaning of the advertising message
  24. 24.  Tuscany per Donna – Donna protagonista  Tuscany per Uomo classico Europa  Tuscany Francia e paesi Arabi Protagonista Uomo 2.Textual adaptation that illustrates, among other things, the ideological dimension of advertising message. This textual adaptation is visible on two levels. A. Adaptation of Text + Image + Praxis = Localization The striking graphic adaptations in this version can be summarized in three prominent points: •Dealing with nudity and adapting it to the culture ("blurring" the model's chest). •The writing style (the undulating and colored calligraphy) •The layout of the catching line (writing/reading direction)
  25. 25.  B.The cultural “added-value” -the translator/ localizer of the 21stcentury is a professional of culture able to decode and encode the cultural signs within the advertising communication. His role has become all the more important since globalization has paradoxically exacerbated the feelings of local identity in a culturally globalized era. As example, we shall take the advertisement of the luxurious watches Tissot  Tissot English Europa  Tissot Cinese !!  Tissot Italiano versione corta  Tissot Italiano versione non censurata !!!
  26. 26.  Esample of adaptations ads Reno Reno Twingo Reno Twingo due donne FATA IN ITALIA- Forbitten in Italy, can see in Est Europa. Reno Twingo due uomini – in Francia. Reno Twingo in Italia. ! Tattuaggio Reno Clio Reno Clio Stati Uniti –drive the change!!! Reno Clio – Europe – drive the change !!
  27. 27. Panadol  this video was shown in Sudit Aarabia on Tv  Panadol in Europ Mcdonald  Saudi Arabia – India 2013 (big mac!) Do anything for Love  UK Parallel lives Happy Meal  Philipianes 2013 Nanny (happy meal)!!  Global 2013 Angry (happy meal)!!!
  28. 28.  General ads Mcdonald  Big pack Fannny Mcdonald – wish your chicken was bigger? !!!  comemrcial macdonald Usa 2013 spasy chiccen  I am love in it ! Francia !!! IKEA  Ikea Saudi Arabia !  Ikea Europa – Up for your girlfriend !  IKEA Franca! War !  Ikea start something new !!! Created for Spanish market- great Global Job !!!!!!  Ikea Trasgers Scandalous !!!!
  29. 29. Cigarette Italia vieta di fumare in tutti i locali, utilizzabili a qualunque titolo dalla pubblica amministrazione e dalle aziende pubbliche, nonché dai privati esercenti di servizi pubblici Pubblicità delle sigarette divieti in Europa.  Francia: proibita dal 1 gennaio 1993;  Austria: limitata dalla legislazione vigente e in parte da un codice volontario; consentita sul punto        vendita. Germania: consentita e disciplinata in parte da una legge dello Stato, in parte da codici di autoregolamentazione. Olanda: consentita e disciplinata in parte dalla legge e in parte da codici di autoregolamentazione; vietata a mezzo di affissioni. Gran Bretagna: consentita e limitata da leggi statali e in parte da codici di autoregolamentazione. Irlanda: consentita sulla stampa se non diretta a un pubblico inferiore ai 18 anni; consentite le sponsorizzazioni ma con restrizioni; le industrie produttrici devono indicare il contenuto di condensato e nicotina. Svezia: quasi totalmente vietata da una legge statale; soggetta a restrizioni sul punto vendita e per i prodotti diversi dalle sigarette (tabacco da pipa, sigari, tabacco da fumo). Italia: vietata dal 1962. Belgio: limitata da una legge dello Stato
  30. 30. Pubblicita di cigarete Serbia  Lucky strike Bulgaria  Don Korleone Bulgaria !!! Smoking Kills! Esagerata !   Marlboro  ded&v=-3EPOnvANOs
  31. 31. Amsterdam To Weed Smokers: Party On  In The Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, coffee shops are the only establishments that the police ‘allow’ to sell small quantities of cannabis. The sale of other drugs or of alcohol is prohibited in these coffee shops, however most of them do serve food and soft drinks. Pure weed is still allowed to be smoked inside coffee shops in Amsterdam  The only limitation now in place is in relation to tobacco. If you prefer smoking weed mixed with tobacco products then you will either have to smoke in an upstairs or downstairs room in the coffee shop, or, if the cafe is small, not at all.
  32. 32. Coffee Shop Law •no advertising •no hard drug sales on the premises •no sales to children (under Dutch law that is people under the age of 18) •no sales transactions exceeding a quantity threshold (5 grams) •no public disturbances Because of the ban on advertising your shop as selling cannabis, most coffee shops have symbols or artwork associated
  33. 33.  In the United Alcohol States, spirits advertising has self-regulatory bodies that create standards for the ethical advertising of alcohol. The standard is that alcohol advertisements can only be placed in media where 70% of the audience is over the legal drinking age
  34. 34. Countries with Alcohol Prohibition to drink  Afghanistan,  Bangladesh,  Brunei,  India (only in the states of Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, and the union territory of Lakshadweep.)  Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE (only Sharjah),  Yemen Pakistan (only for Muslims).
  35. 35. Advertising of alcohol  Vodka Russia- Vodka sempre vi crea buon umore- comprate !  Russian standart vodka  Vodka Poland
  36. 36. Advertising of beer  Ariana Birra with Maria  Zagorka and calico  Amstel The name is the game!!! Great ad!  Heineken great ads!!!
  37. 37. What ads don’t show?  Deadly Persuasion: The Advertising of Alcohol & Tobacco Conference  qA Bad effects of drinking!
  38. 38. Funny ads ! Pubblicità sucitoria  Chanel N 5 Microsoft forbitten ad