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AutoIt for the rest of us - handout


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This is the handout from the "AutoIt for the rest of us" hands-on session at EGL-IUG 2009.

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AutoIt for the rest of us - handout

  1. 1. AutoIt Brief Information and Cheat Sheet   Installation hints Default action when double clicking on .au3 files – Run script Type of install – Full Version is the current version. However, I have noticed that there is a bug in the help file that prevents the index portion of the help file from populating. If they run into that problem, you may need to check to see if the AutoIt.chw file is in C:Program FilesAutoIt3. If not, I have gotten the .chw file to pop up when I opened AutoIt.chm, and then clicked on the Index tab. If that does not work, there are two other .chm files in that folder (AutoIt3 and UDFs3) that could be opened. Language comparisons   OML AutoIt   Variables Abc1 (declare as $%&) $Abc_1 Notes: Comment ‘hi mom ;hi mom Sending text CS.InsertText “sheep” Send(“sheep”) Logic and Operator Functions Function name(name) Func name (name) statements are similar name = value Return $value between the two languages End Function EndFunc as well (also sub) Script pause n/a Sleep(…) AutoIt only has one Copy/paste Clipboard.GetText (PutText) ClipGet(…), ClipPut(…) datatype - variant - that can Message boxes MsgBox “Text" MsgBox(0, “title”, “text”) contain string or numeric Arrays Array(0) = “A” $Array[0]="A" data. Array(1) = “U” $Array[1]="U"       Types of Functions in AutoIt Caveats Built-in • Speed Ex.: Send o Millennium will be slower than the User defined functions (UDF) script. WinWaitActive and Sleep will Ex.: help with timing, but be prepared to #include <array.au3> spend time getting the timing down. _ArrayDisplay($myArray) • “Windows” Declare your own o The script cannot read some of the Func (…) … EndFunc text in the Millennium window. or Selecting and copying window text or Create your own library determining pixels patterns will help (#include <mine.au3>) determine window text. References • AutoIt homepage o • Scripts Using AutoIt by Harvey E. Hahn o • Automating Millennium and telnet tasks using Windows-based Scripting - Christina Hennessey o • IUG scripts page - Alan Brown o • AutoIt v3: Your Quick Guide, by Andy Flesner (O’Reilly Media, 2007) o Becky Yoose
  2. 2. AutoIt Brief Information and Cheat Sheet   Some helpful commands (from the AutoIt help file) Function Name What does it do? Example Displays given 1D or 2D array _ArrayDisplay _ArrayDisplay($Array, "Array title") array in a listview. Finds an entry within a 1D or 2D array. Similar to $Index = _ArraySearch($Array, “keyword”, _ArraySearch _ArrayBinarySearch(), except 0, 0, 0, 1) that the array does not need to be sorted. $pic = GUICreate("", 169, 68, 0, 0, $WS_POPUP, GUICreate Create a GUI window. BitOR($WS_EX_LAYERED, $WS_EX_MDICHILD), $gui) Displays an input box to ask the $passwd = InputBox("Security Check", InputBox user to enter a string. "Enter your password.", "", "*") Displays a simple message box MsgBox(0, "Test", "This box will time out in MsgBox with optional timeout. 10 seconds", 10) Sends simulated keystrokes to Send Send("Today's date is 9/25/09") the active window. Sleep Pause script execution. Sleep(5000) ;five seconds Checks if a string contains a StringInStr $result = StringInStr("I am a String", "ring") given substring. Returns a number of characters StringLeft from the left-hand side of a $result = StringLeft("I am a string", 3) string. Returns the number of StringLen $len = StringLen("How long am I?") characters in a string. StringRegExpReplace("Where have all the Replace text in a string based on StringRegExpReplace flowers gone, long time passing?", "[aeiou]", regular expressions. "@") Splits up a string into substrings $days = StringSplit depending on the given StringSplit("Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat", delimiters. ",") $text = StringStripWS(" this is a line StringStripWS Strips the white space in a string. of text ", 3) Trims a number of characters StringTrimLeft from the left hand side of a $result = StringTrimLeft("I am a string", 3) string. Returns the size of array UBound $rows = UBound($myArray) dimensions. Activates (gives focus to) a WinActivate WinActivate("Notepad", "") window. WinClose Closes a window. WinClose ("Notepad", "") If WinExists("Untitled -") Then Checks to see if a specified WinExists MsgBox(0, "", "Window exists") window exists. EndIf Pauses execution of the script WinWaitActive until the requested window is WinWaitActive("Untitled") active.   Becky Yoose