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Pharma E Marketing Conference Draft Agenda


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I just got this info and I find it interesting for the near future. Have a look and ... join if you find it suitable for you!

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Pharma E Marketing Conference Draft Agenda

  1. 1. visit our website: Pharma eMarketing Congress 2011 13th & 14th september 2011, Lisbon, Portugal Maarten Boschloo, Merck & Co, The Netherlands FIND YOUR REASONS TO ATTEND Associate Director Marketing Strategy Global eBusiness Technology has prompted drastic changes in the marketing world over the pastOUR EXPERT ADVISORS Paola Polati, Schering-Plough, Italy decade, and pharmaceutical marketing has not been excluded from this evolution. Brand & Customer Manager Anesteshia “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” (Charles Darwin) Kors van Wyngaarden, Philips International, The Netherlands If the pharmaceutical companies want to improve their Return-On-Investment, Global Director Online Marketing Healthcare they have to adopt multi channel marketing strategies, new communication technologies such as digital and social media along with their conventional Nuno Rodriguez, Roche, Portugal marketing tools. E-Marketing & Medical Information Department At this conference Pharma executives will share their valuable experiences on ho to build the right marketing strategy built on proven strategic marketing principles, Bertalan Meskó, University of Debrecen Medical School and along with a focus on changing customer behavior. Use of digital media through health, hungary Internet marketing plan is the best marketing strategy that can provide the Founder and managing director of, Author of basis for a changed business model. Attendees will learn how to create a multi channel marketing strategy and identify the right target audience. It will discuss the challenges and strategies used to enhance online communication, customer Luca Fabbri, Eli Lilly, Italy relationship, strengthen brand awareness and improve profitability in digital Australia Canada Europe, eCapabilities Innovation Manager marketing. Karin hellsvik, Biogen Idec, Denmark At this conference, you will have the chance to meet true market leaders, top Patient Communications Manager, Nordic speakers and real experts from pharmaceutical industry. Do not miss the opportunity to gain new knowledge and join us at this Alex Butler, Janssen Cilag, UK event of the year.YOUR PRESTIGIOUS SPEAKER PANEL Digital Strategy & Social Media Manager Richard Emmerson, Amgen, Switzerland (TBC) KEY TOPICS Marketing Senior Manager Meet Leading Marketing, eMarketing and branding Pharma Denise Silber, France representatives ehealth / eMarketing / Web 2.0 strategist President at AQIS (Association pour la Qualité de l‘internet Enhance the effectiveness of online Communication Santé) Discuss Current trends and Future Developments of Pharma eDetailing John Mack, “Pharmaguy”, USA Understand regulatory considerations influencing eMarketing Owner of Pharma Marketing Network, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Pharma Marketing News, Owner VirSci Corporation Learn how to increase Profitability through eMarketing tools Petra Gloss, CSC/Angelini, Austria Find out how to strengthen brand Awareness Business Unit Head for OTC-business Explore the Potential of social Media Channels Dr. Lucien Engelen, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands Benefit from interactive discussions with your Peers to benchmark Health 2.0 Ambassador your experiences Shwen Gwee, Vertex Pharma, USA Digital Strategy & Social Media Lead, Founder of Social Health + Social Pharmer | Blogger + Twitterer WhO WILL ATTEND Kai Gait, GSK, UK Senior Vice presidents, Vice presidents, Senior Executives, Global Heads, Heads, Digital Commerce Marketing Manager International Directors, Senior Directors, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers of: Kors van Wyngaarden, Philips International, The Netherlands E-Marketing • Marketing • Interactive Marketing • Consumer Marketing • Brand Global Director Online Marketing Healthcare and Product Management • Relationship Marketing • Internet Communications • Global Marketing • Business Development • E-Communications • Innovation Virtual presentation: • Social Media • Multichannel Marketing • E-Media • Online Communications • Craig DeLarge, Novo Nordisk, USA E-Strategies • Marketing & Sales • Marketing excellence • Branding • Strategic Director, Healthcare Professional Relationship Marketing Marketing • Brand management Bronze Sponsor: Media Partner:
  2. 2. booking line: tel: + 36 1 411 18 40, fax: + 36 1 41 118 41email:, Day 1, 13th September, 2011 8:30 Registration and Coffee 14:10 Evaluating the Success of your Media Plan • Understanding why Pharma marketers need to rethink 9:00 Opening remarks from the chair their media plans • Monitoring online patient awareness NEW MULTI-ChANNEL MARKETING STRATEGIES • Building and establishing trust with e-patients USED BY PhARMA COMPANIES 14:50 Professional Networking; Engaging Physicians 9:10 Engaging Physicians Through Impactful eDetailing Online • Segmenting physicians and determining the messaging • Use of online possibilities to understand & build that is going to be compelling for each unique segment relationship with physicians online including the use of • How can marketers best connect to physicians in the social media digital age? Kors van Wyngaarden, Philips International, • Deliver the data and messages to physicians in an The Netherlands Global Director Online Marketing Healthcare impactful way 15:30 Afternoon Coffee & Networking 9:50 Curent Trends and Future Developments of Pharma eDetailing 16:00 SPECIAL FEATURE: Future of Communication • Factors driving the growth of eDetailing in the european between New Generation of Doctors and Pharma market Dr. Bertalan Mesko will present how the new generation • Transforming pharmaceutical marketing through of doctors would like the Pharma sector to communicate e-detailing with them. He will talk about the future of the interaction • How to expand ‘traditional’ e-detailing beyond its between medicine and internet through examples current limitations and case studies including the virtual environments • eDetailing vs eCapabilities; how to avoid e-push used in medical education, mobile health, the medical o Theory of the Business blogosphere and the dangers of medical communities. By o Which channels is Eli Lilly using using the innovative format, he will present the o Real life Business Case Study future of medicine from the physician‘s perspective aimed Luca Fabbri, Eli Lilly, Italy at Pharma companies. EU MKTG & Sales Innovation Manager, European PMPD Bertalan Meskó, University of Debrecen Medical Leader School and health, hungary Founder and managing director of, Author of10:30 Morning Coffee & Networking Scienceroll.com11:00 how to Create Global Multichannel Marketing 17:00 Break out session Campaigns The audience will be divided into smaller group and • Impactful targeting & segmentation as a key to build discuss following specific aspects of the broad theme of successful Multichannel Marketing Campaign the conference: • Understand the channels Physicians prefer and create • Transformation of Pharma eDetailing the right marketing mix • Multichannel marketing best practices • Determine how best to manage a full marketing mix to • Revolution in Social media in Pharma marketing; maximize effectiveness with healthcare professionals engaging physicians & patients • Inaccurate measurement as a big challenge Pharma 17:20 Closing remarks from the chair companies face in executing Multichannel Marketing Campaigns Speakers and delegates are cordially invited to attend11:40 Biogen Idec case study: Social Media for highly Networking Cocktail reception Specific Drugs • Patient power to overcome rules and work with social media for highly specific drugs. • Multiple Sclerosis blogs and use of twitter • This field had a lot of restrictions…but it works! Karin hellsvik, Biogen Idec, Denmark Patient Communications Manager, Nordic12:20 Interactive Panel Discussion The audience has an opportunity to ask questions and open an interactive discussion with the speakers from the morning session12:40 Luncheon
  3. 3. booking line: tel: + 36 1 411 18 40, fax: + 36 1 41 118 41email:, Day 2, 14th September, 2011 9:00 Opening remarks from the chair • How to overcome the barriers and risks of having insufficient regulatory guidance on Social Media in Pharma 9:10 Special insight: Use of eMarketing tools for OTC Products • Overcoming barriers of having insufficient regulatory guidelines • OTC Market Dynamics in Austria John Mack, “Pharmaguy”, USA • Traditional promotional model for OTC Owner of Pharma Marketing Network • New Business Model Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Pharma Marketing News Petra Gloss, CSC/Angelini, Austria Owner VirSci Corporation Business Unit Head for OTC-business 14:50 Use of Social Media to Increase Patient Awareness 9:50 Closed- Loop Marketing 2.0 • Changing the traditional methods of communication • Leveraging eDetailing for effective closed-loop with patients marketing campaigns • Desiase awareness through social media • Integrating closed-loop marketing into the overall • How to measure the usage? marketing mix • Success story: Global CLM pilot with the Apple iPad 15:30 Afternoon Coffee & Networking10:30 Morning Coffee & Networking MOBILE MARKETING- ThE FUTURE OF PhARMA eMARKETING OPPORTUNITIES OF ThE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PhARMA COMPANIES 14:50 Mobile Marketing & Patient Adherence • Mobile phone as number one tool for Pharma11:00 Social Media: Pharma Marketing in the Age of companies to connect with patients Engagement • How Pharma marketers are using mobile solutions to • How to increase pharmaceutical engagement by using deepen patient/ physician interactions and increase Social Media tools? compliance rate • Defining your social media engagement strategy • Innovations & Best Practices • What are the opportunities and challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in engaging stakeholders, 16:40 Mobile technology - Smart Phones consumers and patients through social media • How a mobile application can meet brand objectives • How to use social media to interact with target groups • How can Mobile health applications enhance the online customer engagement? • How to launch mobile advertisement campaigns11:40 Benefits & Challenges of Social Media Channels • How can use of mobile technology increase • Why to use Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, pharmaceutical marketing ROI and Twitter) • Dealing with legal & regulatory aspects • What target audience do Pharma companies reach with social media? 17:20 Interactive Panel Discussion • How are the Social Media being implemented in Pharma industry • Integrating Social Media into traditional 17:40 Closing remarks from the chair communications and marketing plans • Effectively Measuring Social Media ROI 17:50 Farewell Coffee & Networking12:20 Interactive Panel Discussion The audience has an opportunity to ask questions and open an interactive discussion with the speakers from the morning session12:40 Luncheon14:10 Regulatory Requirements for the use of Social Media in Pharma Marketing • Understanding and dealing with regulatory surroundings Pharma companies are facing