YNPN Leaders Conference Chapter Roll Call


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Sharing the impact and updates from chapters attending the 2012 Chapter Leaders Conference

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YNPN Leaders Conference Chapter Roll Call

  1. 1. YNPN Atlanta
  2. 2. YNPN Atlanta was founded on April 10, 2011. Prior to this there were a couple of attempts by somestudents to create an Atlanta chapter, but these attempts never led to a formal, permanent chapter.As of July 31, 2012 we have 57 paid members (and 58 free members, 115 total). In the pastyear we have held a total of 12 events for our members. Top Accomplishments Since Founding in April 2011• We see a great balance of new and returning members at eachevent (starting from scratch!)• We launched our paid membership in October 2011 and it hasshown strong growth ever since its launch.• We are currently launching a Mentorship Program – the numberone most requested program by our members. (Application went liveAugust 1, 2012.)
  3. 3. YNPN Austin
  4. 4. • Received 501(c)(3) status• Rebranded website, email communications, and implemented a social media strategy• Largest Do Gooder Games event to date including a $5,000 sponsor and sold out registration• Received excellent legal feedback regarding organization bylaws and procedures
  5. 5. YNPN Boston
  6. 6. YNPN BOSTON IS PROUD OF..• Launching our new strategic plan/direction- and seeing ournetwork buy into it!•Building key partnerships with Bridgespan, Mass Nonprofit Network,The Boston Foundation, and NPO Connect.•Working with Harvard Law School to help us figure out our fiscalstatus.•Developing new streams of revenue for the organization beyondboard dues!
  7. 7. YNPN Central New Mexico
  8. 8. What We Accomplished• Hosted a number of learning circles connecting intergenerational leaders.• Participated in the local National Philanthropy Day event by recognizing an Outstanding Young Nonprofit Professional of the Year and an Outstanding Young Board Member of the Year.• Worked through the Board shrinking by 40%.• Published a monthly blog highlighting a different YNPN NM member each month.• Convened Advisory Board Meeting.
  9. 9. YNPN Chicago
  10. 10. • Celebrated 10 year anniversary in 2011!• Implemented a new social media plan, launched blog, launched Twitter w/1300 followers now and doubled our Facebook fans.• Weekly newsletter has had between 800-1200 member opens a week this year• Published our first Annual Report• Purchased insurance for YNPN Chicago• Awarded our first YNPN Chicago Mentor of the year & Awarded our Young Nonprofit Professional of the Year- over 200 took part in our Celebration event in 2012• Since the last YNPN Conference in GR, YNPN Chicago has had 21 straight months of programming
  11. 11. YNPN Cleveland
  12. 12. In the last 12 months, YNPN Cleveland...• Formalized its governance structure, installing its first official board ofdirectors and continuing to recruit members for its two standingcommittees: networking and professional development• Saw the creation of a new mission statement and core valuesstatement reflecting future goals and our place in the community• Launched the second cycle of the mentor program, which has nowsuccessfully matched nearly 80 local nonprofit professionals• Published the results of a 2010 survey in the report Building a Careerin Nonprofit Cleveland: Focus on the Nonprofit Identity• Convened the first meeting of our new Advisory Council
  13. 13. YNPN DC
  14. 14. Snapshot• 9,000 members• 30 events a year• Raised $75,000• 14 board members• 28 committee membersSuccesses• Launched paid membership – 350 and counting! Upcoming• White House partnership • 4th Strategic Plan• Trish came to our Anniversary • Decision-making about staff Party!
  15. 15. YNPN Denver
  16. 16. YNPN Denver Accomplishments• Continuation of our strategic plan & creation of a business plan made possible through grant funds• Transitioning to a paid membership structure this fall – to coincide with our 10 year anniversary!• Creation and sustainability of our re-vamped fundraising committee• A new and improved website• Our first annual Kegs for a Kause Fundraiser last year, and ramping up for our second this year• Many more new events and collaborative outreaches on their way!
  17. 17. YNPN Detroit
  18. 18. • First full year with a functioning board of 12 young nonprofitprofessionals•Average of 20-40 people attending each monthly happy hour•Nearly 500 members defined as those who have actively filledout a ‘membership form’•Four successful professional development events (40-50attendees each)
  19. 19. YNPN Greater Grand Rapids
  20. 20. 2011 YNPN-GR Board United Way Staff after their Rhyme Rumble Performance YNPN-GR Achievements• 3rd Annual YNPN Leadership Awards with record number of attendees and sponsors• After successfully hosting the YNPN National Conference in 2011, YNPN-GR held a ½ day Mini Conference in May 2012 with a Tedx style format• Hosted and promoted the chapters first “Rhyme Rumble” where 10 organizations lip syncd to popular songs that were changed to reflect their nonprofits mission to a crowd of over 200 spectators
  21. 21. YNPN Kansas City
  22. 22. #2: Accomplishment 2011 _ ! __ 2012 M ade a real website www.ynpnkc.orgAccomplishment #1: (ynpnkansascity.wild apricot.org for now)Ventured into the socialmedia realm!Switched Facebook group Accomplishment #3: to pageJoined the Twitter universe Expanded Steering Committee! YNPNkc YNPNkc Can have up to 15 members Have multiple committees
  23. 23. YNPN Little Rock
  24. 24. Produced Arkansas Voice survey &ROCKIN’ report. •100+ participants 2012 •Presented results at statewide nonprofit conference •Plans to produce expanded report Established this fall Developed strong, FIRST diverse leadership strategic team. plan (expanded from 5 to 15)
  25. 25. YNPN Los Angeles
  26. 26. • Received 501(c)3 designation earlier this year.• Established a consistent calendar of monthly mixers• Begun process of investigating options for paid membership
  27. 27. YNPN Phoenix
  28. 28. YNPN San Diego
  29. 29. • 406 active subscribers and 137 Professional and Associate Members• 10 professional development workshops in the last 12 months with more than 350 participants• 4 Meet & Greet Networking Events in the past 12 months with more than 300 attendees
  30. 30. YNPN SFBA
  31. 31. 2012 ACCOMPLISHMENTS1.Hosting the National Conference! Record fundraising andtop notch speakers secured!2.Key Partnerships Strengthened3.Implemented new board and organizational structure
  32. 32. Strategic Directions developed in 2012 Driving Solutions: raising awareness and educatemembers about community issues in order to innovate and implement solutions Programs implemented: Building the Braintrust, Community Connections Core Values: Cultivate Professionals: provide professional Vibrancy development opportunities for members Innovation Programs implemented: Access to Experts, Building Blocks to Collaboration Great Nonprofits Cultivation Nurturing Connectedness: build connections to the Inspiration community and among members 2012 Programs implemented: Strictly Social Leadership Building Foundations: build and drive organizational Celebration processes that aid in fulfilling mission Successes: Open office space, 10 Advisory Board members, 6 YNPN envisions a Board members, 160 members Vibrant Community of nonprofit professionals who positively impact southern Nevada through innovation, collaboration and cultivation.
  33. 33. YNPN SWMI
  34. 34. • Recruited six board members, changed strategy of chapter, and formalized processes.• Held two events in 2012 so far; with one event/month planned from August until February 2013.• Overall: Working on strengthening Board relationships, building external relationships, and offering programming for community’s needs.
  35. 35. YNPN Triangle
  36. 36. •Obtained 501c3 status•Elected a new board and createdan advisory board•Started professional developmentluncheons
  37. 37. YNPN Twin Cities
  38. 38. Developed a new vision statement Developed 3 strategic priorities for 2012 – 2014: Brand Awareness, Engaged Membership & Diversity757 individuals attended our high-quality eventsover the last 12 months on topics ranging from improvto personal branding to facilitation skills.Increased number of people in membership directory to 645 and number onemail list to 1149 44,000 page views on the website, 16,000 were on our blog.Engaged 31 new volunteers and 50collaborators and partners with our programming,communications, and governance134 completions on 2nd annual member survey.Almost double the number of responses as in 2010.Grew our board to 18 members.