YNPN Chapter Congress Plan Plan - 11.2012


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YNPN Chapter Congress Plan Plan - 11.2012

  1. 1. YNPN National Congress YNPN 3.0
  2. 2. Purpose2  Create a body that represents the network  Connect Chapters to National  Connect Chapters to other Chapters  Create a pipeline of national-level leaders
  3. 3. Congress Description3  Decision-making body comprised of representatives from Novice, Emerging and Affiliate YNPN Chapters  Meets to propose, discuss and, when necessary, vote on issues related to the network  Has annual terms aligned with the calendar year.
  4. 4. Membership4  Every chapter sends one delegate  Every delegate has one vote  No term limits  Delegates are expected to attend all meetings and an orientation
  5. 5. Membership5 An ideal delegate is someone:  Who knows what is happening throughout chapter  Who maintains good relationships with fellow chapter leaders  Who can make time commitment  Who has some decision-making authority for the chapter  (i.e., former National Liaison, Chair, Ex-officio board member or other active chapter member).
  6. 6. Meetings6  First meeting is an orientation in January  Subsequent meetings held quarterly  Open to all Congress representatives and members of the YNPN National Board of Directors  Meeting times and dates set prior to the start of the year
  7. 7. Leadership and Structure7  Joint leadership from Chapters and National  National appoints Liaison  Congress votes a chair and vice chair  Chair and Liaison set agendas, manage business between meetings and maintain roster of chapter delegates  Nominations at orientation  Can set committees/task forces as needed
  8. 8. Voting8  Robert’s Rules apply for voting  National Liaison oversees voting; does not participate  When necessary, Congress can vote via email  Proposals for vote due 30 days before meeting  Proposals submitted later must vote via email or next meeting  Congress has discretion to update policies for specific situations
  9. 9. Elections9  Chapters may select delegate in any way they see fit  Delegates submit their name, chapter, email, phone number and picture plus other contact from chapter chair via a web form  Delegate’s name, chapter and picture will be featured on the YNPN National website
  10. 10. Transitions10  Delegates expected to serve one year term  If a delegate must resign, should send notice to National Liaison  Chapter has 30 days to replace delegate  *It is most important that there are always lines of communication between Congress and every chapter*
  11. 11. Topics of Discussion11 Congress designed to discuss:  Connection between National and Chapters  Funding,  Membership models,  Board structure,  Advocacy,  Communication  Partnership
  12. 12. Types of Decision-Making12 Centralized: Congress helps define proposal; final decision applies to the entire network, requires a majority vote to move forward (eg: adopting national website platform) Coordinated: Congress gives input on recommendation for full network; chapters encouraged to participate, but choose whether or not to opt in (eg: promoting an advocacy imitative distributed through another nonprofit)
  13. 13. Types of Decision-Making13 Decentralized: Congress may discuss the option, but all decisions remain with the local chapter (this is the current default method for decision-making)
  14. 14. Examples of Decision-Making14 Topic Example Question Approach Connection between What should be the legal relationship between Centralized National and Chapters chapters and the national organization? Funding How should national and chapters co-fundraise? Decentralized Membership Models Should the network move to a central membership Collaborative model? Advocacy Should YNPN lead or sign on to an advocacy Collaborative campaign? Communication What is the policy for sharing information with all Collaborative chapters’ members? Partnership Should YNPN pursue a partnership with a specific Collaborative organization?
  15. 15. Proposed Timeline15  November 30, 2012: All feedback from chapters due  December 15, 2012: Final plan for Chapter Congress submitted to chapters with schedule for first year of meetings.  January 15, 2012: All delegates submitted to National Board Liaison  January 2012: Orientation for Congress held and first Chair and Vice Chair elected  February 2012: First meeting of the YNPN National Congress
  16. 16. Questions? Concerns?16 The lady you talk to: Kim Caldwell National Board Member and American Revolution/Federalist Era Enthusiast kimberelayne@yahoo.com