Ynpn 3.0 the grand reveal


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  • YNPN 3.0 is about getting us to the place where we can actually take on those big ideas.
  • What are your chapters saying? Which are you most excited about?
  • I’ve been doing a little bit of travelling for the past few months and ever chapter that I met with, I would say to them, “we’re going to put the call out for chapter leaders to join these task forces that are going to develop systems and protocol that we’ll want chapters to adopt, what would that process need to look like in order for you to feel as though you had input along the way and could make an informed decision about whether or not to adopt a proposal when it was set up.”  We heard time and time again that you needed representation right from the beginning.  So the best way that we could think to do this was with a chapter congress. We’re calling it beta because one of the actual projects that the congress will take on is figuring out what a more permanent decision for chapter input and decision making should be, but we think this is a good structure to get us going. (Even in the most decentralized processes, there has to be a process for figuring out the process.  This is that process.) For those of you who haven’t had a chance to go to the rep submission form, there’s a place there where reps can talk about what interests them about the chapter congress.  The responses are all a bit different but there are definitely two themes emerging and they’re right on - 1) people see that YNPN as a national network is on the cusp of big things and they want to be a part of it, 2) Their chapter has put in place some really solid programs, structures or even principles and they want to share that with the network. That’s what’s so great about this chapter congress - it’s this perfect reflection of how our model has played out nationally - we create a basic structure for people to connect with and they - all of you - will bring ideas and skills far greater than anything we could have come up with on our own. Also, to be clear - there’s actual work to be done.  The whole point of this is that we need to come up with actual systems that will be implemented and we need not only the ideas but the capacity you bring to develop those proposals. So we structured the chapter congress with that in mind
  • Other tools used include: Google Docs Google survey Old listserv iMods
  • Mini annual report concerns around sharing data across national and with partners; privacy and security concerns
  • 3 Images: 1) Map with spots in CA, DC, NY, Denver, Chicago; 2) Map with more spots + dotted lines; 3) Map with more spots solid lines Talking points: Start with housekeeping Really important to mute yourselves in the meantime Also want to let you know that this conversation’s going to start pretty big picture but I promise you, we’ll get to the details, so just hang in there. Along the way, you can use your chat box on the right there to let us know when you want to know more about something or even if you’re really excited by something you here. If we’re not able to address it on this call, at least we’ll have it captured so we can follow up with you. Want to start by thanking all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this position First I want to thank the YNPN National board I also want you to know that we hear you re: the basic tools you need to run your chapters I see it on the list serv and When all of you RSVP’d, several of you asked about really important, really practical things that you need to run your chapter day to day – are we looking at a shared content management system, are we planning to revisit a shared 501c3 structure. More than likely this conversation won’t reach that level of detail but we will be responding to those questions that came up via the blog so that not only will we be responding to the particular folks who raised those questions but everyone can be aware of our plans in those areas.
  • Ynpn 3.0 the grand reveal

    1. 1. The Grand Reveal
    2. 2. Big Ideas:• Shared membership statusacross the network•Institutional memberships fornational organizations•An all-member conference•More shared technology suchas a CRM•Funding and support forchapters that pilot programs toscale nationally
    3. 3. Big Ideas:•More active, organizedinvolvement in the advocacyand policy arena• Training Institutesthroughout the year forchapter leaders and members• Fiscal sponsorship via YNPNNational•Group purchasingopportunities
    4. 4. YNPN 3.0 is about strengthening our networkinfrastructure.
    5. 5. YNPN 3.0 is about deepeningrelationships across the network.
    6. 6. YNPN 3.0 is about better access to thenetwork for abroader range of people.
    7. 7. Where do we start?
    8. 8. Project #1: DevelopingShared StandardsDeveloping a set of shared standards willallow us to name the essence of what itmeans to be a chapter in our networkand determine what supports andsystems of accountability we’ll need touphold these standards.
    9. 9. Project #2: Creating a DataCenterTogether, we’ll come up with a systemfor collecting and aggregating chapterlevel data that will create a cohesivestory about YNPN, our chapters, ourmembership, and our collective impact.
    10. 10. Project #3: Setting upchapter input & decision-making structuresThis project will focus on creating asystem of feedback and joint decisionmaking for YNPN National and YNPNchapters that will create a strongernetwork that effectively engages thetalent and perspective of all leaders.
    11. 11. YNPN ChapterCongress [beta]
    12. 12. Feedback:•Today – fill out the survey post-webinar•July 10 - 20th = chapter reps and leaderssubmit feedback (via YNPN 3.0 blog)•July 27th - the proposals are revised•August 4th - present at conference
    13. 13. Megrd Ese e ShephShared Standar ds Charise Trish Data Center rd Chapt Kim S hephe er Inp u t/ D e cision s
    14. 14. Questions to think about:•What has the 3.0/Congress process itselfbeen like for your chapter?•What’s really excites you about whatyou’re hearing?•What concerns you about what you’rehearing?
    15. 15. Data Center
    16. 16. Data Center Survey Results Goal: To understand chapter data management & collection practices Completed by 20 YNPN Chapters Focused on three core areas:
    17. 17. Current Data Center Collection & Practices
    18. 18. Current Data Center Collection & Practices
    19. 19. Current Data Center Collection & Practices
    20. 20. Current Data Center Collection & Practices
    21. 21. Current Data Center Collection & Practices
    22. 22. Current Data Center Collection & Practices6. Who on the board collects & manages data?
    23. 23. Data Sharing Across Chapters, National & Sector7. Who should have access to the following types of data? Collecting YNPN Other Partners upon Chapter National Chapters RequestName 100% 52.2% 21.7% 17.4%Age 90.5% 100% 47.6% 66.7%Race 94.7% 100% 47.4% 57.9%Ethnicity 95% 100% 45% 55%Gender 95.2% 100% 47.6% 47.6%Profession 95.7% 95.7% 60.9% 65.2%Issue area 95% 95% 55% 65%Job function 95.5% 95.5% 50% 50%Aspirations for being apart of YNPN 95.5% 81.8% 40.9% 27.3%Email Address 100% 36.4% 9.1% 9.1%Twitter Handle 100% 30.0% 10% 10%
    24. 24. Data Sharing Across Chapters, National & Sector8. For what purposes should national be using data?
    25. 25. YNPN National Support & Technical Assistance
    26. 26. Next Steps Form data working group to develop initiatives based on chapter feedback from survey (Summer 2012) Set priorities for:  Data collection & management best practices at chapter and national level (Fall/Winter 2012)  Shared data management system and templates (Fall/Winter 2012) Implement data collection & management structure for YNPN (2013)
    28. 28. TASKFORCE• Review current network standards for chapters and create a new slate of standards for the network (July 2012)• Understand key challenges and benchmarks for each level - Novice, Emerging, Affiliate• Revisions of first draft of new standards completed by August 2012
    29. 29. NOVICE CHAPTERSCHALLENGES OLD BENCHMARKS- Board development (moving - 200 members on listserv from a steering committee to a formalized board) - 3 programming events by end of first year in operation- Membership recruitment/retention - 1 person from leadership team attend Leaders- Securing space for events/board Conference meetings
    30. 30. EMERGING CHAPTERSCHALLENGES OLD BENCHMARKS- Membership - 400 members on listserv recruitment/retention - Cycled through one board- Board development recruitment process- Strategic planning - Fiscal/strategic planning process for chapter- Paid membership discussions/processes - 3 yrs old
    31. 31. AFFILIATE CHAPTERSCHALLENGES OLD BENCHMARKS- 501c3 status - 800 members on listserv- Securing position as a leader/ - Cycled through 2 board go-to organization in recruitment process community - Host Leaders Conference- Fiduciary responsibilities - Annual membership drive
    32. 32. NOVICE/SPRING CHAPTERS• Board of Directors o range from 4 - 20 people o Chair, Co-Chair (optional), Treasurer (optional), Secretary• By-laws for chapter• A clear mission statement o a clear target audience (nonprofit professionals) o a vision statement is optional and up to each chapter to decide on• 4 events per year (broken down into quarters)• A defined membership list/communication channel to communicate with members o member profile• A virtual home for the chapter (online presence) o LinkedIn o Twitter o Facebook Group o Website• A logo for chapter
    33. 33. EMERGING CHAPTERS• Age requirement (3 - 5 yrs) - for sustainability• Sustainability plan o range from 1 - 5 years o sponsorship/partnership o format can be flexible• Engaged Membership o paid and non-paid breakdown• A signature annual event
    34. 34. ESTABLISHED/AFFILIATE CHAPTERS• Settled on fiscal sponsor/501c3 status for chapter• A robust fiscal/budgetary process/template o budgets (actual, programming) o over a specific timeframe o chapter bank account• 5+ years• Formalized board and alumni board roles• Professional programming slate
    36. 36. YNPN CHAPTERS• Annual report chapter• Mentor another o availability/capacity o 1-to-1 mentor model or o case studies/stories• Partner of chapter org that is invested in the success and growth with 1 local o within 1 year of operation• Innovative spirit to nonprofit sector o commitment• National liaison contact
    37. 37. PROCESS FOR GRADUATING TO NEW LEVEL1. Review of chapters done annually, at the end of the calendar year2. YNPN Chapters committee responsible for implementing review process a. Review template b. Grading scale (i.e. point system?)3. Disputes of chapter level will be taken to Chapter Congress4. Chapters can slide up and down the levels scale depending on performance5. Announcement of new chapter level/grade published to listserv and on Nationals website
    38. 38. PROPOSED IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE- July 2012: Proposal submitted to YNPN (Chapter Congress), edits/comments to proposal documented- August 2012: Proposal revision discussed at YNPN Leaders Conference and final proposal adopted o Every chapter must vote to approve new standards o Majority wins; challenges/concerns from dissenting chapters taken into consideration- September - November 2012: Chapters re-assigned to new levels, YNPN Chapters develop review template- January 2013: New shared standards in place and operational• Review of new standards done December 2013
    39. 39. Input & Decision Making
    40. 40. The Congress• Decision-making body comprised of representatives from Affiliate, Emerging and Novice Chapters• Purpose to propose, discuss and vote on issues related to the network• Provides greater connectivity and replaces chapter liaisons
    41. 41. Membership Chapter Congress Start-up Affiliate, Emerging, Novice Chapters Chapters• Every Chapter has one delegate/one vote• Start up chapters invited to attend, but not voting members• Delegates selected by chapters to serve one year terms; no term limits
    42. 42. Meetings• Meet twice each quarter• Proposals can not be introduced and voted on in the same meeting to allow time for delegate to seek chapter input
    43. 43. Topics for Congress• Can discuss any number of concerns or opportunities• For each topic below, the Congress makes the corresponding type of decisionsTopic ApproachConnection between National and Chapters CentralizedFunding DecentralizedMembership Models CollaborativeBoard Structure CollaborativeAdvocacy CollaborativeCommunication CollaborativePartnership Collaborative
    44. 44. Proposed Timeline• July 2012: Proposal submitted to YNPN 3.0 working group and thus, the network• August 2012: Proposal revised discussed at YNPN Congress• September 2012: Vote called network wide on the proposal• October – December 2012: Further details discussed by chapter delegates• January 2013: First Chapter Congress convenes
    45. 45. Adoption Process• A majority of chapters must adopt the proposal (method for adoption at their discretion)• If passed, all chapters must delegate representative
    46. 46. Review Process• Chapter Congress and National Board check-in on progress and make adjustments in June, 2013
    47. 47. What has the process itself been like for your chapter?
    48. 48. Of everything we just talkedabout, what’s one thing that really excites you?
    49. 49. Of everything we just talkedabout, what’s one thing that really concerns you?
    50. 50. Q&A
    51. 51. Feedback:•Today – fill out the survey post-webinar•July 10 - 20th = chapter reps and leaderssubmit feedback (via YNPN 3.0 blog)•July 27th - the proposals are revised•August 4th - present at conference
    52. 52. The Grand Reveal