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Chapter congress kickoff 4.17.12


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Chapter congress kickoff 4.17.12

  1. 1. YNPN ChapterCongress Kickoff _________ 4.17.12
  2. 2. Plan for tonight:•Get to know each other•Review purpose of ChapterCongress•Discuss expectations of ChapterCongress•Review Task Forces•Wrap up & Next Steps
  3. 3. YNPN 3.0 Team: Charise (Data Center)
  4. 4. YNPN 3.0 Team: Ese (Shared Standards)
  5. 5. YNPN 3.0 Team: Kim (Chapter Input & Decision Making)
  6. 6. YNPN 3.0 Team: Meg (Shepherd)
  7. 7. YNPN 3.0 Team: Trish (Shepherd)
  8. 8. Your Turn _________ Name Chapter RoleCommunity
  9. 9. Why a Chapter Congress?
  10. 10. Goals of YNPN 3.0:••Deepen relationships across thenetwork.•Strengthen our networkinfrastructure.•Create better access to YNPNfor a greater number and morediverse range of people.
  11. 11. What this looks like:• Shared membership statusacross the network•Institutional memberships fornational organizations•An all-member conference•More shared technology suchas a CRM•Funding and support forchapters that pilot programsto scale nationally
  12. 12. What this looks like:•More active, organizedinvolvement in the advocacyand policy arena• Training Institutesthroughout the year forchapter leaders and members• Fiscal sponsorship via YNPNNational•Group purchasingopportunities
  13. 13. Chapter buy-in is key.
  14. 14. Chapter Congress Timeline:•Week of April 16th – First ChapterCongress call•Late June – Final task force proposalsshared with the network•July – Network discussions & voting•August 3-4 – Review process and resultsat YNPN National Conference
  15. 15. What will Reps do?•Serve on one of the YNPN 3.0 “CurrentFocus” task forces•Share the perspective and experiencesof their chapter as well as personalexpertise with the congress•Help us develop creative systems thatwill serve both individual chapters andthe network as a whole
  16. 16. Reminder of theCommitment:•4-month commitment from April 1st tillthe National Conference in August•Monthly all-congress call + 2 task forcecalls/month (3 hours)•Gather feedback from your chapter(about 1 hour/month)•Requested research and review ofdocuments to prep for calls (2hours/month) Total Commitment = about 6 hours/month
  17. 17. Also important!•Bring your/your chapter’s best ideas!•Pay attention - what’s working what’snot?•Stay in communication!•Attend every call or figure out a back up
  18. 18. Thoughts?Questions?
  19. 19. Meeting Poll
  20. 20. Task Forces Distribution:Rep Chapter Rep Chapter Rep Chapter Shared Standards Chapter Input & Decision Making Data CenterKari Mirkin Cleveland Adam M Bartoszek Buffalo Hugo Polanco PhoenixKevin Hackman Cincinnati Dan Samuels Orlando, FL Kamille James New York City, NYKristin Revere Grand Rapids, MI Elizabeth Palmisano Washington, DCLaLeatha Spillers Detroit Emily Krauser IndianapolisLeah Lundquist Twin Cities, MN Emma Brown LouisvilleLindsey Hardegree Atlanta Erin Timmermans Triangle ParkLisa Guy Boston, MA Julie Macalik Austin, TXMarcella McMurray Kansas City, KS Rachel Fusco Los Angeles, CAMeredith Covington Little RockNicole Klaas MilwaukeeSarah Percoulis Kalamazoo (SW MI)Steve Strang Chicago, ILTangia Estrada Denver, COWendy Levine Los Angeles, CAYang Tan San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  21. 21. Project #1: SharedStandardsFirst Steps•Reviewing Chapter Levels Guide createdin 2009•Come up with areas where they aregaps for Novice, Emerging, and Affiliatechapters•Really attempt to answer the questions"what do we mean when we say achapter is a Novice, etc? what are thekey characteristics?“
  22. 22. Project #2: Setting upchapter input & decision-making structuresFirst step:•Brainstorm the areas where we makedecisions categorized as "Chapter,""National" and "Together;"•Develop list of peers and assignsomeone to do some research before thenext call;•Determine goals of each upcoming bi-monthly call
  23. 23. Project #3: Creating a DataCenterFirst Steps:•Send survey to entire network aboutdata collection and management•Share results and recommendations
  24. 24. Next Steps:Email Meg ( ifyou want to update your task forceKeep an eye out for email confirmingmeeting schedule.
  25. 25. YNPN ChapterCongress Kickoff _________ 4.17.12