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Melbourne Metro Rail EES IAC submission


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Private submission as interested community member calling attention to Arden precinct's vulnerability to sea level rise and premature lock in of a turnback at West Footscray.

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Melbourne Metro Rail EES IAC submission

  1. 1. Melbourne Metro Rail Arden Precinct & Western Turnback Tony Smith Keilor Plains 27 September 2016
  2. 2. the land was invaded and people who weren’t here were killed Myron Lysenko Cumberland River Poet 1 August 2016
  3. 3. Informed by involvement in but not formally representing • Kororoit Institute aims ‘to improve urban and regional development in growth areas like those to the west of Melbourne’ • Moonee Ponds Creek Co-ordination Committee • City of Brimbank Economic Development and Transport Advisory Committee and Heritage Advisory Committee • City of Moonee Valley Integrated Waterways Advisory Committee • VicRoads Environmental Engagement & Management Workshop • Government policy processes: Water for Victoria, Biodiversity 2036, Heritage places on public lands, Infrastructure Victoria • Community campaign against East West Link proposal
  4. 4. Moonee Ponds Creek former and future Chain of Ponds flooding into West Melbourne Lagoon aka Arden Precinct
  5. 5. • City of Moonee Valley’s Master Plan (in preparation) for Moonee Ponds Creek concerned to protect Arden Precinct • Valley has complex geological history • Wurundjeri gathering places • Coal Canal becomes Railway Canal • Railways to all places west and north • Horse, whippet and greyhound racing • Track, commuter & recreational cycling • Tullamarine Freeway, CityLink • Both airports, toxic waste dump • Victorian Space Science Centre • Uses and abuses of flood plain • Rapid drainage or water retention?
  6. 6. • Melbourne Metro Business Case February 2016 conflicts itself in multiple places on inclusion of turnbacks • Wider Network Enhancements includes turnbacks to be included: 8.2.1 “in the east” 8.2.2 Craigieburn near Essendon 8.2.3 Upfield 8.2.4 Frankston near Cheltenham/Mordialloc • Elsewhere eastern alone or eastern plus western • Network Development Plan December 2012: Melton duplication was listed in Stage 2, but is now in planning • Stage 3: “an electrified line to Melton and new lines to Rowville and Melbourne Airport are connected through the Melbourne Metro” • Cashed-up state could easily deliver Melton electrification plus Cranbourne duplication and extension to Clyde to fit MMRP operational cutover • Mr Morris said corridor platforms being extended for 230m trains. Some have greater environmental effects.
  7. 7. Tottenham yard gives illusion of space at and beyond West Footscray but inbound there are only three pairs: dual gauge freight, Sunbury and RRL. Rail Futures’ inspired new plan for Bendigo and Seymour via Airport with High Speed beyond demands dedicated, straightened standard gauge pair.
  8. 8. • Can I take the liberty of commending the work of the panel which assessed the East West Link proposal and note that it is good we have a pool of expertise around this process which can widen the focus of project proponents? • Suggest Panel recommends Government increase engagement with sea level change risk to Arden Precinct development. • Suggest Panel should find Western Turnback should not be covered by the EES so as not to be prematurely locked in. • Early this century, VicRoads was leading roadside conservation practice through its then Roadside Conservation Advisory Council but that is now subservient to dubious safety regime. • MMRA’s arboriculture experts seemed only concerned with human amenity, not raising intrinsic environmental values. • While the regulatory regime in which the IAC operates may struggle to keep up, it can’t hurt to note that anthropocentric prejudices are being rapidly overthrown and the interests of other species valued, especially native songbirds and parrots.
  10. 10. ©Anna Lanigan Where to now my new nest has just been mulched?