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  1. 1. McDonald's In China S1160221 Shun Yanai
  2. 2. Introduction of McDonald's McDonald's is first food chain of almost country. Now there are 118 country and 30000 store. It is famous of global food. There is McDonald's university.
  3. 3. Introduction McDonald's of China There are 1100 McDonald's in China. Recently price of hamburger is down. There is plan of increase the store twice of now.
  4. 4. Planing in China McDonald's say a plan above. 1, Price of Spicy chicken is change form 7 yuan to 5 yuan. 2, KFC's coupon of spicy chicken if you bring to McDonald's, discount of 10 percent.
  5. 5. Meaning of Plan in china To get consumer from KFC. To raise the celebrity. To invite a new consumer. This plan meaning of competition with KFC. There is background that KFC is more famous than McDonald's in China.
  6. 6. McDonald's in Japan The first store build in 1971. Then the price of hamburger is 80 yen. Drive through start in 1977. Now there are 3800 store in Japan.
  7. 7. First Store in Japan The first store of McDonald's will be built in suburb. But it build in “Ginza” in the city. It is strategy to get trend by president. According to this, there is Image the McDonald's is front of station now.
  8. 8. Destruction of Price McDonald's start “Value set”in 1994. “Value set”is campaign to lower the price of “Hamburger set”from 540 yen to 400 yen, and “Big Mac set”from 790 yen to 600 yen. According to this strategy, other first food chain lower the price.
  9. 9. Change to high-grade The image of people of McDonald's hamburger are junk food. To change that image, they start other foods. For example, “Fish Mac Dipper”, “Mac Grand”. It give the image that hamburger is high-grade to people.
  10. 10. Conclusion McDonald's all product influence to people and to society. There is mean of success until now. It is important to talk about management. We should study someone by history of McDonald's.