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Statement of problem


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This is not a real product this only a presentation slide make by my group

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Statement of problem

  2. 2. Statement Of Problem
  3. 3. Laptop doesn’t have the protection cover Easily way to spoil the Laptop Laptop cover bag cannot prevent water Not enough space to bring Laptop @ cooling fan together
  4. 4. WHY? Our Product Anti Theft System Made Of Hard Rubber (Recycle) Water Proof Long Period To Stand For Thermal (40’Celcus) Durability Cooling Fan System (Solar Energy Recharge)  Light In Weight (1kg)
  5. 5. L.C.P- protection
  6. 6. Cooling Fan System
  7. 7. Anti Thief System Auto Lock
  8. 8. Physical Appearance • Dimension : 38.0 x 25.5 x 2.72 ~3.24 cm (WxDxH) {For Reference} • Weight : 1kg • Made By : High Quality Hard Rubber (HQHR) / more Eco @ more green (Recycle Material) • Colour : Black, white @pink • Size : Huge, Medium ,Small (Depand on the user)
  9. 9. Product’s Function Anti Theft System @ S Water Proof @ Water Resistance ( 1000M) Prevent and can stand a long period to thermal (100’Degee Celsius) Provide good protection to the Laptop Auto cooling system inside the cover protection (To make sure Laptop in a comfort temperature) Provide cooling fan system
  10. 10. Special Features High Durability @ High Resistance to Shock (e.g. hard knocks @ strong vibration) Solar Energy Recharge for the Cooling Fan Special button can turn the to the small table Auto lock system when enter the wrong password more than 3 times Use ID card to unlock and click the right password when open the Price : Only RM 1200++
  11. 11. Who are the User ! • All age of people will be our target’s customer • Who are using Laptop and who are care about their laptop • Special Edition for the Construction Site Engineer @ Uni Lecture • Special Offer to the Student
  12. 12. L.C.P GOOD CHOICE FOR YOU L.o.v.e your Laptop