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SwingDev Culture Deck


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Principles we follow at SwingDev

Published in: Leadership & Management
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SwingDev Culture Deck

  1. 1. Culture Deck SwingDev
  2. 2. Be curious
  3. 3. Don’t be afraid to use your own solution if you believe in it, even if it is not included in “best practices”. Be curious
  4. 4. Don’t assume you are less brilliant than authors of commercial or open-source software. You are not. You can help the community by finding and fixing bugs. Be curious
  5. 5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new technologies, frameworks or solutions, even if everything will go to waste later. Be curious
  6. 6. Don’t assume you understand a client’s business better than they do. Dig deeper, ask questions and don’t always rely on your intuition. If you still believe you are right, you might be. Be curious
  7. 7. Don’t do things some way just “because this is how it’s done”. Reason by first principles. See this video of Elon Musk talking about this. Be curious
  8. 8. Help others
  9. 9. Never ever in any situation use offensive words towards anybody. Especially your teammates. Help others
  10. 10. You win and lose as a team, not as team members. Help others
  11. 11. Criticism is very often not helpful! Read HBR piece on this Help others
  12. 12. Always try to influence others by positive behavior, not by criticizing their approach. Lead by example, if needed put extra effort to fix your teammate’s mistake. Help others
  13. 13. You are not your code! Never call people “stupid” because of code or other work products they committed. Try to explain how to do things better. Help others
  14. 14. Build relationships and trust
  15. 15. Be trustworthy. Don’t be too quick with promises. Deliver on things and dates you agreed upon. Build relationships and trust
  16. 16. Treat everybody with respect. Try to understand different points of view. Build relationships and trust
  17. 17. Love what you do
  18. 18. If anything blocks you from being absolutely passionate about your work, let us know immediately. Love what you do
  19. 19. We all enjoy the journey, not only the end goal. Love what you do
  20. 20. We value quality over quantity. Thus we are not and we do not aim to be “big” company. We grow organically making sure that our culture and quality standards are maintained. This might mean that sometimes our clients need to wait longer, but we make sure that the end result is worth it.
  21. 21. We devote time to do things right and repay technical debt. This is the cornerstone of our passion for quality.
  22. 22. We devote time to do things right and repay technical debt. Striving for best quality makes sense as long as it’s aligned with the client’s interests. If time-to-market is more important, we align our goals with client’s.
  23. 23. We devote time to do things right and repay technical debt. We never compromise on quality.
  24. 24. We develop unique, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Most of our clients work with us for more than 6 months. We believe that good will is worth much more than any amount of money.
  25. 25. There are no non-technical idiot managers. We make sure that no one without proper technical knowledge will make critical decisions regarding development, especially schedule and scope.
  26. 26. We treat ourselves on Fridays. We cook breakfast for the whole team, using delicious organic ingredients. We prepare presentations about interesting stuff, and we give ourselves some time to discuss what bothers and inspires us.
  27. 27. Looking for a team? Our skills include: iOS and Android Backend APIs and infrastructure Rich, highly interactive web frontend
  28. 28. Looking for a team? Email us at