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Diary en 25 180109-


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"Let's exchange" is a program started on July 11, 2017 with two purposes:
1. to introduce our livestock products: goat milk and cheese to local people; and
2. to take advantage of local custom, “barter with acquaintances” to develop a small market on an exchange basis, and not money in the local community.
Let’s join our social experiment!

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Diary en 25 180109-

  1. 1.  Today’s Animal products were 12 Eggs laid during the last week >>A relevant term based on season in Japanese is “Kan-Tamago. Kan-Tamago means “eggs laid at the cold time.” Egg production naturally decreases with the onset of cold weather, so eggs in the cold season used to be valuable and were considered lucky. However, our chickens are producing very well. Probably they are an improved breed.  Today’s sweets were “Muffins of dried persimmon and walnut” >>The muffins ingredients are goat milk, vegetable oil, sugar, honey, all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, dried persimmon we got, roasted walnuts. People particularly enjoy the elegant sweetness of the dried persimmon.  Miki san’s “Homemade hot and salty citrus(Yuzu-Kosho), dried persimmon” >>I enjoyed talking with Miki san at ENGAWA duty today. She made the hot and salty citrus (yuzu plus green chili) for the first time and gave it to her friends. I know they loved it. It displays a vivid green color. I matched the hot-salty citrus with boiled radish (daikon). This has such a great, spicy flavor that I can’t stop eating it. I absolutely must plant green chili this year.  I did not expect people to come in on such a cold day. But lots of friends dropped in and ENGAWA was full with people. It’s a happy miscalculation ! Hamanami san dropped in by motorcycle. He helps a lot for preparing our radio museum such as painting, cleaning, cutting bamboo around there. The radio museum has advanced drastically because of his kind help. Kato san dropped in after a trip to the dentist. He constructed a very funny “make-a-face game” where you add face parts on a face, traditional game in Japan, for gathering in this afternoon ! He also enjoys helping for our radio museum by plastering wall and coming up with good ideas for decoration. The Kawabata couple dropped in after a visit to the nearby post office. They came from Kagoshima, lived in Kobe and chose Yuge as a place to start their guest house. They finally registered as Kamijima town citizens today. They are proceeding step by step for preparing of their guest house and are warmly welcomed as members of a growing Kamijima town. Welcome! They feel graceful about the kindness of local people and are working very hard on their big construction project. We are cheering for their success! Mots san dropped in o the way to grocery store and enjoyed talking with them.  Notice 1 Feb 25, 2018 (Sun) Curry Party will be held in ENGAWA at 11:30am-1:30pm! Everybody loves curry. Let’s chase away the cold by having spice various curry of every home! Please bring three items; homemade curry, dish and spoon. Any curry is OK, for example, instant curry slightly modified. We will provide and serve some rice. Homemade pickles are also good! To know number of participants (for preparing rice etc.,), please tell me, Mibu in advance if you plan to join us.  Notice 2 Why don’t you Debut Internet ? I will guide you through introduction of our website on iPad. Come on and join us! Free Wifi is available in ENGAWA. ”Exchange”Diary 25th Jan 9, 2018 Tue ⛅/⛄ Next: Jan 16, 2018 Tue 10:30am-12:00am Contact: Yuko Mibu ℡090-4902-1397 ✉ Presented by Renaissance