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Startup sauna and_aaltovg_v3


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Short presentation describing the situation as of Jan2012.

Created to give an insight of the situation for the Arcada entrepreneur lecturing team.

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  • Presentation built for Arcarda meeting on 2012.01.18. Covers history and current status. Many slides lifted from presentations on slideshare by lindaliukas and Villesimola and aaltoES http://www.slideshare.net/aaltoes http://www.slideshare.net/lindaliukas http://www.slideshare.net/villesimola
  • Plan: Overview - 40(ish) mins to cover 3+ years of history       Will cover the history and current state (as known!)   * Aalto VG   * Aalto ES (briefly)   * Startup Sauna Q&A
  • All three are constantly changing. Hard for some people, as always some new thing happening, almost never the same thing twice. Growing and learning. AaltoES has completely new board each year, but old board is normally still around and active 
  • The place it all happens. Visit the web site to stay up to date: http://AaltoVG.com - What is Venture Garage?       Currently a co-working and event space
  • - History       Students took over place (had almost no budget and 3 months to prove it could be something) Empty shell of light industrial unit. Only thing in there was palate of hand sanitiser.       Design factory was an one source of inspiration (next building over).       Location.
  • Location. Old industrial units. Needed to be brave to venture this far out. Still very hard to get folks from TAiK (other side of the planet == 1 hour by bus) Easier moving HSE, as only 15 mins from Kamppi. Still viewed as the middle of the forest. Points 3 & 7 are in the wrong place (Alepa is up by corner of green box!)
  • - What is the concept/s?       serve the needs of entrepreneurs.       Community needs a "place" to form (both online and physical) Home from home, has a full kitchen, space to hangout.
  • Talkoot to make place have some “atmosphere” (painting walls, ikea building etc) Started to hold events (talks, and workshops) during late 2009. The layout changing all the time to accommodate the different events.
  • Go big or go home. Change the world Have a vision and make it bigger
  • Now able to get budget to host events at other venues, so need for a large event hall not so urgent Hot office use was seen as the biggest need (2010-2011). Over the summer of 2011 large refit to make more suitable for the purposes (more small rooms for team work and brain-storming). More containers
  • Current format. Using containers for more spaces. Very inviting space. Open Mon-Fir 9-16 (maybe 8-17). No need to book a visit, just turn up (email ahead if you want a guided tour, but all residents are very open)
  • "Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is a student-run group started in January 2009. Our goal is to create a cultural change at Aalto University: bring resources together and grow entrepreneurial leaders. We currently have over 5000 members. Aaltoes works as a catalyst – bringing together students, ideas, resources, mentors, alumni and startups. We organize different types of networking, training and social events, as well as trips abroad, start-up visits and pitching events."  http://aaltoES.com
  • Bring the big "names" here to talk: Mårten Mickos           Stanford Venture program lecturers.           Eric Reis - Lean Startup           Alex Osterwalder - Business model canvas           Steve Blank - 4 steps to the Epiphany (also see steveblank.fi) AndroidAalto.org (Android community, fully open to everyone interested)
  • Other Programs: Startuplife.in – paid internships at startups around the world Summer of Startups (Work on your company as your summer job, some funding from TEKES) Events: * Failday * Slush11 * Finland post welfare • Aaltoes Fair • Aaltoes Talks • Garage48 • Late Night with Aaltoes • 101 Startup Crash Courses • Summer of Startups • Startup Visits and Trips While “Aalto On Waves” & “Aalto on Tracks” are not strictly AaltoES projects, they have many cross overs of people.
  • - What is startup sauna?       Leading open source seed Accelerator. http://Startupsauna.com Autum batch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ANh7SbNeo
  • Originally called Boot camp name changed to Startup Sauna       Head Coach, other coaches (All experienced entrepreneurs (had an exit or failure!) )       Adult supervision, contacts, life experience - How are ideas generated and developed/challenged?       work on idea (via pitching & customer validation)       pivoting       Coach Vs Mentor.           Advice (sometimes conflicting), up to startups to execute on it       Lectures (IPR, PR, etc),        weekly "kick the shit out” session
  • Current/last batch: Warmups – one day events in cities to find best team (best at each has automatic admission) 3 Sauna coach, 3 local. Each team will pitch and gets 15 mins with each coach. Add value to all teams present.     FI warm-ups + LT, EE and Moscow       Expand to all Russia & PL. Demo day       contacts (VC's and Valley VIPs) Fun!
  • Startup sauna and_aaltovg_v3

    1. 1. & Concept & Product Idea Generation
    2. 2. Q & A
    3. 3. “ Nothing endures but change” Heraclitus
    4. 7. Co-working space
    5. 14. Hack-a-thons Talkoots, Jams, Garage48… Fireside chats… Speakers Pitching
    6. 18. Riga Vilnius Warsaw Moscow St. Petersburg Kazan Yekaterinburg Novosibirsk Tallinn Turku Oulu Tampere Lappeenranta Stockholm
    7. 19. Q & A