Reginald Winbush "Reggie's Pizzeria" Teen Living Business Plan Simulation Project


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This is a business simulation/class project that I assisted a student with.

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Reginald Winbush "Reggie's Pizzeria" Teen Living Business Plan Simulation Project

  1. 1. Reggie’s Pizzeria Business Plan Simulation by: Reginald Winbush To: Ms. Reed/ Teen Living (Exploratory) Craigmont Middle School March 6, 2013
  2. 2. Reginald WinbushTeen Living (Exploratory)/ Ms. ReedMarch 6, 2013Business Plan SimulationBusiness Name: Reggie’s PizzeriaOwner: Reginald WinbushFacility Size:Budget: $1 million (1,000,000) At Reggie’s Pizzeria we bake and market traditional and special order pizzas with any ofa number of toppings, from pineapple & cheese chicken to spinach & cheese, or select vegetable,etc. Our lower cost on thin crust and minimal use of cooking oil policies, juxtapose our wheatcrust alternative sets us apart from our competitors. We have a vested interest in the health of ourcustomers and the community at large. Additionally, thin crust saves us money, and we would beremiss to not extend these savings to our customers. We also market a number of healthy side items, from various sorts of vegetable and fruitsalads to baked party wings in either of a variety of flavors and accompanied with any of avariety of salad dressings. We offer fruit smoothies and natural ice cream made on the spot inany of various flavors. We additionally offer 100% fruit juices as well as traditional sodas incans or bottles or from our fountain machines, realizing that such beverages, in moderation, donot pose significant health risks. We are an international franchise headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. We also marketour pizzas and other products wholesale to grocery stores and at additional discounted rates to
  3. 3. public and other schools and agencies, in partnership with the USDA MyPlate initiative and ThePartnership for a Healthier America.Our philosophy is dedication to preserving the health of our customers and the community, whileproviding a variety of unique and delicious pizzas and other food items.
  4. 4. Reggie’s Pizzeria Job Titles & DescriptionsJob Title Job Description Managers Oversee general staff and everyday operations of the pizzeria. Order takers/Cashiers Greets and takes orders and payments from customers. Cooks Prepare and cook pizzas. Dishwashers Wash dishes, utensils, and other equipment utilized to prepare pizzas. Delivery drivers Delivers pizza to customers.
  5. 5. Reggie’s Pizzeria Personnel Management Job Titles & DescriptionsJob Title Job Description
  6. 6. Reggie’s Pizzeria Supplies List1. ovens2. pizza boxes3. napkins4. coolers5. bottled 100% fruit juice (cases)6. beverage dispensing machine7. pizza dough (cases)8. pizza toppings (cases)9. beverage cooler10. tables (for dining customers)11. chairs (for dining customers)12. party wings (cases)13. vegetables (for salads and celery to be included in party wing orders)14. salad dressing (cases)15. message board (for staff communication)16. dry erase markers17. erasers (for message board)18. mops, brooms, and dust pans19. cleaning supplies20. telephones (for delivery orders and other company-related communication)