Martecia Radcliffe "You Got It Studios" Business Plan Simulation/Class Project


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This is a business plan simulation/class project that I assisted a student with.

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Martecia Radcliffe "You Got It Studios" Business Plan Simulation/Class Project

  1. 1. You Got It tudios Business Plan Simulation by Martecia Radcliffe To: Ms. Reed/ Teen Living (Exploratory) Craigmont Middle School March 6, 2013
  2. 2. Martecia RadcliffeTeen Living (Exploratory)/ Ms. ReedMarch 6, 2013Business Plan SimulationBusiness Name: You Got It StudiosPresident & CEO: Martecia RadcliffeFacility Size:Budget: $1 Billion (1,000,000,000) You Got It Studios scouts for, polishes, produces, and promotes tip top vocal and writingtalent. We offer pay-by-the-hour studio time and contractual agreements to exceptional vocalistsand rappers. We also offer voice and songwriting lessons (lyric and sheet music) and other musiccourses via our educational partners. We have a song writing lab that is available for use by our signed and other recordingartists. Group writing workshops are available on Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Ourwriting lab is equipped with computers that are entailing of songwriting software and rhymingdictionaries that facilitate the songwriting process (rhyming dictionaries are also available in hardcopy). We also sponsor song-writing contests for the purpose of securing ample material for oursigned recording artists to work with, realizing that the success and longevity of our artists hingesto a great extent upon a prolific supply of quality material for availability to and production by ourartists. When a submission is selected for production and/or when the submission is performed
  3. 3. live, on the radio, television, or by other means, the writer will be paid additional royalties inconsistency with applicable laws.Sing/Rap a Telephone Message & Video Submission Talent Recruitment Our recruitment consists of vocalists and rappers mailing and/or emailing videoperformances, or singing and/or rapping telephone messages for our producers at our recruitmentcall-in line. Messages and videos can be up to and no more than 10 minutes in length. Videoperformances can also be uploaded and voted upon by the general public at our website, the method that we most encourage and that best determines selection of hiredtalent or those who will be offered contractual agreements with our label, as public votes give ourproducers some idea of the projected success of potential signees.Marketing & Promotions We also offer marketing and promotions services, including video production and eventsmanagement (concerts, etc.). Transportation services for our artists include limousine, tour bus,cruise line, and flight provisions by means of our/company or rented vehicles, when necessary.Image Consulting We additionally offer image consulting services to our signed recording artists and otherclients. These services include diet & exercise and/or weight loss strategies or personal training,hair and nail care, wardrobe consultation, and other self-improvement initiatives.
  4. 4. Our $1 billion and growing budget is exclusively private investments/revenues from ourshareholders.Payroll Deductions & Financial Counseling We withhold the appropriate federal and state income taxes, health care premiums, andother deductions from our artists’ pay to facilitate such collection and returns by and from theInternal Revenue Service, health insurance providers, etc., where appropriate, and to securesynonymous benefits to the artists and their families, as applicable. We also offer financial counseling to our signed artists, i.e. we encourage our artists toinvest in Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) to accrue or save funds such as would generate perpetualor continuous desired income during and beyond the scope of their active careers in the musicindustry—For example, a $1 million investment would generate $50,000.00 annually or yearly.Our philosophy is discovering, developing, and launching the most promising talent wherever wefind it, and supporting our artists within every reasonable capacity.
  5. 5. You Got It Studios Personnel Management Job Descriptions & TitlesJob Title Job DescriptionA & R (Artist & Repertoire) Manages the A & R department. Responsible for locating andDirector signing new talent. Responsible for hiring and managing general staff and the budget of the department. Qualifications: Prior experience in an A & R or similar position. A thorough understanding of music and a variety of genres, and especially the contemporary music scene. Strong leadership and negotiating skills to support artists’ ambitions and secure the best deals for the company. Excellent judgment to predict the likelihood of commercial success.Music & Video Composer Reports to the A & R Director. Must have the ability to translate the vision of directors into musical terms, and to incorporate those terms into musical videos. Writes songs and creates music for signed recording artists of varied genres. Must be capable of working with and learning new relevant technology, meeting deadlines, and assuring work quality. Also responsible for perusing external submissions of songs and/or poetry for consideration and potential production, and forwarding acknowledgements to the A & R Director to assure that such contributors are paid royalties in accordance with applicable law. Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in music composition or a similar program—A master’s or doctorate degree is preferred. The successful candidate must have demonstrable talent and musical drive, which would supersede stated credential requirements. Salary: $70,000.00.Marketing & Promotions Director
  6. 6. You Got It Studios Job Titles & DescriptionsJob Title Job Description Music producers Scout for vocal talent and produce music for You Got It recording artists. Lyricists Write songs for recording artists on the You Got It record label. Graphic Designer To design CD covers and promotional material for recording artists. Videographers Produce music videos for You Got It recording artists. Marketing & Promotions Representative Promotes You Got It recording artists/music.
  7. 7. You Got It Studios and Supplies List1. blank CDs2. Publishing software (to design CD covers)3. jacket covers4. telephones5. message pads6. paper clips7. staples8. staplers9. computers10. color printers11. songwriting software (i.e. writing pads13. pens14. rhyming dictionaries (i.e. Dictionary-Easy/dp/0882847295)15. fax machines16. camcorders17. music production equipment18. kinetics (exercising) equipment for recording artists19. digital cameras20. Tour buses