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Kendre Stubbs Teen Living Business Project


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This is a draft of a business plan simulation/class project that I assisted a student with.

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Kendre Stubbs Teen Living Business Project

  1. 1. Game Go Entertainment Business Plan Simulation by: Kendre Stubbs To: Ms. Reed/ Teen Living (Exploratory) Craigmont Middle School March 6, 2013
  2. 2. Kendre StubbsTeen Living (Exploratory)/ Ms. ReedMarch 6, 2013Business Plan SimulationBusiness Name: Game GoPresident & CEO: Kendre StubbsFacility Size:Budget: $1 billion (1,000,000,000) At Game Go we design, manufacture, and distribute or sell our own original as well asother popular video games and accessories. Our corporate location in Memphis is the exclusiveretail site that is entailing of a design and manufacturing center. Other sites are exclusively retailstores in a global franchise chain, with the exception of those that are located abroad. We design games and kinetics applications1 for all age groups, partnering with the Let’sMove initiative to encourage physical activity and fitness amongst youth and adults. We offerspecial discounts to schools (including public and private schools as well as colleges anduniversities) that purchase our interactive games and/or kinetics applications, consoles, etc. forPhysical Education or other similar classes or school activities. We are a proud sponsor of WorldWide Day of Play and may periodically donate interactive games to select schools thatdemonstrate an interest in incorporating such games into their WWDOP and/or regular physicaleducation activities or courses.1 Exercising and/or interactive games or software.
  3. 3. Our games and especially our kinetics applications are generally purchasable forsignificantly lower prices than our competitors.’ Should a customer find a game or kineticsapplication at a lower price at another store we’ll match it by refunding the difference orapplying it to store credit for the customer. If a customer is unable to find a particular game that they want, they can special order itfrom our online store at, even if it does not appear in the purchase options.The customer would simply select the “Other” option and key in the specific name and versionof the game that they are seeking to purchase. Once the system has located the game a price willbe generated and the customer can resume with checkout as usual, unless in the rare event that itis unavailable or no longer in circulation.Our philosophy is providing exceptional customer service by making our and all game productsavailable to our customers at the best or lowest possible prices.
  4. 4. Game Go Personnel Management Job Descriptions & TitlesJob Title Job DescriptionPresident & Chief Executive Performs checks and balances to assure that company operationsOfficer (CEO) align with policy and objectives, and assures effective use of resources. Supervises product design, as well as marketing and promotions. Routinely meets with the board of directors and company executives to discuss company progress. Qualifications: Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or a related field. Salary $100,000.00 annually.Regional Manager Oversees sales and operations of the corporate district. Assures that shelves are stocked with inventory and that the district remains within budget. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in business management or administration. Sales and marketing experience. Excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills a must. Salary $70,000.00 annually.Human Resources Director Reports to the CEO Manages the Human Resources Department.
  5. 5. Game Go Job Titles & DescriptionsJob Title Job DescriptionVideo Game Designers Design the video games.Warehouse Stockers Stock and organize video games and supplies.Cashiers Greet and assist customers; sell video games and supplies.Online Customer Service Agents Take and fill customers’ online and/or over the phone orders.Security Guards To monitor the facility and protect staff and customers, and for loss prevention of inventory…
  6. 6. Game Go Supplies List1. Game designing software2. Color printers3. Game covers4. Publishing software (to design game cover jackets)5. Computers6. Color printers7. Pricing labels8. Scanners9. Telephones10. Fax machine11. Scanning machine12. Cash registers13. Color copying machine14. Paper clips15. Game consoles (X Box 307, etc. for sale and to display/sample video games)16. Staples17. Staplers18. Post It Notes19. Office desks20. Office chairs…