Aysha Senior Project 2 Report


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Aysha Senior Project 2 Report

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Aysha Senior Project 2 Report

  1. 1. ‫عائشة‪ ‬طارق جماز‬
  2. 2. Acknowledgment: Success is hard to accomplish. However, a person is blessed if he/ she found good peoplewho encourage and help him/ her achieve this success. I was this blessed person because therehave been many people around me who supported and helped me reach this moment, thegraduation. I thank all those persons who provided me with every help and support they could,morally, financially, formally and friendly. Those persons are many, but I would like to express mygreat appreciation and gratitude to Allah who is the only to be thanked for any bless or misfortune. Then, to My Parents, who encouraged, supported, assisted, and helped me from all theirhearts to see me always a better person; To my Father, who has pushed me step forward my future career that I dedicate it to you.Wishing that you are feeling proud of your daughter getting closer to her goal with success andexcellence… It is of my pleasure to thank every single person for their grace and help provided for me,intentionally or inadvertently. To Dr. Yasser Mahgoub, who has been with us, step by step, since we started our senior IIand up to this minute. Keeping you proud of your student is a promise I have given myself and toeach one of our architectural department… To the head of our department Dr. Ashraf Salama, who has been with us, step by step, sincewe started our architectural program and up to this minute… To Dr. Rania Khalil, I would thank you for everything you have provided me and for herwords that has been supported me every time (you can do this and don’t be afraid)… To Dr. Hatem Ibrahim, , who tried to put his experience in every word he said to us and Ihope that we succeeded to absorb these valuable knowledge from him and for everyone whom youlet me meet specially in the internship. Thank you deeply for being a father before being asupervisor… Dr. Hussam Hussein Salama, who stayed with me most of the time during this semester . Myspecial thanks to you for every single information you have given to me, for helping me improvingmy project, for the time you spent teaching me. Thanks for being a brother to me… Dr. Salim Ferwati, Should also have a part of my acknowledgement for his assistanceprovided for me in structure techniques and his advised in senior I and I don’t want to forget Dr. AliAl Raouf for his advised and his words that has been supported me… To Eng. Alaa Ghanim, who has been with me, step by step, since we started the architecturalprogram and up to this minute … Thank you deeply for being a father before being Family friendand assistant to me in every step… To Eng. Doaa Ahmed, who has been with me, learned me many thing in architecture designand supported me every time and I don’t want to forget Eng. Maha Sobhey and Eng. Reham AlQawasmeh who have been both good examples for most students…
  3. 3. I’m also greatly indebted to all our doctors and instructors in our department for theirconstant care throughout our four years of study. Great respects to Dr. Anna Grichting, Dr. LizmolMathew, Dr. Djamel Boussaa, Dr. Djamel Ouahrani, and Dr. Fodil Fadli. At these last moments, I can clearly remember the wonderful time I spent with myclassmates, especially Meerna Ammar, Rana Jamous, and Aya Shehada who were with me duringthe project in our senior year. We went through a difficult time that reinforced our friendship. Thanks for all my colleagues, classmates, my group and for any person who supported meduring unforgettable situations and without all of you beside me and behind me to push me for thebest, really without all I will never be here today. Last of all, I would like again to thank my supervisor Dr. Yasser Mahgoub for whom I owe mysuccess due to his endless advice and simple explanations during the entire project. He is the mostperson to be thanked for the success of the project. His efforts and great support indicated that hewas a real father and an excellent instructor.Many thanks to all those who did all the best to help me to be always one of the best I offered myhumble effort. Aysha Gammaz
  4. 4. Al-Bateel ResortAbstract Abstract This review presents the consequences of Senior Project I of the Environmentally Sustainable Tourism Project that includes Resort, Cultural Retreat Center, Entertainment Complex & a Sports Center. The pre-design document, explains different stages taken in order to achieve to the maximum and reliable information required to take through the next stage. Analysis has started with the precedent studies, program site analysis and selection, development of master plan which all were undertaken by the group to reach the individual part of program development and concept design alternatives.
  5. 5. Chapter 1Literature Review Tourism when achieving QNV. Responsible use of resources and continuous modernization and development of Tourism mainly is when people go to a vacation public institutions are carefully managed to ensure or travel to relax, sightseeing (Historical good program management and high quality public monuments and buildings, nature…), shopping services. and have a good time. It is considered as the It should not be missed that there is a role the fastest growing sector in any country. country is playing at both regional and international levels, consequently competitive Qatar National Vision & Tourism position in the international economy is Qatar, has built a bridge from the present to the highlighted. future through a vision mainly targeting years 2016 Four interconnected pillars were set to accomplish & 2030. By 2030, Qatar intends to be an advanced the National Vision objectives: society that is able to sustain its development and provides a high standard of living for all people. - Human Development: people should be Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term developed to enable them to sustain outcomes for the country and provides a model prosperous society. within which national strategies and - Social Development: a society based on high implementation plans can be developed. moral standards and able to play an important role in global development. In order to ease the way to achieve the goals of - Economic Development: competitive and Qatar National Vision 2030, National Development diversified economy is an important goal, strategy was prepared for 2011-2016. The purpose meeting the needs of and maintaining a high of this strategy is to intense the commitment to standard of living for both current and increase the well-being of all Qatari citizens and set future generations. up carefully designed program for how to continue - Environmental Development: creating a providing the best education and healthcare as we harmony between economic growth, social as social protection and employment opportunities development and environmental protection in a prosperous, stable and secure society. that can be achieved through environmental Qatar’s National Vision deals with five major management. challenges facing Qatar: A number of events will be held during the time - Modernization and Preservation of from 2011-2030. Fifa World Cup 2022 is one of the Traditions. most anticipated events in the world that Qatar is - Involvement of current and future preparing for. QND strategy shall contribute in generations. these preparations ensuring that this event is a - Manage growth and uncontrolled ringing success and to allow Qatar to show the expansion. world that it is capable of organizing such event. - Size and Quality of the expatriate labor Having such popular sport in the country will result force and the selected path of development. in the attraction of huge number of people that will - Economic growth, social development and be coming from all over the world. environmental management. Balance and Sustainable growth are the main two considerations that should be taken into account 1
  6. 6. Chapter 1Literature Review Qatar Vision Objective - Pillars Outcomes Combination between Education and Human Development: people Healthcare for different users. should be developed to enable them Take Extra care on the wellness of to sustain prosperous society. users in order to increase their productivity. Creating a balance between Qatari Culture and Modernism by Social Development: build a society preserving traditions and controlling Qatar intends to be an advanced based on high moral standards and Globalization society able to sustain its able to play an important role in global development. Develop cities and create effective development and provides a high connections between different standard of living for all people. societies. It seeks to increase the well-being of all Qatari citizens, continue providing the best education, healthcare, social protection and employment opportunities in a Linking the project to the strategic prosperous, stable and secure Economic Development: competitive and diversified economy plan of the city. society. Education will increase peoples is an important goal, meeting the needs of and maintaining a high productivity. standard of living for both current Tourism can be a great source of the and future generations. countrys economy. Environmental Development: creating a harmony between Creating balance in nature through economic growth, social Conservation of resouces and the use development and environmental of recycled materials and protection that can be achieved Reservation of ecological elements. through environmental management 2
  7. 7. Chapter 1Literature Review Sustainability Qatar is the second country in the world in the energy consumption, though it is of importance to consider the sustainability and energy resource management throughout the designs. Economy Environment Society Sustainabiltiy •Reduced waste, effluent generation, emissions to environment Environmental Dimensions •Reduced impact on human health Use of renewable raw materials •Elimination of toxic substances •Creation of new markets and opportunities for sales growth. Economic Dimensions •Cost reduction through efficiency improvements and reduced energy and raw material inputs. •Worker health and safety Social Dimensions •Impacts on local communities, quality of life •Benefits to disadvantaged groups e.g. disabled 3
  8. 8. Chapter 1Literature Review Eco-tourism Sustainable or eco-tourism means a sustainable development that meets the needs for present people without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs through environment and society. Economy Development Environment Culture Tourism impact on Economy Tourism Impact on Social life Tourism impact on Environment •Foreign Exchange as a result of •Tourism may affect the evaluation •Transport and Travel: increase spending of visitors and of the services provided by the displacement from nesting, contributions to exports. Tourism Industry when residents movement to sub-optimal locations •Visitors spending generates profits have contacts with tourists. as well as increase pollution. for tourism business and •Tourism structures offer many •Recreational Nature: introduction of organizations that in turns provide recreational and cultural structures. new species, viruses and bacteria to capital to the industry of tourism. •Offers travel opportunities and sites. •Creations of Employment. career enhancement. •Infrastructure Changes: Alteration •Economic benefit through transport •Requirements of people coming of natural environments, creation of operations, such as airports. from outside the region may have different micro climates and more •Trading impacts that results from impact on the country, such as, extra profitable and productive use of the currencies exchanging by traffic and change retail structures. land. tourists. •Demonstration effect of tourism •Litter and noise: Disturb breeding through tourists behaviors that patterns, aesthetically not differ from those of the local acceptable. community. •Snorkeling and Diving: impacts on coral and removal of organism. 4
  9. 9. Chapter 1Literature Review Theme: Environmentally Sustainable Tourism Environmentally Sustainable Tourism development comes as the combination of what the terms of tourism and sustainable environment mean. Since everything is toward the sustainable environment and this term became the new ear that adds the future perspectives for any development, for that reason the project theme will have this term in order to apply what sustainable environment means and provide. This will emphasize the project importance whether for time now or for future, also applying the sustainable aspects will guarantee innovative ideas and comprehensive results. On other hand, tourism has many impacts and considerations in terms of economy, social life and environment. From these piles it can be seen the importance of what tourism mean for any country which makes it one of the priorities for any future development. That will lead to the idea of making projects that will sustain and preserve the present and the future environment. 5
  10. 10. Chapter 1Literature Review Precedent Studies Methodology of Analysis Tourism projects are spread world-wide and differ from each other in terms of the function, program and concept of building. In order to understand these variety and observe how these differences has its effect on tourists, three projects were selected, two of them are located in different places in Egypt, while the third is a local El-Gouna project: 1. El – Gouna (Egypt) 2. Marassi Mediterranean Beach & Golf Resort (Egypt) 3. Sharq Village & Spa (Qatar) The points of analysis of these projects where set in order to have the maximum information a tourism project can have; taking the advantages and avoiding the disadvantages from all of the Marassi Mediterranean Beach & Golf Resort projects. 1. Contextual Analysis 2. Environmental Analysis 3. Attractions 4. Conceptual Analysis 5. Functional & Program Analysis 6. User Profile Sharq Village & Spa 6
  11. 11. Chapter 1Literature Review El –Gouna Introduction El Gouna resort in Egypt is a self contained town that attracts people from different countries, nationalities and even the resident people in Egypt. It is located on numbers of islands on the north of Hurghada in Egypt west coast of the Red Sea. It has many activities and serves lots of functions that catch people attention. Contextual analysis Location El Gouna located north of Hurghada in Egypt west coast of the Red Sea and it is far away for only four hours flight from Europe’s major capitals .Where it is struck by splendor of azure location of the El Gouna in Egypt water and mountains and that gave El Gouna Land-use & Building Types special features and views. Moreover, many Land use in El Gouna various between the major airline carriers operate weekly flights to residential, mix-used (Hotels) and open green Hurghada and El Gouna receives over 100,000 areas as golf green courses. The distribution of visitors a year from Germany, the land use is mainly that the mixed Land-use centralized on the mid-way along the seafront while residential spread among the site surrounding the golf courses. Since that, it might be said that the El Gouna has a rhythm in the function spatial relationship. 7
  12. 12. Chapter 1Literature Review hotels. One to three bedroom apartments and three to four bedroom villas offer the finest waterfront villas and apartments in El Gouna. Fanadir lagoon While the second phase offers 54 of the finest three and four bedroom villas, set across two islands these homes have immediate access to El Gouna land-use map the new golf course and are convenient for sandy  Living Neighborhood & Architecture: beaches. With extensive lagoon and sea views, Fanadir is one of the most exclusive Since that El Gouna is a cluster of islands and neighbourhoods in El Gouna. lagoons, which gives meaning of gathering and harmony in the whole area. El Gouna neighborhoods offer everything from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments in the heart of the town. All properties are waterfront and feature a variety of architectural styles, sizes and locations. As an example for the neighborhoods Andalusian and Modern styles in El Gouna, The Fanadir which has three phases, Fanadir lagoon, Fanadir Bay and Um Jamar. Fanadir lagoon designed in Andalusian and Modern styles, a total of 62 villas and apartments are set in a prime location within easy reach of Abu Tig Marina, public beaches and boutique 8
  13. 13. Chapter 1Literature Review plan of the villa The last development for Fanadir project is Um Jamar extension which targets the high end of the market, each three or four bedroom villa having its own private dock on the lagoon extending from the front garden. Villas have four main types, having minor differences in the elevation Types of villas in the Um Jamar extension design, colors, and some additional features and elements. Located behind Abu Tig Marina’s North  Beaches and islands Basin it has direct access to the open sea through the lagoon. The location will enjoy a brand new Since El Gouna is designed to have the maximum spa, golf course and three six-star boutique benefits of the environment exist and the hotels clustering form helped to create many beaches, lagoons and islands. Lots of beaches and islands are in El Gouna to meet everyone desires. Zeytouna Beach It is located on its own island surrounded by sea and lagoons. A 400-meter jetty extending into the sea provides access to deeper water and the coral reef plateau. Beach services include food, bathrooms, and fresh-water showers. Also, provides beach volleyball, snorkeling, football, dancing lessons and more 9
  14. 14. Chapter 1Literature Review commodity in Egypt. The grass at Ancient Sands Golf Resort will primarily be Paspalum, a salt water tolerant grass irrigated with sea water enabling the course to be maintained in an environmentally sustainable way. Presently at El Gouna, recycled water is utilized for irrigation of the golf course and greenery throughout the town. Zeytouna Beach Hotels are primary component in El Gouna. El Gouna became the house of golf courses by Where there is a variety of services provides, having many golf courses that had been designed styles and different atmosphere in each hotel. to provide joy for the golfer. However, there is a Sheraton Miramar Resort in El Gouna considered new golf course that is under development, as a signature there since it is an inviting magical which is the “Ancient Sands Golf Resort”, it is mix of Arabic and Egypt’s Nubian styles. Further, offer a world class design and it will appeal to all it takes a place on nine islands surrounded by standards of golfer. The course will follow the gardens. terrain of the site with the lagoon creating a natural boundary. Accessibility El Gouna location serves it by giving it many ways it reach and access the resort. Where is Hurghada International airport is served by a number of direct flights from the UK, Germany, Italy and other international destinations. There are also at least 5 flights per day from Cairo to Hurghada and the journey takes just under an hour. Tourists can take a taxi from Hurghada Airport to El Gouna directly within one hour also there is a private airport at el Gouna which Ancient Sands Golf Resort accepts private fights and weekly charter service Golf courses traditionally require much water to from Cairo. Movement and circulate within El ensure that they look green and lush. With 80% Gouna parts served by many minor roads and of its land mass as desert, water is a precious 10
  15. 15. Chapter 1Literature Review path in order to ease and enhance movements Further, each island has its own character but and the connections within it. with a high consideration of the architectural standers and appearance. However, a great length have been taken to ensure that the entire town has a visual unity in which each neighborhood has its own flavor without detracting from the artistic whole of the resort. Clustering concept & lagoon system Functional Analysis It is a tourist town that it is can be considered as a fully developed town. It is offering all the services required for vacation and permanent living. This is provided by 14 hotels available Accessibility and circulation with all leisure activities and entertainment Conceptual Analysis options which it is spreading over the islands and lagoons. Many water and sports activities take a El Gouna resort design motif took many stages of place surrounding the islands. thinking and designing depending on the essential element for the whole project, which was the natural environment beauty. The seashore was developed to create crystalline lagoons that warp around a cluster of islands. As a result, this development built new properties for the site itself. Islands clustering produced a private and a unique atmosphere that would serve the island targets and goals. 11
  16. 16. Chapter 1Literature Review nonexistent, not to mention the low relative humidity levels are all year round. Activities in El Gouna User Profile: It is considered as the perfect place to vacation Average high/low temperature with family and friends. El Gouna is a target for A characteristic summer day during May and all type of people whether they are local June has a pleasing sunny weather with average residents or even tourists. People aim this place temperature of 29ºC, with sun shining down for are artists, athletes, environmentalists, an average of ten hours per day. While from the individuals and families. It has the longest pure months of July till September El Gouna has a hot sandy swimmable bay on the Red sea coast and and very dry weather with 40ºC or even higher luxury world-class in pristine natural average temperatures. On other hand, winter in environment. Further, the harmony and the El Gouna is more enjoyable and has a pleasurable completeness of all the available facilities give El average temperature of 20ºC; however still rise Gouna the uniqueness. to 24ºC or 25ºC and giving average of seven hours of sunshine per day. Further, rainfall is still Environmental Analysis rare and low precipitation levels stand at 1mm or Since El Gouna has a strategic location on the 2mm. finally El Gouna has branded April and eastern coast-Red Sea-of Egypt and although November the best months to visit the region as faraway only four and half hour from United visitors can still enjoy nine hours of sunshine per Kingdom; the typical climate of El Gouna couldn’t day and very pleasing climates. be more diverse. It has clear, blue skies and continuous hours of hot sunny temperatures, combined with soothing coastal breezes. While the cloudy conditions are very uncommon throughout the region of El Gouna, as precipitation during every season is virtually 12
  17. 17. Chapter 1Literature Review Sea temperature Average rainfall Sustainability El Gouna considered as the most environmentally-friendly Holiday destination. It is working hard to preserve its unique environment by minimizing the harmful impact and maximizing foreign guest’s awareness. Green El Gouna is an environmental organization that aimed to help in develops the resort as an eco- Average sunshine hours tourism destination. It pursues this goal by involving the entire community in protect and preservation through education, recycling, clean- up campaigns, festivals and the establishment and the enforcement of environmental standers and guidelines. 13
  18. 18. Chapter 1Literature Review Marassi Mediterranean Beach & Golf Resort Location of Marassi Introduction At one of the pristine beaches on the North Coast Emaar Misr for Development, has taken the of Egypt located a world class destination resort opportunity to develop a beachfront resort in development of Marassi Mediterranean Marine & Marassi. The 6 km seafront land featuring the Golf Resort. luxury resort is considered among the finest beaches in the region and stretches across the Eight resort hotels; 150 slip yacht marina; picturesque Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay on the residential villas overlooking 18-hole golf course Mediterranean. and man-made lagoon with pedestrian promenade; village center including: souk with mixed-use commercial, retail, civic, residential, and events center are all components of this resort. Marassi Resort Contextual Analysis Location & Land-use: Marassi Land-use Accessibility & Circulation: Marsa Matrouh Highway coming from Alexandria is the main way to access the project. 14
  19. 19. Chapter 1Literature Review Topography of the land provides the chance to have a huge golf course mediates the buildings. However, artificial lagoons where created by pulling sea water into the middle of the site to enhance the golf course as well as increase the opportunity of the inner sided buildings to have a beach and a pleasant view. Attractions: Marassi Circulation Exactly next to Marassi is Sidi Abdelrahman village. A place with a population of about 4000 Through the project, the concept of circulation people working mostly in the agriculture of relay on the pedestrian movement. Automobile olives, palm and fig trees. It also has popular movements are limited on the surrounding of the desert-beach resort that plays a great attraction project mainly for the mixed use buildings, while of many people and a station in the mid-way the main accessibility & circulation around the between Alexandria & Marsa Matrouh. residential area is through pedestrian water movements. El- Alamein, is another village exactly next to Sidi Abdelrahman, which is famous of its Marina and Using this approach, privacy and safety of the beach where a large number of people visit and middle area of residences and the golf courses enjoy. area from the car movement and air pollution, which creates a pure and healthy atmosphere for different users. Environmental Analysis Micro-climate The location of the project characterized by its pleasant weather all year long, with cold winters and warm to hot summers. It is also know by its outstanding unpolluted environment, air and beaches. El Alamein Marina Natural & Man-made Features 15
  20. 20. Chapter 1Literature Review Buildings through this projects follows several architectural styles forming unique districts named according to their styles, which creates a multicultural unique neighborhood that combines different country styles into one place. El Alamein Beach El Alamein, has also a historic background that goes back to ancient Wars. It has a war museum with collectibles from "the civil war" and other North African battles. Andalusian Style War Tank presented in the War Museum User Profile: local people & tourists. Conceptual Analysis The master plan layout was driven by the unique characteristics of the site, incorporating golf and a man-made canal into the vast subkha area of the site. Guidelines have been established which stress the importance of utilizing native xeriscape to create a more natural, environmentally sensitive design solution. 16
  21. 21. Chapter 1Literature Review Sharq Village & Spa Contextual Analysis Introduction and history Location This Doha accommodation is located along a The resort is in Qatar-Doha City… overlooking quiet beach cove near the Corniche. Guests of the Ras Abu Aboud street. Its faces the seafront and it hotel will be able to easily enjoy the nearby takes just a five minute drive away from the Doha beach. The Sharq Village & Spa Hotel Doha International Airport. provides guests with convenient access to City Center Mall, which is just five miles away. The The resort located in the vicinity of the Doha Club National Museum is located about a mile from the and oasis club and Ras Al Nassa, Marriott Hotel, hotel. Doha International Airport is located only Sailing Club and algazal club. The resort is four miles from the Sharq Village & Spa Hotel located in the middle of all clubs. Doha. Guests who arrive by car may take The Location compared with Doha (focal Point): advantage of a nearby car park. The location is situated 43 kilometers east (91°) Sharq Village Resort is located in the city of Doha of the approximate center of Qatar and 5 in Qatar, overlooking the beautiful Cornich of kilometers east (86°) of the capital Doha. Doha. Five driving minutes far from Doha Land use International Airport and the City center. It is the first resort ever built in the country to honestly Most of the surrounding of Al Sharq Village are portray the local architectural style and heritage clubs and Hotels such as, Doha Club and oasis of Qatar. club and Ras Al Nassa, Marriott Hotel, Sailing Club and algazal club Middle Village Resort & Spa project is being developed to become a five-star luxury resort Accessibility that blends traditional architecture with modern the resort located in Ras Abu Abood and we can facilities to meet the requirements of arrive to it by using many ways from al Coriche businessmen and tourists alike. This resort is Street designed in the style of a unique Qatari village will include 160 luxury rooms, a Six Senses Spa, a Directions from the Doha International Airport: traditional Qatari Souq, food, beverages and Exit the Doha International Airport and go right entertainment. at the first set of traffic lights and Take another right at the next set of traffic lights at the Toyota Tower after Carry on straight through the VIP roundabout .When you reach the Ras Abo Aboud roundabout, take a right which takes you onto 17
  22. 22. Chapter 1Literature Review the flyover that leads after that Carry on until you Conceptual Analysis reach the Marriott roundabout where you should take a U-Turn and head back the way you have just come. Finally, Sharq Village and Spa should be on your right. Locale: Sharq Village & Spa is located just 5 minutes from the Doha International Airport, 15 minutes from the city centre, and 20 minutes from the prominent shopping district. Sharq Plan The concept of the design was taken from the traditional Qatari architecture. They tried to reflect the meaning of small neighborhood by organized the buildings as group around the small courtyard. This concept is serve the idea of the ventilating between the building and the shadow that delivered from the narrow corridors between the group of buildings. Traditional Qatari Style Landscape The integration between the landscape and buildings make homogeneous and create a unity 18
  23. 23. Chapter 1Literature Review between them. Also was created a kind of Also they use the landscape features in Aesthetic privacy. way to differentiate between the buildings and how to approach each one. For example, while approaching the public area the guest experiences the shade and shadow transition, indirect pathways. The designer of this project aimed to break the silence of motion between the buildings while using the balance, rhythm, manipulate the space size and light contrast. Architectural Style Andalusian water element The concept of the elevation introduced the The use of the Andalusia style has created traditional style in Qatar and The finishing smooth movement among the landscape of the materials from concrete only and white plaster or resort. beige color, also the solid frames for the windows Although its different from the Qatari and the shading devices in the main entrance architecture style, the way of how they connect with the naqsh and the arcades all introduced in the water features with hard and soft landscape a harmonious soul permeated through the and the variety of trees, palms and flowers gave project. the smoothness and continuous in movement through it Traditional Pergola The tower was built to allow the people of the town to maintain a Sharq Different landscape watch over the town and to act as defensive 19
  24. 24. Chapter 1Literature Review building. This architectural features mimics present design to preserve the local tradition of the region. The Qatari naqsh tended to be simple in In Sharq village, inside each building there is concept and, usually Rewaq overlooking to small courtyard and they was created as an used the skylight to light the space and it used assembly of patterns also to ventilate the space. rather than as a continuous repetitive The main building is reception and the main treatment such as lobbies that have traditional Arabic inspired shown interiors, lounges overlooking the pool area and a majestic view of the sea. The Rewaq is one of the most important features in the mosques and it becomes one of the Islamic features used in traditional houses to give the shade for the people walking around the courtyard and give more privacy to the household and they can sit and gathering under al Rewaq. Nowadays, most of the architects revive the traditional and Islamic architecture by using the elements and the features of Rewaq by porch decorated with an attractive arcade of around slender or square columns and corner details. 20
  25. 25. Chapter 1Literature Review Spa ( Activities and Sports): The interior design of the Al Sharq Village and Spa: services The spa operated by the leading Thai group, Six Senses Spas. The architecture of the spa not modern and linear but like a true Middle Eastern village that has grown organically over time, with winding streets and 23 treatment rooms resembling village houses. Activities can be divided into two types:  Physical comfort  Psychological comfort And both of them carry the meaning of the luxury and Welfare. The list below shows the most of the activities there with pictures Fitness Room/Gym, Swimming pool, Massage / User profile Beauty Centre, Golf Course, Medical Assistance Most of the visitors during the week are Qatari, Available, Sauna, Bath / Hot Tub, Garden, but in the weekend the number of non-Qatari Playground, Massage, Steam Bath, Barber/Beauty people more than the expected. That is because of Shop. the multi-function village, the architecture style which most of Qatari feel they are belong to the space and also the non-Qatari usually tend to stay in places carrying the feeling of the cultures of the country they live in. moreover, the Quality of service attracts tourists and the people of the country. 21
  26. 26. Chapter 2Site Analysis Introduction: S earch and research are the main architects’ duties, they search always for the proper choice between many alternatives and provided options. They search about what is beneficial for the society, environment, culture, tradition and the country itself. When it comes to search for a proper site for the hosted project, here comes the challenge, the challenge of choosing a site that the project will fit and only fit in and no other places. The project is selected carefully and accurately to meet the needs of the area, society and fill the empty space in the region of missing facilities. According to the project’s type, the site vitality differs. If the project is a hospital for example, the location of it should be easily reached with less rush transportation and access. In our case, the project is located in a very calm and atonic place, easily reached as the project’s purpose is being healthy and relaxed. The site was selected according to the needs of such type of projects. For example tourisms seek for entertainment, something different and most of the time they seek for the unique activities and projects. People by nature always ask for more, look for the missing parts and try to collect everything as close as possible to them. As mentioned the chosen area for the project is very rural and undeveloped and an extreme development is needed. According to Qatar future vision for 2016 and 2030, this extreme development will be reached and will bring life to the area. A noticeable raise in the economical rates of the country and the municipalities as well. The intended visitors category of such project is the tourism specifically and the locals in general. The Goal of this project is that when the tourists or visitors visit the place will maintain their mind and body in several ways, doing sport, learning, entertaining, clearing mind…etc. Several analysis were done to prove the qualifications of the chosen site and why it is applicable. 22
  27. 27. Chapter 2Site Analysis After the previous step was done regarding the precedence studies, the next step comes to detail the site and analyzing it and upon different criteria that will help in conducting a proper master plan that fulfill the required program and zones. The site analysis will cover the analysis of the Census: following: It is the statistical information collected about the Neighborhood context: statistics of the neighborhood and how the development of the area will effect these statistics. This will study the surroundings of the site and the And these information will help to know reaction of these surroundings with the selected approximately the number of visitors to the site. site and the movement of people in the area. Ecology: Circulation: Is it the study of the existing creatures and plants It is about the uses of the streets, sidewalks, and in the area on the land and in the sea. Also it studies alleys. The analysis of these element is very the conditions that help these creatures to stand important where it the way the visitors will reach upon. the place. Size and Zoning: The site boundaries, areas and zones, setbacks, rules and regulations of the area and also it includes the height restrictions. Sensory: The sensory will give an idea about the experience the visitors will feel and see during on the way to the site. Some landmarks and dominant existing building are a good elements for the way finding. The sensory elements are noise, odor, smoke, and pollutants. Climate: The climatic information will cover the local weather conditions such as the wind, sun path, rain fall and other conditions that will affect the design of the project 23
  28. 28. Chapter 2Site Analysis Shows the location of the site Location & Neighborhood context: Before going on the detailed analysis of the site, remaining strip is the optional site for the the location should be specified. The project is project. The future master plan shows that the located in the arid area between Mesaieed and areas before the site (Al-Wakrah) will be Al-Wakrah, southern end of Al-Wakrah city, mostly a residential area with adjacent green Northern Mesaieed. The project is placed on areas and some small zones of mixed use. the left side shore of Al-Wakrah main street Whereas the area after the site (Msaieed) is a that starts after Q-tel roundabout and infront of pure industrial area with different type of Al-Wakrah fuel station . According to the area industries ranging between heavy to light. future master plan, an economic zone with By combining both land uses, the project can be light industries will be located after an offset of supported by a residential area and an 400m strip from the sea shore, where the 24
  29. 29. Chapter 2Site Analysis employment area and by this residents and work places are available around the project . Al-Wakrah, the EZ and Mesaieed future master plan. 25
  30. 30. Chapter 2Site Analysis SWOT Analysis: Strength : considerable skills that, in my experience, appear to be learned by Qataris at a very the site shows many strength points, where early age. They are, however, a victim of it is located between Al-Wakrah city and their own beauty. Umsaied. At the beginning of Al-Wakrah the They represent a fragile environment as new Doha international airport is located does much of the peninsula, but the which means a hot spot for tourists to start concentration on tourism and the need for their journey from. Moving to Al-Wakrah Qataris and expatriates to get away from that includes many important projects, one their urban life at least once a week makes of them is Al-Wakrah hospital, Al-Wakrah them a popular destination. sports club, the marine, Al-Wakrah park and the old museum. On the other hand, Weakness: Musaied which is an industrial area and the focal point of many industries for the The site is limited in the transportation and capital, it also includes Sealine resort on its existence of reaching point, where the only way to reach the place-currently is Al-Wakrah main shore. As well as, it is the destination for road then go off-road. most of Qataris in the weekends and vacations to practice their hobbies enjoying Opportunities: the dunes and biking. By combining The location is currently quiet and different activities that meet the people undeveloped but the future vision shows a needs in a quiet place in the mid way huge development in the area specifically the between these two areas, here comes the southern shore of Al-Wakrah city , the location strength. Another strength point in the of Al-Wakrah new downtown. location, the non existence of high-rise buildings that won’t limit the height of the Threats: project. A point to enhance the location In the current terms there are no significant qualification is the costal location and the threats, where water level is (2m), special connection to the sea. treatment for the pollution of the industrial The sand dunes are a lovely environment to city and no noticeable effective noise. travel in and it is good to have the opportunity to access them so close to the capital. Their profiles change relatively rapidly with the wind making it an exciting Circulation: area to drive through, requiring The current circulation is basically a vehicular whole country in different stations and it is transportation where the main way to access also extended to adjacent countries such as the site is Al-Wakrah main street that extended Bahrain and Abu-Dhabi that will exist by 2023. from Al-Wakra to Msaieed. Future plans are In 2016 and according to the plans of the considered to have a metro line linking the chosen area the economical zone will be built, 26
  31. 31. Chapter 2Site Analysis Qatar international future metro route so future routes will be created between the EZ area and the 400m shore offset. Qatar future metro network Qatar future metro 27
  32. 32. Chapter 2Site Analysis The future and current network , and the attraction through the circulation to the site 28
  33. 33. Chapter 2Site Analysis Sensory: Al-wakra is an old traditional area that still reserve the Qatari tradition in its society, this cultural reservation is reflected on the municipality’s architectural styles and landmarks. A well-known land mark in AL- Wakra is the pearl R/A. As it has been mentioned before that the site is between Al Wakra /Mesieed where there is now obvious Clear Horizon buildings or dominant vertical features such as slops and hills. What it can be seen in the site is a flat and plain surface with no surroundings which gives is a clear horizon that goes along the sea shore with a beautiful blue sky. Although, by visiting the site, many traces where found that show that the area is inhabited with people who come to enjoy the week-end on the shore. As a result the selected Human traces site is far away from the existing main road and the large distance create by itself a noise barrier. The industrial neighborhood of Musaieed will bring to the mind that the pollution reaches its max in the air and water of the area, where in fact this area is using special address plants for Cars traces the used materials and filters on the chimney to reduce the pollution. The recycled materials are then buried in an area far from the people inhabited area. 29
  34. 34. Chapter 2Site Analysis (a) (a) (b) (b) (c) (c) a,b,c show the traditional architectural style in Al- a,b,c show different modern architectural styles Wakra in Musaieed 30
  35. 35. Chapter 2Site Analysis Environmental Analysis:  Meteorology: Aaverage sun-hour chart of Al-Wakrah Aaverage precipitation chart of Al-Wakrah Average max-min temperature chart of Al-Wakrah The previous climatic conditions should be taken into consideration in the design and the projects organizations on the site itself. The high temperatures in summer will  The average annual rainfall is 81 mm affect the outdoor activities as well as the  Average maximum temperature is 31oC humidity. The breeze of the sea will  Average minimum temperature 22oC. refresh the coastal environment in winter  The morning humidity averages 71% and open the door for many outdoor  The afternoon relative humidity 43%. activities to be done either by walking on  Prevailing wind direction is N,NW the shore, sitting in cafes or doing sports.  And the preferable wind direction is the E, NE 31
  36. 36. Chapter 2Site Analysis  Topography: Mmangroove in the site from the topographic map and after visiting the site it was noticed that a magroove area existing there and covering alarge area beside the site that contains many watre creatures, birds and different sizes of mangrooves. The topography of the area is almost flat with some piles of sandy hills. Topographicmap of the analyzed area Site topography Mangroove in the site Site topography 32
  37. 37. Chapter 2Site Analysis  Soil map: Census According to Census Qatar 2010 the population is centralized in the state of Doha, Because of the huge expected development in the rural areas, the population is expected to be more than the double in Al-Wakrah and either in Musaieed. The census charts show slight difference in the population in Al-Doha from 2004 to 2010, where in AL Wkakra and Musaieed the populations doubled in the same period. Soil map of the analyzed area The soil composition of the area is mainly sand and lime-stone which means there is no major problems on the soil during construction with the existing of some rocks and gravel. Population in (Doha-Al Wakra-Mesaieed) 33
  38. 38. Chapter 2Site Analysis Ecology: for young organisms. In areas where roots are permanently submerged, the organisms they Since the site is not fully developed area it is host include oysters, sponges, and which all conserve the nature creatures that grow and require a hard surface for anchoring while they life there. One of the creatures that can be seen filter feed. Shrimps and mud lobsters use the and separated among wide area of the site is muddy bottoms as their home. Mangrove crabs the mangroves. It can be defined as various mulch the mangrove leaves, adding nutrition to kinds of trees up to medium height and shrubs the mangal muds for other bottom feeders. On that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats other hand, birds are having a place in such that protect coastal areas from erosion. The environment whether they are migrating birds unique ecosystem found in the intricate mesh such as gull bird or the local birds. of mangrove roots offers a quiet marine region Shallow water for mangrove Local flamingo Crabs Corals 34
  39. 39. Chapter 2Site Analysis Development of Master Plan The proposed site has no governmental developed master plan yet, however, three design alternatives of the master plan was developed in order to obtain the optimum design and division of lands that fulfill the requirements of the tourism projects that would be designed later. After dividing the whole strip into approximately equally areas, the site was selected as an intermediate point along the strip with the maximum width and adjacency to the mangroves. The Master plan alternatives was developed, analyzed and assessed according to specific parameters. Alternative 1 Finger Concept Transportation route is merged into the project to give the opportunity to minor roads to derive, and the adjacent projects are linked by the same route. Upon the project considerations, pedestrian friendly site is required. This type of circulation can derive pedestrian ways from it but roads are dense for the projects in the middle. 35
  40. 40. Chapter 2Site Analysis Alternative 2 Radial Concept The roads will reach the nearest point of the project , where the routs are continuously branched until the entrance of the building. It is obvious that the percentage of roads exceeded the limits for a size of such project. As well as, it didn’t meet the project consideration about sustainability in the range of transportation. 36
  41. 41. Chapter 2Site Analysis Alternative 3 One loop Concept This type of circulation is very direct and simple, where one circulation loop is considered for the while project with an entrance and an exit. The roads can stay either as the main loop or minor roads can be branched. There is an ability for different ways of transportation beside the vehicle transportation which will let the user experience the site and live its details. This third alternative was chosen while it relies only on the pedestrian movement and with the minimum road percentage. 37
  42. 42. Chapter 2Site Analysis 38
  43. 43. Chapter 2Site Analysis Master plan Considerations PRT Vehicle Architecture and Control (Masdar City) Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), the solution that provides on-demand, private transit directly from origin to destination. The use of Water Taxi for Transportation Presence of Marina. A landmark will be located at the projected part of the land 39
  44. 44. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Project statement & Goals This project will create completely new integrated resort as a destination for both domestic and international tourists. With Five star hotel, high standard villas and entertainment souk this project will be in line with Qatars development plan that will serve the upcoming expected high demand for such project, as accommodating (2022-2030) will create a high demand on this kind of projects. Also this project is coming to attract visitors from the center of Doha not only Al-Wakrah and Mesaieed. Establish and Maintain the Unique Qatari facilities for the public to promote community, recreational and cultural activities. This project is designed to help visitors to get rid of stress, depression and help them to enjoy a relaxing and quality time. The resort will be create on outstanding residential and entertainment experience to the visitors, and will attract domestic and international tourists. The resort will have a wide variety of leisure and entertainment attraction; also it will offer various dining options, retail shopping and a range of hotel accommodation, spa and indoor and outdoor activities, marina and water activities. In line with the project goals and objectives the users are clearly identified to work on satisfy their need. Where the project is a part of development project for a connection area which will be a link for all type of people with their different needs and level of self- entreating. The different users are:  Local and expats: It will serve the local people and the tourist by having project with three main function that anyone need to relax , entertaining, shopping and gathering. This type of the project will 40
  45. 45. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ attract the people from the region to enjoy the atmosphere of the Marina Park, the Bazar with all services and luxury holiday hotel and Apartments overlooking to the gulf. from the region to enjoy the atmosphere of the Marina Park, the Souk with all services and luxury holiday hotel and Villas overlooking to the gulf. Spatial Data Project wings: Major spaces for the project had been defined as: Resort (Hotel & Apartments): Guests enjoy premium comfort at the hotel. Whether experiencing the deep relaxation of world-renowned spas, dining on the cuisine of five star international restaurants, perusing the bookshops or enjoying the world class gyms, InterContinental Hotels Group will have guests feeling at home, no matter how far from home they are, as they indulge in some of the finest standards of hospitality the world over. Spa Outdoor activities Rooms Park (Marina Park): Place for playing and free exercises and gathering with people and children (outdoor activities area with landscape and integrated with the Bazar and Resort (Apartments & Hotel). 41
  46. 46. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Playground Outdoor cafes  Organizing recreational boat trips to the island were complementary recreational activities and facilities will be introduced.  Integrating off-shore activities in a manner that recalls the cultural meanings associated with fishing and pearl boat trips.  Off-shore celebrations and introducing traditional music and songs. Marina Life Commercial (Bazar): It’s the shopping area with gallery to present the special things and to complete the enjoying and taking relax from walking by sitting in restaurants and cafes integrated with the Bazar and Marina Park to enjoy the natural view. 42
  47. 47. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Bazar Program & Functions Hotel Apartments Bazar Marina Park 43
  48. 48. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ The total area of the land is 64,000 sqm Assigned Net Area 21409 Not Assigned Area 34254.4 Apartments Junior (10 apartments, Ground Floor)= 200 m² Senior (10 apartments, Ground Floor)= 400 m² Apartments Spaces Total Area(m²) Entrance Lobby 6 living area 28 dining room 30 kitchen 25 Toilet and washing Room 11 parents bedroom with (bathroom, sitting area, changing 50 room) Children bedroom with bathroom 30 Terrace 5 Laundry and Ironing room 15 Total Area 200 Junior Apartment 2000 Senior Apartment 4000 44
  49. 49. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Hotel Spaces Total Area(m²) Hall 600 Reception / Registration 200 lounge 35 Adminstration Offices (offices +Toilets+Meeting room) 300 Room Type A (single room) 1960 Room Type B (double room) 3444 Room Type C (suite) 1575 Storage Room 75 Main Kitchen 300 Laundry and Ironing Room 120 Shops 440 Breakfast, Café, Bistro, 160 Fast-Food Restaurant Hotel Restaurant 120 Dining Room 120 Tea Room 160 conference Room 160 Spa +Gym 300 Prayers Room 40 Swimming Pool 525 Total Area 10634 45
  50. 50. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Marina Park Spaces Total Area(m²) ticket kiosk 60 Praying area 700 Service Area…(Toilets, Showering and Changing 250 Rooms) sitting areas 500 Café 120 Food kiosk 240 pond 320 playground pergola 200 playground for teenagers 150 playground for toddlers 300 *Boat Storage Total Area 2840 Commercial (Bazar) Shops 1000 Café 275 restaurant 600 Toilets M/F 60 Total Area 1935 46
  51. 51. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Initial Concept: Arranging the three Functions (masses) in the best way that can give the maximum View to the sea and connecting the outdoor activities with the masses and connecting the three functions with each other by central function or element. Site interpolation 47
  52. 52. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Alternative #1 The three main components of the project which presents the identity of the project as residential commercial and entertain are connected by one main road "nodal concept" that leads to apartments area, hotel and bazar area.  Interim of connectivity, this noodle concept has created a lack of accessibility between the masses.  The location of the hotel has blocked the sea view dos the coming visitors from the main gate, and the outdoor activities area is shared between the villas and the hotel, and between the hotel and the bazar, which has eliminated the privacy, has each mass.  The hotel location has partially blocked the sea view has the villas. 48
  53. 53. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Alternative # 2 In this alternative, the masses are nearer to each others and the commercial area is separated from the residential, the location of the hotel in the center of the project has given better horizon has the apartments area by creating a separate access to the bazar and park , this has improved the accessibility of the whole project.  The hotel and the apartments have a full sea view.  The layout of the entertainment area where the marina park is situated nearer to the sea has created a spacious area pleasant sea view for visitors.  A separate outdoor activities areas have been created for each mass to serve the privacy of these masses, this is due to the better alignment of the masses which has created spaces for outdoor activities. 49
  54. 54. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Alternative # 3 Locating the marina park in the center of the project has created a unique layout and better arrangement of the masses.  The masses are near to each others yet enjoying privacy.  full sea view and garden view can be achieved due to having the bazar with its one high floor building in the center of the project each mass has it private outdoor activities area.  The park is integrated with the bazar and has created connection for other two masses.  The accessibility to the masses is achieved in a very smooth way.  The location of the hotel gives an identity to the project from outside.  This layout has created a marina view that could be accessed from the marina park.  All masses have a maximum sea view.  The hotel and the apartments have a full sea view. 50
  55. 55. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Design Constrains, Imperatives CENTERCULTURAL  Qatari cultural aspects should be addressed clearly. FUNCTIONAL  Based on the bubble diagram, building’s Components should be arranged in a sufficient way to facilitate the building’s vibrancy and to maximize social interactions.  Buildings should consider all type of users including people with special needs. CONTEXTUAL  Building should take advantage of the location and view to the waterfront. CLIMATIC Building’s design should address sustainable design criteria such as:  Orientation: north and south (long axis east-west)  Layout: Compact of estates Materials  Location, number, and size of openings should be considered to avoid energy waste.  Effective climatic modifier concepts like courtyard and liwan should be introduced to encourage the outdoor activities. AESTHETIC  Avoid conflicts with the existing character of the surrounding buildings  Building’s facade should be readable and reflect the function of the building and the goal of the project.  Building’s exterior should address the Qatari architectural and decorative elements. 51
  56. 56. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Vision: revival of old crafts in Qatar and the Arab Gulf, which was a major source of income for the family and the Gulf by providing for the tourist resort of a new type of tourism and activities such as rowing and fishing and pearl diving in addition to the competitions to be provided by the resort using boats. Site location and analysis: Qatar Al Wakra /Mesaieed EZ costal Development area 52
  57. 57. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Developed master plan 53
  58. 58. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Sun path diagram and wind direction Wind direction and humidity Views from the site Zoning with the accessibility to the site 54
  59. 59. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Al-Bateel .….. ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Is one of the boats that were used in Qatar. And was used for travel, fishing and pearl diving. It gives an indication to the past and how the people have tied the desert and sea by traveling, fishing, and then gather in a place of sale, trade to sell their products and from this place they distributed. Concept: (Circulation + movement= Connection point) Based on the land site for the rest of the project and to serve the rest of the projects where the resort is a place of comfort for guests and also a place of entertainment. because the resort located in the middle of the project, the idea came from the way of the distribution of the entrances and exits to and from the project also the way of movement within the project, through the project and outside the project. Also create clear entrance for the visitor through the main entrance of the project or through the sea. 55
  60. 60. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ The Land Cenrtal connection (focal point) Accessibility from the main and The way of arrangement of the function secondary entrances according to the analysis The views from the site and emphrsize The arrangement and the integration the entrance more and linked with the with the sea and landscape focal point area 56
  61. 61. AL-BATEEL GRAND RESORT ‫منتجع البتيل‬ Sustainability Aspects Mashrabiya The wooden screen with open able windows gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun while allowing the cool air from the street to flow through. The designs of the latticework are usually with smaller opening in the bottom part and larger openings in the higher parts, hence causing the draft to be fast above the head and slow in lower parts. This provides a significant amount of air moving in the room without causing it be uncomfortable. The wood itself absorbs the humidity from the air. The projection allows correcting the shapes of the rooms on the upper floors, hence allowing to utilize the entire plot. This also increased the usable space without increasing the plot size. On the street side, in addition to their ornamental advantage, they served to provide enclosure to the street and a stronger human scale. Pattern Language: patterns are used in conjunction with simple, solid surfaces to celebrate inner linings and special elements. Each pattern is derived from a uniquely Qatari emblem; in some cases, taken from history, in some cases from nature, and in some from the immediate history of the site itself. Elevation Concept: The idea was inspired out of a boat sail, then amended in line with organic architecture. The used color :the sandy color of the building gives a harmony and streamlined with the nature 57