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2012 Senior Project 1 Report Presentation - Group Aya-Aysha-Mirna-Rana

2012 Senior Project 1 Report - Group Aya-Aysha-Mirna-Rana

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2012 Senior Project 1 Report Presentation - Group Aya-Aysha-Mirna-Rana

  1. 1. Qatar University College of Engineering Department of Architecture & Urban Planning - DAUPEnvironmentally Sustainable Tourism in Qatar Rania F. Khalil, LEED AP, ULI, APA Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism Qatar University Senior Students 1- Aya Shehada 2- Aysha Gammaz 3- Mirna Ammar 4- Rana Jamous
  2. 2. Senior Students 2011-2012 Class List 1- Reem Al Mohammed 2- Aldana Al SulattiSenior Project 2011-2012 3- Fatima Al ThawadiSupervising Team (Fall 2011) 4- Moza Al-Harami 5- Eman Al-Mahmoud 6- Aisha Al-Sada1- Dr. Rania F. Khalil (P) 7- Moza Al-Sheraim2- Dr. Anna Grichting 8- Meyassar Al_Jayyar3- Dr. Lizmol Mathew4- Dr. Djamel Boussaa 9- Kaltham Alkuwari5- Dr. Djamel Ouahrani 10- Latifa Alkuwari6- Dr. Fodil Fadli 11- Shaikha Alsuwaidi7- Dr. Salim Ferwati 12- Mirna Ammar 13- Hayat Bukshesha 14- Israa El Shawadfy 15- Najla Fakhroo 16- Aysha Gammaz 17- Rana Jamous 18- Manar Maqboul 19- Ayah Shehada
  3. 3. Senior Students 2011-2012 Class ListShaping the Sustainable Built Environment of QatarProject SummaryShaping the sustainable built environment of Qatar is theproject umbrella that hosts three different themes, two ofwhich are dealing with enhancing the quality of life in bothold and new Qatari quarters, and one that deals withbuilding for an environmentally sustainable tourism asfollows:
  4. 4. Theme #1: The Quality Of Life In Old Quarters“The term quality of life is used to evaluate the general well-being of individualsand societies”. ------------ Infill projects is one example of enhancing the quality ofour lives in old quarters --------------------Old quarters might include traditionaland/or existing quarters.Objectives: • Building homes, businesses and public facilities on unused and underutilized lands within existing urban areas. • Keeping resources where people already live , • Allowing rebuilding to occur, • Accommodating growth , and • Redesigning environmentally and socially sustainable communitiesKey words: land conservation, infill projects, upgrading, redevelopment,regeneration, renovation…., etc.Proposed Locations: Souk Waqif and Al-Asmakh area
  5. 5. Theme #2: The Quality Of Life In New Quartersplanning for a sustainable built environment in Qatari new quarters requires afresh consideration of the current problems and available solutions ofenvironmental, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions”.New quarters might include new areas and/or new built environments/projects.Key words: Building, planning, growing, urbanizing, land-use planning, …etc.Proposed Locations West Bay – Al-Dafna Area Villagio - Al-Waab Area
  6. 6. Theme #3: Environmentally Sustainable Tourism“The promotion of sustainable tourism development in Qatar is essential formaximizing its socio-economic benefits and minimizing its environmentalimpact.Objectives: • Maintaining physical heritage in the context of living, • Developing cities; allowing maximum access to available infrastructure, • Creating tourist sites, parks, and other green spaces; • Strengthening the cultural and social viability of local community; • Balancing interests of residents and visitors; • Creating economic viability • Minimizing adverse ecological impacts on sites from transportation, and unsustainable consumption patterns.Proposed Locations Al-Wakra Al-Rayyan Lately replaced by (Al-Wakrah –Mesaieed Rd) and Al-Thakhira Area
  7. 7. Group 1 : Enhancing the quality of life in Doha’s New Quarters – West Bay Dr. Djamel Ouahrani Reem Al Mohammed - Manar Maqboul - Maryam AmeenGroup 2 : Enhancing the quality of life in Doha’s Old Quarters – West Bay Dr. Anna Grichting Moza Al‐Sheraim - Kaltham Alkuwari - Noof Al-MutawaGroup 3 : Enhancing the quality of life in Doha’s New Quarters – Al‐Waab Dr. Fodil Fadli Moza Al‐Harami - Najla Fakhroo - Hayat BuksheshaGroup 4 : Enhancing the quality of life in Doha’s Old Quarters – Souk Waqif Dr. Djamel Boussaa Aldana Al Sulatti - Fatima Al Thawadi - Shaima Al-QattanGroup 5 : Promoting environmentally sustainable tourism in Qatar ‐ Al‐Rayyan Dr. Hussam Salama Eman Al‐Mahmoud - Meyassar Al_Jayyar - Israa El ShawadfyGroup 6 : Promoting environmentally sustainable tourism in Qatar – EZ Coastal Development Dr. S. Ferwati +Dr. R. Khalil Ayah Shehada - Aysha Gammaz - Rana Jamous - Mirna AmmarGroup 7 : Promoting environmentally sustainable tourism in Qatar – Al‐Wakra Dr. Lizmol Mathew Latifa Alkuwari - Shaikha Alsuwaidi - Aisha Al‐Sada
  8. 8. Rania F. Khalil, LEED AP, ULI, APA Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism Qatar University Senior Students 1- Aya Shehada 2- Aysha Gammaz 3- Mirna Ammar 4- Rana JamousEZ Costal Development Al-Wakra - Mesaieed
  9. 9. Rania F. Khalil, LEED AP, ULI, APA Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism Qatar University Senior Students 1- Aya Shehada 2- Aysha Gammaz 3- Mirna Ammar 4- Rana JamousEZ Costal Development Al-Wakra - Mesaieed
  10. 10. Outlines• Introduction• Site Selection & Site Potentials• Case Studies• Master Plan Development• Project Definitions• Program• Conclusion
  11. 11. Introduction• Qatar National Vision (QNV): Qatar Vision Objective - Pillars Outcomes Combination between Education Human Development: and Healthcare for different users. people should be developed to Take Extra care on the wellness of enable them to sustain prosperous users in order to increase their society. productivity. Creating a balance between Qatar intends to be an Social Development: Qatari Culture and Modernism by build a society based on high moral preserving traditions and advanced society able to controlling Globalization standards and able to play an sustain its development and important role in global Develop cities and create effective provides a high standard of development. connections between different living for all people. societies. It seeks to increase the well- being of all Qatari citizens, Economic Development: Linking the project to the strategic continue providing the best competitive and diversified plan of the city. education, healthcare, social economy is an important goal, Education will increase peoples protection and employment meeting the needs of and productivity. maintaining a high standard of living opportunities in a prosperous, for both current and future Tourism can be a great source of stable and secure society. the countrys economy. generations. Environmental Development: creating a harmony between Creating balance in nature economic growth, social through Conservation of resources development and environmental and the use of recycled materials protection that can be achieved and Reservation of ecological through environmental elements. management
  12. 12. Introduction• Tourism vs. Economy, Sociability & Environment Environment impact on Tourism
  13. 13. Why Environmentally SustainableTourism?Tourism, when it is wellmanaged and properly located,should be recognized as apositive activity which haspotential to benefit the hostcommunity, the localenvironment itself and thevisitor alike.Sustainable tourism requires abalance to be struck betweenthe needs of the visitor, theplace and the host community.
  14. 14. How can we have a Sustainable project?1. Transportation, for less CO2 emission2. Use renewable energy3. Increase the green areas4. Use recycled and local materials5. Consider the area climatic conditions6. Maintaining nature, culture and identity7. Modern techniques used for less energy efficiency
  15. 15. Our Goal is to create a magnificent place with four different projectscomplementing each other and the surrounding
  16. 16. Site Selection:
  17. 17. Site Selection & Site Potentials1. Al Rayyan Royal Area Al-Rayyan
  18. 18. Site Selection & Site Potentials2. Al Wakra – Mesaieed (EZ) Economic Zone New Port
  19. 19. Site Location:
  20. 20. Site Potentials and Future Transportation:Natural physical Features: Future Land use: Ecology: Population:
  21. 21. Precedent Studies:
  22. 22. Case Studies• El- Gouna (Egypt)
  23. 23. Cont.: Case Studies• Marassi Mediterranean Marine & Golf Resort (Egypt)
  24. 24. Cont.: Case Studies• Sharq Village & Spa (Qatar)
  25. 25. Cont.: Case Studies• Sharq Village & Spa (Qatar)
  26. 26. Process:
  27. 27. Master Plan DevelopmentFinger master plan Radial Grid plan One Loop plan
  28. 28. Master PlanDevelopment
  29. 29. Projects Definition• Hotel , Commercial & Marina Park• Establish and Maintain the Unique Qatari facilities for the public to promote community, recreational and cultural activities.
  30. 30. Goal: -Revival of the popular sports and crafts and heritage of the country. -The resort will have a wide variety of leisure and entertainment attraction; also it will offer various dining options, retail shopping and a range of hotel accommodation, spa and indoor and outdoor activities, marina and water activities. - Complete the other surrounding projects that create one comprehensive sustainable project. Objectives: Activities: The Hotel:Hotel and Courses teaching the Marina is designed to help visitors to get rid • diving of stress, depression and help them to • Rowing enjoy a relaxing and quality time. • Competition Marina : is designed to be the second • Old crafts project approach and revival the water activities • Sell traditional and handy crafts Souq(BAZAR) Souq: products To integrate the marina • Open sitting areas activities and accommodate • Coffee shops and restaurants the water activities event Social: create a public open area that is fully • Different activities for publics. Park served for residence and other facilities.
  31. 31. Concept Alternatives: N NAlternative 1
  32. 32. Concept Alternatives: N NAlternative 2
  33. 33. Concept Alternatives: N NAlternative 2
  34. 34. Projects Definition• Entertainment Complex: Entertaining complex that gather three functions Hospitality, Cinema complex & Amphitheater and Art Galleries and Temporary Exhibition.
  35. 35. Goal: -Fulfill people needs and will be a target and a destination for the self entertaining. Complete the other surrounding projects that create one comprehensive sustainable project. Objectives: Activities: Hospitality Create a space where people can -Serving food. gather, meet and taste different types - Food shows. of food. Also it will serve the other - Food events. project the surround itAmphitheater - National moves shows. Attract local and tourists, renewable - Water shows. Cinema materials always will available and - Music and international performs. water shows would be the unique and exclusive . Art Galleries Watch and observe beautiful things, - Presenting art. self entertaining weather it is just - Art events. watching or participating - Workshops.
  36. 36. Concept Alternatives: NAlternative 1
  37. 37. Concept Alternatives: NAlternative 2
  38. 38. Concept Alternatives: NAlternative 3
  39. 39. Projects Definition• Cultural Retreat Center (For Alternative Medicine)• “Alternative medicine is any healing practice "that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine“. It is based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence.• Cultural Retreat Center takes the diversity in meditation from several cultures all over the world into one single place, such as, Chinese & Indian Medicine.
  40. 40. Goal: Functional: Validating the use of Alternative medicine among different people in Qatar and outside Qatar through establishing a corporation of Treatment & Education. Environmental: enhance the use of natural resources in meditation; healthier & economical. Social: Create a special area for all doctors and employees to improve their quality of life and enhance their sociability Objectives: Activities: Meditational: Asian Medicine Practice: ( Chinese,RetreatCenter improve the quality of health care in Japanese & Indian Medicine) Qatar through the diversity in Folk Medicine: (Qatari & GCC Folk retreating methods. Medicine). Global Methods of Alternative Medicine. (Mexican Medicine)Education Educational: Courses teaching different types of Center increase people awareness of the Alternative Medicine. importance of Alternative medicine Research Facilities for advanced the encourage them toward the in Alternative Medicine Education. this field. Practice areas for Alternative Medicine practicing Doctors.Employee Social: Two types of residents; apartments and Hostel create a complete served area for villas. residence and other facilities that All possible facilities and services for helps to improve their lives. employees to enhance their quality of life and sociability.
  41. 41. Concept AlternativesAlternative 1
  42. 42. Concept AlternativesAlternative 2
  43. 43. Concept AlternativesAlternative 3
  44. 44. SPORTS center:•Attract tourists from all overthe world in a differentlanguage. Islamic Trio•A sport facility in such areawill revive the area that isusually used as a passage wayfor different users. Equestrian Archery•One more supporting goal iswhat our Prophet Mohamedasked us to do, “ teach yourchildren swimming, shootingand horseback riding”. Swimming
  45. 45. Goal: “ Energizing the area with different types of SPORTS that are applicable for different ages and nationalities by a project design that simulates the future sports structures. People should Experience the site by different types of atmospheres, indoor, outdoor and semi- outdoor facilities. Pedestrian is the main transportation method in the project that will encourage the user to interact with the building. The sea front is merged in a direct and indirect way with the project facilities that shows and endless clear view as if the project is extended to the horizon. Objectives: Activities: Creating an academy that provides Physical education depends on different sports classes from different different learning methods, such as: PE regions will encourage local and •Theoretical learning international visitors to learn and •Practical learning exercise the sport they are interested •Re-searches in. •Interacting with animals & instruments. Swimming is an enjoyable sport Having a multi-purpose arena,Aquaticfacility that can be practiced for fun or for mainly for horseback riding will act athletics purposes, for the comfort as the heart of the project where and mind clearing it provides. It is different sports events and one of the sports that all ages, genders performances can be held in will be and physical situations can practice it. occupied by large number of spectators. A multi-purpose arena is aEquestrian potential point for many athletes and A variety of water sports and entertainment activities will be held Arena sport lovers that are waiting to attend the professional international that help to shape the body and keep it performances will be held in the fit especially females where dancing arena. classes and gymnastics are provided.
  46. 46. Concept AlternativesAlternative 1
  47. 47. Concept AlternativesAlternative 2
  48. 48. Concept AlternativesAlternative 3
  49. 49. Conclusion • Where are we now? • What are our plans?
  50. 50. Many thanks to …• DAUP … Headed by Dr. Ashraf Salama• Our Supervisors: Dr. Rania Khalil & Dr. Salim Thanks For Listening Ferwati• UPDA … Mr. Al –Sheeb