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Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
Y! Magazine May-June 2010
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Y! Magazine May-June 2010


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Y! Magazine May-June 2010

  1. 1. Is There a KKDN No.: PP16195/12/2010 Perfect Job? Hospitality with KBU MMU’s Career Ma y 2010 GuideJustin Bieber Freebies Look Fab This Summer Lounging With The Lads
  2. 2. Editor’s Note Jointly organized by KBU International College & Y! Magazine I’m not going to lie, yes – the heat is driving me crazy! Going about my daily activities – work, running errands, finding a parking spot in the hot midday sun has proven to be tough when I’m sweating buckets! At home, I take a shower before I go to bed every night, but even before my hair can dry, I can already The one marathon that feel the new beads of perspiration forming on my forehead and back. It’s disgusting I tell you! Then again, our Western counterparts call this the summer holidays and many enjoy the warm and sunny you need not run to win! outdoors, indulging in a myriad of activities. And because the heat has been mad, we trust that you will enjoy the 2-week long school holidays coming up in June. Do check out Your Guide To A Malaysian School Holiday (pg 25)! And just because the weather isn’t being nice, all the more reason to beat it and Look Fabulous This Summer (pg32). Coming to you this December 2010! On a more serious note, in this issue of Edu Zone, we talk about Your Route To Medicine in Russia (pg 13), Hospitality & Tourism Management (pg 14) and The Smarts Students Guide To Getting a Dream Job (pg 16). The month of May sees Malaysia’s largest youth festival happening in town. Youth ’10, held for the third time running will be held in PWTC this year, from 28-30 May. With Music, Sports, Dance, Discovery and Shopping, Be recognized as the TOP IQ TALENT in the country and win a mark your calendars and come be a part of this exciting weekend! FULL SCHOLARSHIP* for a UK DEGREE PROGRAMME and other attractive prizes! Y! Magazine, being one of the official media for Youth ’10, had our resident writer Sharmini H. catching up with the two lads behind YouthAsia (the organizer of Youth ’10), in Lounging With The Lads (pg 6). This issue’s College Oomph (pg 18) features the underdog sports of dodgeball as the Malaysian Association of Dodgeball (MAD) storms colleges and communities with much gusto. Check out our new blog to win some movies passes and we’re giving away some CDs to Justin Bieber and Zee 3 Whassup Avi fans. Write to us to win! In this issue, I’d also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my parents as we celebrate Mother’s Day in 5 Happenin’ May, and Father’s Day in June. To mom and dad – if you’re reading this – there are no words which can ever express how much you mean to me. And because I know I will never be able to repay all that you’ve done for 6 Cover Story us kids, I just want to tell you that I love you both! 10 Job Jump 13 Edu Zone And because we all love our parents to bits, check out some interesting facts in our special Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Feature (pg 26). The inaugural IQ Marathon: The Battle for Scholarship held in December 2009 was a raving success for organizers, sponsors and participants. Providing Cheers, Doreen 18 College Oomph a good platform for students to test their wits in a challenging and fun envi- ronment that would stimulate their creative and critical thinking skills, the 20 Edu Aid Marathon enabled all SPM students to participate in a rewarding and fun ac- tivity after the examinations. 25 Holiday Feature 342 students from 132 schools nationwide participated in the event, and stu- dents came from institutions that included fully residential schools, interna- 26 Mother’s Day & tional schools, MARA Junior Colleges, etc. The competition secretariat had Father’s Day special also recorded participants coming from all 13 states in the country! To be held for the second year running, IQ Marathon 2010 will be back 28 Music Review again in December whilst maintaining the tagline “The one marathon that you need not run to win”. 30 Movie Reviews 32 Product Review For advertising & sponsorship opportunities, Please call Y! Magazine at 03-7726 0453 or email us at 1 *The full scholarship is for a franchised UK degree programme conducted at KBU International College. Terms and conditions apply.
  3. 3. Contributors whassup MAY 2010 See Hoon Peow is trained in Law and Sociology & Anthropology. But his real passion is in Philosophy. Hoon Peow built his career in education, General Management General Manager Kristine Williams 1-2 Carrying on their tradition, MaseanBallet 18Marketplace of Creative Arts at the KLCC & Dance Academy together with City Arts The World Islamic Economic Forum presents and is now Principal to KBU International College. Thinking and writing are his Academy & Baletto are proud to present a full- Convention Centre. Admission is free! Visit Editorial length neo-classical ballet production of Romeo for info. hobbies. He thinks, therefore he writes. Editor Doreen Loo & Juliet. For more information, please visit www. Writer Sharmini H. Contributors See Hoon Peow 21-22 SevenCollar T-Shirt rocks KLPAC in Stephen Ronee Lau 5 BLUE Wednesday#6(afeaturingof bi-monthly series conjunction with the release of their new album, The Great Battle. Backed by stunning visuals and Sales & Advertising music performances) Tenderfist and intense noise, this is one finale that will blow you Stephen Ronee Lau is a professional creative consultant, author and Manager Terence Chin Jerome Kugan. Admission is free! to bits. Visit for info. Check out presenter of his own mindset development and training programs. Confident 7-9 The 100-Words Project by the T4YP 27 Prince of Persia opens in cinemas Marketing, Circulation & Subscription that our mindsets are the foundation of everything we do, he believes that Manager Sharmini H. nationwide! everyone can be trained or coached towards achieving satisfaction in life, Administration & Accounts Ensemble presents scenes and monologues especially in careers and personal development. 100-words to say his or her piece. How much can 28 Wesak Day, celebrated by Buddhists, where each performer has exactly only Manager Ally Pua you say with only a 100-words? More than you is considered the holiest day in the Buddhist If you like to know more about his mindset development programs, he would Art Direction & Design think. Calendar. It marks the birth, enlightenment and love to hear from you via email at or read Raymond Yap Visit for info. final passing away of the Buddha. his free self development topics at Printer Graphic Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd. 1-2 Jalan Tanming 5, 8 Staedtler presents World Kids Colouring Day Y! Magazine can Taman Tanming Jaya 2010 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. For more info, 43300 Balakong visit Selangor. my be reached online, and we welcome your feedback Publisher Descartes Education Counselling Centre Sdn Bhd 9 Happy Mother’s Day! and letters to the editor. (76928-U) 57A. Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama. 16 Megan Fox turns 24 today 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Check out our blog at http://ymagazineonline. Tel: 03-7726 0453 for updates and contests. You can Fax: 03-7727 0451 also download and view current and past issues of Email: the magazine here. Distribuvtion 16 7-9 Free copies to schools, colleges and universities Do email your letters to the editor to nationwide and if you are on Facebook, Subscription we look forward to you joining the Y! Magazine Get it delivered to your doorstep for RM8 per copy. Facebook group! Disclaimer All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the written permission of Y!. The publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in advertisements, articles, photographs or illustrations. All advertisements, articles, photographs or illustrations are respectively the advertisers’, writers’, photographers’ and illustrators’ personal 27 18 8 observation and view, and does not reflect Y!’s opinion. All prices are correct at time of going to press. Official Media Partner for TUC AIESEC TUC (Taylor’s University College) 28 21-22 9 2 3
  4. 4. whassup Happenin’ KDU Now Offers Diploma in Golf Resort Management In today’s time, there is no doubt of the increase of popularity in golfing. Thus, in line with this, 25-27 there is a growing need in the industry for golf 3 17 management. However, where does one further their education in something as niche as sports? With the lack of choice, students who wanted to venture into this industry had to continue their higher education abroad. KDU College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) noted this point, and in collaboration with Saujana Golf & Country Club as well as working with the assistance of La Trobe University, Australia, developed the Diploma in modules taught by both SHTCA and Saujana, at 9 18-20 5-20 Golf Resort Management. the college as well as the golf resort. As this is the only golf resort management The 2 year programme, which is the first and only programme in Malaysia, it is a good start for those of its kind in Malaysia, will ensure that students who want to work in the golf resort industry and attain academic and industry knowledge as manage golf courses. Not only that, students will it bridges theory and practice concurrently. also get to experience their industrial training at Working in tandem with Saujana Golf & Country Saujana Golf & Country Club, rated 100 Best Golf Club, the school will introduce a programme with Resorts in the World. 10-19 20 Interact Charity Concert Back Bigger and Better The 11th Charity Concert was organized the event worked on the concept that what by the Interact Coordinating Committee youths do today affects the future and positive JUNE 2010 of Petaling Jaya (ICCPJ), who are strongly supported by the Rotary Club of PJ. This energy, like in Interact, is indeed capable of pushing the limits of youth action. organization involves some 500 Interactors 3 23rd birthday. Rafael Nadal celebrates 12-13 forOur favourite arts the Annexe his Tennis powerhouse bazaar – Arts Grabs - is back at and crafts from the six participating Interact Clubs, namely SMK Assunta, SMK La Salle, SMK Sultan The concert was a talent show that has unearthed mind-blowing performances, Gallery, Central Market. For info, visit www. Abdul Samad, SMK (P) Sri Aman, SMK (L) Bukit altogether amplifying the hype of the concert. Bintang and SMK Catholic High. The raw talents were from the six schools 5-20 Enjoy the mid-term school holidays! and were categorized into Modern Dance, 11 17 Toys Story 3 hits cinemas nationwide. Along the fundraising aim of the concert, Cultural Dance and Singing. Some pieces were 9 Everyone’sbirthday today! Johnny Depp favourite pirate, almost RM35000 was raised! Most of the outstandingly creative and well-executed; celebrates his 18-20 Seriesmuch awaited in Sepang. Championship The (JGTC) arrives Japan GT proceeds were channeled to the Golden Child Project that supports kids with cancer; as well quickly becoming the crowd’s favourites judging from their deafening cheers. Kudos 10-19 Sukan Malaysia XIII, Melaka 2010. Visit for info. Visit for schedules. as the National Autistic Society of Malaysia. The rest was divided among the six clubs for to the winners who walked away with cash prizes: Pop Royalty for modern dance, Herman 20 Happy Father’s Day! their community service projects. Indeed, the & Khairul for singing and Samad’s Tarian Zapin 11tidur bola!ready to makan bola, minumoff in Get bola Interact’s Spirit of “Service Above Self” was upheld! for Cultural Dance! and South Africa. 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks 25-27 Pet World Malaysia 2010 at Midvalley Exhibition Centre Also present were local personalities Rina Omar, Themed “Frequency; The Future is Listening,” Liang, Annatasha, Kraft, Sam CF and Disagree. 4 5
  5. 5. Cover Story Cover Story Lounging With The Lads Tell us about your background/school experience and how it has brought you here. JN: Up till Form 2, my life has been pretty boring. I spent most of my time studying, and trying to get awards - book awards, best student of the year, best What is your top memory from video of it if you Google for “Russian bear wrestling”. student in particular subjects. Coming from a family secondary school? It was at that point I realized I could achieve JN: I was elected as the Sports Captain of the Green anything in life. background of two educators (my mother was House at form 5. It was quite exciting; I recall running a teacher, and my father a lecturer) - studies was the 800m race, winning the medal and contributed What has been your greatest failure, pretty much the strongest emphasis in my life. Form a significant amount of points to the house. and what did you learn from it? 3 onwards I wanted to do things I liked, and found KL: I once dropped a sausage on the ground. JN: I spent a few years of my life thinking that life my passion in sports. I played volleyball, squash, When I picked it up, my friend grabbed it from me is a race, where you rush through phases in life tennis, football. I had a great few years doing that. super fast, ninja style, putting it into his mouth, not to reach the end. I have since learned that life is KL: I was born naked, toothless, bald and severely knowing the sausage had been rolling with sandy actually a journey where you need to pace yourself confused. Eventually I grew a diverse set of interests, stuff. There he was, laughing at me with his lumpy, and take one step at a time. There are important and a hunger for exploring them. In primary school gross cheeks. things in life which you need to focus on - like it was catching and studying insects, Lego, and friendship, and building other people to see them English literature. In secondary school it was fitness, web & graphic design, British music, playing the What accomplishment are you the grow. guitar and drums. In college it was art, outdoor most proud of in your life so far? KL: For me, I’m fortunate to have led a normal, happy life. I attract a mix of experiences, people, In a bare-it-all session, Sharmini H. got the lads from YouthAsia, JN: Being able to lead this entrepreneurship journey adventure, philosophy, business, economics, & and to do what I’m doing now. opportunities, challenges, and the sort. And each Joel Neoh (JN) and Ng KhaiLee (KL) to share with us tales from their Web2.0. This led me to friends from all walks of bit good or bad has been a lesson for me one way KL: I was on a beach wrestling with a hairy man five schooling years, the success of their company, and their desired life, and a hunger to explore more. Armed with a times my size. Big guy, I tell you. Like a bear. As he or the other. superhero power. business degree, an addiction to the internet, and was throwing me down into my death, I tripped him nothing to lose, what else could I do next? Do what and I fell on him instead! There is even a YouTube I do now, of course! 6 7
  6. 6. Cover Story If you had a choice of 3 items to take How has YouthAsia grown so far? What advice would you give budding with you to a deserted island, what JN: Youth Asia has organized Malaysia’s Largest young entrepreneurs? would it be? Youth Festival twice. We have also co-organized JN: Surround yourself with a team of good people. JN: I would bring the 3 most important people in Youth Engagement Summit 2009 which brought Don’t worry about wasting time. Worry about my life instead :) 500 SEA youths into the country for the Summit. wasting energy. When you have energy, time flies. KL: My positive attitude gun, my resourcefulness We’ve executed winning youth campaigns for When you don’t, time crawls. hat, and my unshakable confidence underwear. our clients online and on-ground. To-date, our KL: Have fun, keep learning, and keep it real. community has a span of over 250,000 youths in What do you like to do for fun? Southeast Asia JN: Meeting and spending time with fun and like- KL: We’re at the early stages. From 4 people and minded people. one idea, we now have a profitable youth research KL: I admit, work, mostly. When you are completely business, social advertising business, a well-known in love with what you’re doing, nothing else can annual youth festival (the largest in Malaysia), and be more fun. And then I make time for reading, of course, a buzzing community of young people learning, laughing, dancing, friends, and hanging who get paid in cash and prizes for contributing out with my parents. at . We also have 16 full time staff from across ASEAN. But as I mentioned, we’re If you could choose one superhero at the early stages. There is tremendous room for power, what would it be? growth. JN: Time traveling KL: Dragon punch. I have seen many colorful Where do you see YouthAsia in the people in arcade machines do it, their deltoids are future? How will it impact today’s well defined. I may develop defined deltoids if I can Youth? do the dragon punch. JN: Youth Asia will continue to realize businesses and ideas which believe in the potential of today’s Either living or dead, who has proven youths. :) to be a good leader in your eyes? KL: We see the energy and ideas of millions Why? of youths channeled into a force of change JN: The late Mr. Chan, a mentor and friend who’ve and economic growth for the country. It’s passed away a year ago. He truly believed in young already happening. In the last month, via www. people in our country. He believed in us. alone, youths have raised massive KL: Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind Dilbert. awareness for over 28 NGO campaigns and helped He will be one of the few thought leaders in the multiple businesses shape their products and new renaissance if there’s going to be one. Google communications to serve youths better. There’s him, you’ll soon be blinded by his brilliance and more to come. alternative thought. Not sure if he has led anything but I am one of his followers for sure. And then I If it were up to you, what change believe in the power of President Obama’s rhetoric. would you make in our local secondary schools? How did you start YouthAsia? What JN: Add more emphasis in out-of-classroom skills made you choose this path? through fun activities for youths. Education does JN: I started off with my first business venture not stop at books :) in advertising and promotions, which dealt KL: There must be one compulsory subject, mainly with young promoters. Realizing a huge called DISCOVERY, where every student must potential in the youths, we kickstarted a few youth go and choose a key area of interest, and over a programmes, such as Gegar U! Colours of Our course of a year, teach the class about it. Imagine Nation and YOUTH’08. Together with Khailee, we one classroom, say 40 students, that’s 40 diverse started, the online youth rewards subjects / interests. Multiply that across tens of platform. thousands of schools across country. Now you’re KL: Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt has a quote. “The looking at hint of an organic, evolving, involving Internet is the first thing that humanity has built kind of education, and what may be the seeds of that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest innovation for our country. experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” Guess what. Asia has a majority youth population. What are the daily challenges you And we are embracing the internet thing like crazy. face as a young entrepreneur? Something tells me, some things are going to JN: Multitasking & juggling between tasks. Finding change. This excites me to no end, and Youth Asia time for thousands of things to do in a day is an amazing vehicle to be involved with youths, KL: Complementing all my energy with focus, the internet, and to explore life with. This is why discipline, patience. Things I heard you will know this is my path. about once you’ve grown up. But I’ve been getting better at it! Promise! 8
  7. 7. Job Jump Job Jump Is there a Finding your purpose in life • In what environment do you of time off? And of course, no one to boss you around? Well, the truth is, such kind of perfect feel comfortable/natural Perfect Find out what you want and why you want it. By job does not exist. discovering the answers to these questions, you to you? A job may be perfect to one but not to another. A are a step closer to knowing more about your • Ideal work environment that would be perfect job is not about enjoyment. It is one that purpose in life. The purpose is not a goal that you conducive for you to express your true talents mirrors perfectly the person who holds it. You can can reach, but a direction that sets the course of and passions find, invent or create that perfect job for yourself your life. Without a sense of purpose, it is like a Put all these together and envision the future by working a process that links who you are with ship without a rudder in the middle of the deep and plan your first step now. Making a living is what you do. The process will provide guidelines Job? sea - lost and out of control. one thing, but making a lifestyle rich in purpose by SC Chen to develop a clarity of your talents, passions and value - looking inside you and discovering what So, how do you discover your purpose? is another. Once you discover your purpose, it is Sometimes, it takes a crisis to rethink about your easier for you to choose your real priorities and Article courtesy of you do best, what you are interested in and the direction in life and it may take some time to find know what you are doing with your life. type of working environment that supports what it. Some simple questions which can help you to you care about your work. Combine all these discover your purpose are: I leave you with this quote from Edward three criteria to develop a clear vision of the kind Carpenter: “What is the good in life if its chief of work that connects who you are to what you • What are my talents? element, and that which must always be its chief do. • Skills that you enjoy expressing element, is odious? No, the only true economy is • Abilities that come naturally and that which to arrange so that your daily labour shall be itself In this perfect job, you are applying your talents you have been doing effortlessly a joy.” to an interest you are passionate about, in an environment that fits who you are and what • What are you passionate you value. Take a look at the people who are about? passionate about their work, for example, our • Activities which reflect deep and consistent Prime Minister. He is energised by his work, truly interests passionate about it and always with his people at • Issues which you would love to be more large. He is perfect for the job! As you can relate, a involved in perfect job is not a standard of living. It is a state of mind and a state of being. It is a lifestyle rich with a purpose. Do you wonder whether there is a better work emerging work realities that cost us our jobs and elsewhere. That mythical Perfect Job is out there life for you? As sociologist Max Weber put it, our turn our lives upside-down. People are unsure of somewhere - but do we know what is it or how modern dilemma is “Do we work to live or live their organisation’s plans. They fear layoffs and do we get it? to work?” the global competition, wary of the unsettled The scenario of work life has changed much in economy and unclear of their future. People Most of the time, people settle for work that the past years with the unpredictable economic feel that the work they used to love has become makes them mildly miserable day after day, times. With much restructuring in organisations drudgery. In the case of layoffs, they are doing month after month, and year after year. When -- big or small -- employees at all levels do not twice as much as they were before but enjoying they feel frustrated and burnt out, they bury their know where they belong anymore. Or, if they half as much. They are constantly frustrated, fear and their minds rationalise: “Hey, this is living! belong at all! burnt out and fed up. But they are reluctant to What can you expect these days?” Put it another talk to their management about these issues way, drudgery is okay as long as it pays. Is it true? People are becoming disillusioned with not because these days, they feel lucky just to have being able to relate to their work and the a job. But they also talk about finding another What then is your perception of intensity is growing more than ever. Historically, job that they can do with their talents. In the a perfect job? we assume that organisations will take care of us. meantime, they continue to feel trapped in the Is it a big salary with a cosy office all for yourself Unfortunately, some may have come to face the job they have and have no idea where to look with unlimited travels to exotic places and lots 10 11
  8. 8. Edu Zone Edu Zone Your Route to Medicine in Russia Edu Zone YOUR COMPLETE EDUCATION GUIDE Interested to study medicine? Looking for and RRSB also provides a minimum of 90 hours of in Russia is probably the most attractive option for something more affordable yet of high standards? language training, prior to the student’s departure students aspiring to become doctors. to make them better equipped. Russia is home to some of the world’s finest For example, at both Volgograd and Nizhny universities and institutions that have earned the As the pioneer in providing medical education Novgorod, the total tuition for a six-year program acclaim of many international bodies including in Russia, RRSB represents three Russian medical is only RM120,000 inclusive of hostel. A student’s UNESCO and the World Health Organisation. universities which are fully recognized by the monthly living expense averages about RM1,000 Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and per month. There, students studying for a medical degree Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), namely: undergo a number of internal tests and The intake for September/October 2010 is open examinations which are strictly formulated by the 1) Moscow Medical Academy (MMA), founded in for Pre-medical course using SPM/GCE ‘O’ level institutions to meet the exacting demands of the 1758. and 1st year course using STPM, A-Levels, SAM, field of study. 2) Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy Matriculation, UEC and equivalent certifications. (NNSMA), founded in 1920 Students will also have to undertake two state 3) Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU), Applications for all medical universities are currently examinations, each academic year. in January and founded in 1935. in progress. June, which help maintain standards to ensure top ranking graduates. All are ranked amongst the top 10 medical Please contact: universities in Russia. Penang: 04-2260127 (Mr. Ng) This is where RUSSIAN Resources Sdn Bhd (RRSB) Kuala Lumpur: 03-2171-1226 (Mr. Guru) or plays a role by assisting private and government– Intakes of students are in strict compliance to the e-mail to funded students to study in Russia since its qualifications set by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher or visit at inception in 1996. Education. The numbers of seats are restrictive and based on full qualification compliance. This is to They provide professional student counseling and ensure that the teacher-student ratio is maintained Representatives: placement services, including application, obtaining at its optimum and students have full access to all Johore: 019-7776474/013-7061008, a Non-Objection Certificate, visa processing, travel facilities and tutorials. Sabah: 088-253973/019-8628567, and hostel accommodation. Sarawak: 082-575786/019-8883388 With the present high exchange rate for the Euro, 12 The degree programs are conducted in English British and Australian currencies, studying medicine 13
  9. 9. Edu Zone KBU Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management fulfilling the needs of one of the ten hottest industries (from left) Catering & Event Management lecturer Muhammad Syukri Hussin, students Long Poh Poh, Liang Chun Yik, Culinary Arts lecturer Noor Hisham, Tee Chong Choon, Tan Hwee Neng and course coordinator Koay Ying Jun. The hotel industry which has been an important front office mock room, a housekeeping mock and Tan Hwee Neng working as receptionists in part of travelers’ lives, has since evolved with room and a training kitchen in the campus for the headquarters of the hotel and handled room the era. Today, the hotel industry is one of students to gain hands-on experience; plus a records. the ten hottest industries in the world thus 12-month work placement in a hotel, restaurant, providing great career prospects. Because of travel agency or corporate company for students All four students feel that work placement is the huge demand of human capital worldwide, to have a feel of real work experience. a good way to explore the fields that they are the hospitality and tourism management interested in so that they make better decisions programme is one of the most popular choices. Muhammad Syukri Hussin, a lecturer of regarding their career paths after graduation. Hospitality & Tourism Management explains If you enjoy meeting people, have an open that the students get to learn the traffic flow in Culinary Arts lecturer, Chef Noor Hisham advises mind and willing to learn as you work, your a restaurant, including table arrangement, menu that graduates who can apply the foundation career prospect would be even brighter than recommendation and ushering in a practical of food preparation and cooking experiences students from professional courses. Best of all, it restaurant setting. in real life, and have the right attitude to learn, would be a financially rewarding career after an could be a great cook one day, besides working accumulation of a few years of experience. Graduating student, Liang Chun Yik agreed that in hotels or restaurants. work placement in a hotel exposed him to the KBU’s Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism hotel’s operations. What he learned on campus After graduation, students can choose to pursue Management stresses on multi-skill training, and is applicable in the training of various areas further in BA (Hons) Business management and advocates small group lecturing and practical including room reservation, accounting, table BA (Hons) Marketing, the UK degree programmes learning besides the foundation theory about services at the Chinese, Western and Japanese in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University. hotel management. Through this diploma restaurants. programme, students are exposed to five key For further details, please contact: elements: hospitality management, food and During work placement, Tee Chong Choon had KBU International College, catering services, travel and leisure management, worked as a doorman and receptionist besides Bandar Utama, at Tel: 03-77273200 or business management and marketing. servicing at a restaurant. He had a good chance Fax: 03-77272733 or email: to learn how to communicate effectively with the my or visit our website: On top of that, there is a practical restaurant, a customers. Other experiences had Long Poh Poh 14
  10. 10. Edu Zone The 1st step to creativity: The Smart Student’s Guide to Getting A Dream Job (from left) Czaneil Johnson from IBM, Debbie Chan from Shell, Puteri Azureen Zulaikha from Accenture. A major obstacle in a student’s life is most participated in MMU’s Career Fair to connect many courses that are relevant to us.” definitely securing a job following graduation. with top quality graduates. MMU is also considered an important talent One solution is to circumvent the problem “People are our biggest assets,” says Azureen. pool by business giant IBM. “We have identified a altogether and take a holistic view of the “Let’s say we have a student from an engineering number of growth markets,” says Czaneil Johnson, 2010e learning process and the job hunt. At Multimedia background. We are not an engineering firm, Sourcing Lead for IBM Malaysia. Czaneil also intak y / June University (MMU), this approach has brought but if they’re looking for something more commented on the success of MMU graduates tremendous benefit to MMU students and challenging, trying to explore beyond their in IBM. “We did a historical research, and what we Januar ober graduates. comfort zone, they can apply for the graduate found was that the majority of members of our Oc t consultant programme.” accountants and financial teams are from MMU. This is best exemplified by MMU’s Career Fair, the Accenture has 177,000 employees worldwide. MMU has a large presence in IBM.” latest instalment of which was held from 2nd “We’re very selective. In Malaysia, we participate At Multimedia University (MMU) you’ll be guaran- till 4th February 2010. Held at MMU’s Cyberjaya in career fairs of only three universities. MMU is “We have a list of top universities, Tier 1 and Tier teed the nest academic education and professional campus, the Fair provided an opportunity for one of them.” 2,” Czaneil adds. “MMU is in Tier 1.” guidance to achieve outstanding success. Come and MMU students to make their presence known begin your career with us. to recruiters. Compared to other career fairs Another repeat participant is Shell. Debbie Chan, Considering such feedback gained during which target graduates instead, the MMU Career Shell’s Campus Marketing Advisor, says, “We have MMU’s 2010 Career Fair, it is evident that, as a Fair gives MMU students a head start very few been doing this for many years. In the past, we student of MMU, combining studies and career CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY • COMPUTER SCIENCE Malaysian students would ever experience. have hired many MMU students, and since we in a holistic view is a very realistic and profitable FINANCE • ACCOUNTING • BUSINESS • LAW • LIFE SCIENCES are located right here in Cyberjaya, it makes proposition. Choosing MMU truly translates into ELECTRICAL • ELECTRONICS • MECHANICAL • TELECOMMUNICATIONS The Career Fair drew more than forty participating sense for us to hire top graduates from MMU.” unique advantages. companies, many of them global heavyweights Debbie says, “Graduates are very important to such as DHL, Shell, Accenture, IBM, Ernst & Young, the company. They will be the leaders of Shell. Candidates are invited to apply to MMU URL SMS Type MMUFORM and E M Ms Wong / 013 380 8844 send to 019-577 7000 Ms Musfiza / 013 610 3132 CIMB, Dell, Measat, PricewaterhouseCoopers, So our graduates’ recruitment is a very important for the June 2010 intake in the fields of Mr Azlan / 013 630 6455 and HSBC. pipeline into the company.” Engineering, Information Technology, Mdm Nalini / 013 613 3144 On the success of the firm’s recruitment drives at Business, Management, Law, Bio-Medical FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, “We are trying to recruit graduates and interns, MMU, she comments, “Over a number of years, Sciences and Creative Multimedia. VISIT OUR COUNSELLORS AT : from all types of academic backgrounds because we have recruited many graduates from MMU. Cyberjaya Campus: MMU has some fantastic graduates,” says Puteri In fact, many of our staff in the Cyberjaya office For more information, contact 013-6264493 Info Centre - Ground Floor, The Chancellery, Multimedia University, Persiaran Multimedia, 63100 Azureen Zulaikha of Accenture. Probably the are from MMU. We keep coming back not only (Mdm Hamiza), 013-6133144 (Mdm Nalini), or Cyberjaya (KP/JPS/DFT/US/BO1) Tel: 603 8312 5018 largest consulting firm in the world, Accenture because our office is in Cyberjaya, but MMU has 013-6306458 (Mdm Tan). Melaka Campus: 16 Admission O ce - Multimedia University, Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama, 75450 Bukit Beruang, Melaka (KP/JPS/DFT/US/MO1) Tel: 606 252 3411
  11. 11. College Oomph College Oomph A HEALTHY CoMMUNITIeS BUzzING WITH TIe-UP DODGEbALL The Malaysian Association of Dodgeball joins forces with Taylor’s University College and Figos Sports to promote the sport of dodgeball. In an effort to take Malaysian dodgeball to partner in further growing the sport of dodgeball greater heights and promote the exciting in Malaysia by organising tournaments. game to the masses, the Malaysia Association of Dodgeball (MAD) officially teamed up with “Dodgeball used to be a small, underdog Taylor’s University College Hyenas Dodgeball sports several years ago, but it is now gaining Club and Figos Sports Sdn. Bhd. more attention and being played by both the young and old. Today marks another significant In the words of Julius Caesar, “We came, Working alongside the Rukun Tetangga from People have often asked, “So, does this Honor The announcement of the partnership between milestone for MAD as we strive towards making we saw, we conquered”, and that is exactly all states in Peninsular Malaysia, we can proudly System work?” It sure does and having seen it MAD and Taylor’s Hyenas – the first dodgeball dodgeball a high performance sport in the what dodgeballers are doing. The sport took say that 1Malaysia has become a reality through work during the Eastern Zone Championship in club from a private institution of higher learning competitive world of sports together with Hyenas is now officially affiliated to MAD! (from left) Mr. campuses by storm when it first started out less MAD’s dodgeball events as participation hails Kuala Terengganu was truly amazing. We were Murali; Taylor’s University College Director of Sports & to be officially affiliated with MAD – and the Taylor’s Hyenas and Figos Sports,” said MAD than two years ago, but today, MAD (Malaysia from all walks of life! Each competing club has totally blown away by a Pahang dodgeball club Recreation, Chua Yong Jian; President of Hyenas Club, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing President Datuk Samson Maman. Ramona Yuen; Deputy President of Malaysian Association Association of Dodgeball) is also spearheading a huge support from the community which known as the Rompin Warriors by their sheer Ceremony between MAD and Figos Sports took of Dodgeball, and Hj. Kamarulzaman Hasan bin Mansor the local community sports scene with the comprises of an official club spokesperson, honesty and brilliant sportsmanship. At times place at a press conference held at the Taylor’s According to Ms. Angela Pok, Taylor’s University from Jabatan Belia & Sukan Negara. Community Dodgeball Championship JPNIN- a club blogger to write about the team, and when I was walking around taking photos of Lakeside Campus. College Director of Student Experience, the CIMB 2010. ‘cheerleaders’ made up of an awesome mix of the game, I was not sure whether a player got recognition from MAD is a wonderful reward for people using instruments and recycled items to hit because dodgeball is a fast paced game. But The affiliation signifies the involvement of the Hyenas Dodgeball Club and its members. As a dodgeballer and a member of MAD, being create noise and fanfare as show of support. when it came to the Warriors, they will own up Hyenas with MAD to reach out to communities part of MAD’s ground crew for this Community and walk off the court! not only to promote the holistic sport of “From winning international tournaments and Dodgeball Championship was life changing. We have completed three Zone Championships dodgeball, but also to instill values of integrity, growing its membership base from 12 to over Living up to MAD’s philosophy of ‘Connecting – Central, Southern and Eastern Zones and we Throughout the whole championship, we unity and teamwork. The MoU establishes Figos 200, the Club has come a long way since its Individuals to Communities”, as students, we will embark duly on the last zone which is the have seen honesty, teamwork, and multi-racial Sports as MAD’s official sports brand, as well as establishment in 2008,” said Pok. realized that there is so much to be gained by Northern Zone. Top two clubs from each zone harmony being demonstrated through sports. being connected positively to people from all would then proceed to the National Finals which There are no segregation, no colonies, no walks of life and how selflessness is often missing will take place in Melaka on the 22nd of May discrimination, just pure people relationship and in today’s race for success. 2010 in conjunction with Minggu Perpaduan individuals connecting with their communities. and of course dodgeball is the highlight as it is With a common aim to foster unity and harmony the epitome of unity. O Hui Lei is a Mass Communications student within communities, the Jabatan Perpaduan at UCSI and also a dodgeballer and MAD Negara & Integrasi Negara joined forces with Lastly, this writer would like to share with all member. MAD to jointly organize this Community of you out there is that integrity, honesty and Championship together with CIMB Foundation sportsmanship play important roles in the game as the main sponsor. Other partners in making of dodgeball so much so that there is a system this championship a success also include Figos, called the Honour System which is atypical Mr. Tang Kok Wai, Managing Director of Figos Sports Sdn. Ramona is happy with official MAD balls from Figos Sports. Hyenas of Taylor’s University College cheering on MAD and Panasonic, Revive, Giant, Masterskill University for dodgeball worldwide. Points are given and Bhd. and Ramona Yuen of MAD sign the Memorandum of Figos Sports. College the official paramedic team and Kosmo, taken away depending on the player’s integrity, Understanding. the official media. honesty and sportsmanship shown during a game. 18 19