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FusionIO iodrive2 vs LSI nytro vs VIRI Flashmax II


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Published in: Technology
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FusionIO iodrive2 vs LSI nytro vs VIRI Flashmax II

  1. 1. FusionIO iodrive2 vs LSI Nytro WarpDrive vs VIRI FlashMAX II
  2. 2. A.碎片化之前的测试Attributes LSI Nytro WarpDrive card Fusion IO iodrive 2 VIRI-M2-LP-2200-2A容量 1.6T 1.2T 2.2T类型 eMLC MLC MLC最大吞吐量 R/W 2.2G/1.8G 1.5G/1.35G 2.7G/1.05G4K random R/W (90/10) 69.8K 102.9K 380K4K sequential R/W (90/10) 124.1K 107.2K 157.4K8K random R/W (90/10) 73.2K 77.5K 211.8K8K sequential R/W (90/10) 109.1K 56.9K 99.4K16K random R/W (90/10) 55.4K 41.1K 100.1K16K sequential R/W (90/10) 78.9K 31.7K 70.8K
  3. 3. 4K random W/R (90/10) 51.8K 108.1K 214.9K4K sequential W/R (90/10) 156.9K 110.9K 206.7K8K random W/R (90/10) 91.1K 67.5K 122.2K8K sequential W/R (90/10) 121.4K 73.8K 123K16K random W/R (90/10) 60.2K 41.8K 63.7K16K sequential W/R (90/10) 95.2K 47.3K 63.9K
  4. 4. 注:Virident 采用 2A 双 CPU 数据除以 2≈其他单片性能
  5. 5. B.碎片化整个磁盘之后的性能■ Main show 4K performance. (for OS block size=4096)■ After filling all space all of PCIE Cards have lower performance■ FusionIO has a better performance as a lower variation of IOPS
  6. 6. B1. LSI Nytro WarpDrive card
  7. 7. B2. FusionIO iodrive 2
  8. 8. B3. VIRI FlashMAX II
  9. 9. Reference: