Yle videoblog pilots mmr geneve 2006


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Old EBU presentation about Yle videoblog experiments. Regrettably the videoblog links are dead.

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Yle videoblog pilots mmr geneve 2006

  1. 1. EBU Multimedia meets radio & TV Interactive pitching session The YLE videoblog pilots Tuija Aalto YLE Radio Reija Hyvärinen YLE24 Online Jouko Vierumäki Fromdistance
  2. 2. 2YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Ultralight web video publishing ”on the go” l A system for publishing video files directly from the phone to a website l The journalist uses a cameraphone (Nokia N90 or N70 for example) with the Fromdistance software installed l Suitable for professional use, not for user generated content Katri Makkonen recording her last post of the Sri Lanka visit
  3. 3. 3YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Workflow Preparation, production & publishing: 1. Plan what you want to say 2. Plan the picture from start to end 3. Capture the content 4. Select Send via MDM 5. Annotate (write a caption or a longer story if you prefer) 6. Select Send now The file is transferred to the MDM server and depending how robust the telecom network is, published in 20 –(?) minutes. 4. 5. 6. 1., 2., 3.
  4. 4. 4YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Technical framework MDM Server - Reception of images/videos - Monitoring of camera phone - Device management SSL encrypted connection Blog Generation Server - Transcoding of video - Thumbnailing - Resizing of images - Generation of HTML pages Web Server(s) - Delivery of blog content Wireless network •WLAN •CSD (GSM Data) •GPRS •EDGE •WCDMA/UMTS (3G) Camera phone (Nokia N70/N90) FTP connection
  5. 5. 5YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Mobile Device Manager
  6. 6. 6YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 What, where, why? YLE has produced four videoblogs Dec 05 –Jan 2006 l Journalist abroad, videoblogging daily while shooting the material for the tv program to broadcast later (The tsunami anniversary and the Sri Lanka orphanage renovation documentary) l Chronicling the presidential election night broadcast from the participants’point of view (2 videobloggers) l Documenting how a radio journalist worked during a film festival l (+) Tuija’s videoblog for demo purposes
  7. 7. 7YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 What to videoblog? l A foreign correspondent’s way to communicate with web audiences with short ad hoc pieces among covering other stories for traditional broadcast (Katri Makkonen @ Beijing fall 2006 -) l Inside view: ie. for a journalist who does a weekly broadcast show, a way to let the fans know what stories she is working on during the week l Events / festivals, to convey the atmosphere for those who do not participate l Ambience, emotion, information –it’s rich media
  8. 8. 8YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Strengths l At best a very fast and simple way to tell a story l Portable –phone can always be carried along and used whenever something interesting occurs l Discreet –causes less fuss than broadcast TV cameras on s scene –that can be used as an an advantage l Intimate –brings the journalist close to the viewer
  9. 9. 9YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Limitations l Does not replace a camcorder and a laptop with actual editing software if such equipment and an internet connection are available and there’s time to use them l Video not broadcast quality l Camera needs adequate lighting conditions (see an example at http://www.yle.fi/blogit/vaali- ilta.html) l The N90’s battery life very limited
  10. 10. 10YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Storytelling challenge l Multitasking: Takes skill to shoot good footage while explaining but Makkonen shows it can be done l Journalistic performance near live experience, best captured in one take l Editing, although possible with the phone’s own editor, is time-consuming and inconvenient l Not every posting has to be video: why not combine with a conventional blog
  11. 11. 11YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Links Kotona maailmalla, Katri Makkonen’s videoblog l Tsunami anniversary l Sri Lanka orphanage renovation documentary Mika Niva videoblogs at Tampere Film Festival The election night videoblog Vaali-ilta Tuija’s blog l http://blogit.yle.fi/tuijataallahei Fromdistance, a broader presentation l https://ssl.fmdm.net/joukotest/VB_20060220.ppt
  12. 12. 12YLE videoblogs EBU MMR 23-24.3. 06 Questions? l tuija.aalto@yle.fi l reija.hyvarinen@yle.fi l jouko@fromdistance.com