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2012-11 Somewhere Beyond The Cloud...


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BYOD - Bring your Own Dreams !

Présentation de par Yves Leblond de iKe Consulting à la Conference ADBS du 15/11/2012

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2012-11 Somewhere Beyond The Cloud...

  1. 1. SALESFORCE.COM AND THE SOCIAL ENTERPRISESomewhere beyond the clouds, the social business rainbow !
  2. 2. Coming from «traditional» IT Managed increasingly complex projects from very small projects to projects involving 20 consultants over many years Deliver and Satisfy users needs «There is something wrong...» even using agile project and since 2008
  3. 3. An IT consulting company in Luxembourg 30 employees created in 2008
  4. 4. Our Vision :«We believe that in a fast moving world where IT will bea shared commodity, companies need specialized talentsand solutions ready to add value to the business.»
  5. 5. DIGITAL DISRUPTION«Platforms make this possible»This fundamental issue is that the newplatform providers, such as Apple, AmazonEC2,, are making it wayfaster and cheaper for new entrants to bedisruptors and for them to get new ideas tomarket.
  6. 6. Business is Social
  7. 7. Created 13 years ago :•a CRM Software•based on subscription•multitenant architecture (scalability) Now : •an enterprise platform •1st cloud company to reach 3 B$ revenue •2 years in a row best innovators (Forbes) •Fastest growing software company (in the 10 bigests) •110000 clients, 400mio transaction per day
  8. 8. Platform features
  9. 9. Just use it !
  10. 10. Adapt to a large palette of situation and contexts Adapt to device, Think Contextual features not Application Create an Unified Version of the Enterprise System integration, merge and acquisition, heterogeneous systems, IT projects don’t exist, only Business Improvement Projects exist
  11. 11. From IT to Digital Experience Chief Digital Officier or the «New CIO Officer» Business experience is not an IT subject Evolutive platform at the core IT World Traditional Systems and Cloud computing LegacyConnectivity, Agility & Flexibility Digital World Social Networks, Mobile devices, Internet of things
  12. 12. Cloud trends & IT world
  15. 15. THE CIO ROLE EVOLUTION «Pourquoi les DSI peinent à favoriser l’adoption du cloud ? Parce qu’ils n’acceptent pas que les directions métiers l’aient déjà adopté.» «Conseiller» constitue le maître mot. Il ne s’agit plus d’interdire ou dexiger. Cette époque est révolue. Les DSI devraient intervenir de manière intelligente dans le choix des métiers en termes de fournisseurs de cloud, plutôt que dessayer de valider ou d’interdire son adoption.
  17. 17. The SF project
  18. 18. Design the vision Bring Business Data in ! Agile and Integrate and/or Import Iterative approach Let user play with their data :e.g. 6 weeks Business users own the data, data is not an ‘Business asset of the IT teamsImprovement Steps’ Coordination with other enterprise evolutions Customer experience design Social enterprise adoption Social network, Mobile, Web presence
  19. 19. Traditional, on site first users active project team project length (first part) infrastructure set up
  20. 20. Traditional, On premise administration, monitoring custom implementation/development change requests, evolutions infrastructure cost (maintenance...)
  21. 21. Traditional, on site 20% 20% Time and effort spent on business targets, not on technology 80% 80% project agility - budget flexibility user satisfaction
  22. 22. What will beyour business model in 5 years ?
  23. 23. What will beyour business model in 5 years ?
  24. 24. ike_consulting small_talks tabriiz : IT & cloud schmptr : Innovation & Disruption salesforce