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One direction their life -- Hacernur 2013


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One direction their life -- Hacernur 2013

  2. 2. THEIR LIFEHis name is Zain Javaad Malik. He was born in Bradford (England) on 12 January 1993. He name is Harold Edward Styles.He was born in Cheshire (England) on 1 February 1994.
  3. 3. THEIR LIFE Zayn’s mom’s and dad’s name are Trisha and Yasir Malik Harry’s mom’s and dad’s name are Anne and Cox
  4. 4. THEIR LIFE (Zayn’s) He has got three sister.Their name are Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa. (Harry’s)He has got a sister. Her name is Gemma.
  5. 5. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES He has got fawn eyes, black hair and long eyelash.He looks like handsome. He has got green eyes, brown curly and long hair. He looks like handsome.
  6. 6. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES He hasn’t got dimples. He has got dimples.
  7. 7. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES He is 175 tall and his weigh is 68 kilos. He is 178 tall and his weigh is 72 kilos.
  8. 8. RELIGION He is a muslim. He is a christian.
  9. 9. A N I M A L S Zayn likes animals.He has got two cats and two dogs.Their name are Rolo, Tom Boris and Hatchi Harry loves cats. He has got a cat. It’s name is Dusty.
  10. 10. LIKES He likes chicken and skittles sweet. He likes taco, carrot cake and apple juice.
  11. 11. FEARS He afraid from water and he can’t swim. He afraid from roller coaster.
  12. 12. HIDDEN TALENTS Zayn can drawing cartoon. Harry can jugglery.
  13. 13. HOROSCOPE His horoscopes is capricorn. His horoscopes is aquarius.
  14. 14. COLORS His favourite color are red and black. His favourite colors are blue and orange.
  15. 15. SINGER Except that sing with band he sing the strong sounds. Outside of sing with band he vocalises other band members.
  16. 16. PAST He was a student and he wasn't liked others because of muslim. He was student and he was working in the baker
  17. 17. X- FACTOR he wasn't successful because of he couldn't dancing in the X Factor competition but he/she goes up in the One Direction Group in addition he/she wasn't successful because of he/she made a wrong choice about the song in the X Factor competition but he/she goes up in the One Direction Group
  18. 18. NICKNAMES He can doing DJ, his nickname is DJ MALİK! His nickname is HAZZA!!!
  19. 19. ONE DIRECTION 1/5 of One Direction 1/5 of One Direction