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Challenge assumptions


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Challenge assumptions

  1. 1. We live in a very fast pace world. We areconstantly looking for new things to do and it isreally hard to keep just a 40 hour work week.Most of our time is committed to doingsomething and yet almost always something isleft undone. We not only spent must of the dayworking with our gadgets but we also take ourgadgets to the bed and that is keeping us fromgetting a good sleep.So that is the problem that we want to solve.
  2. 2. 100 Solutions
  3. 3. 1. Make a motivational campaign to avoid the usage of gadgets in bed 2. A gamified campaign to reward not using your gadgets after goint to bed
  4. 4. 3. Thick sleeping mask (in order to don’t see the lights from your gadgets) 4. Thick sleeping mask for your gadgets
  5. 5. 100 Solutions• take a foot massage• take a bath in a whirlpool hot tub• relaxing scents of nature in bedroom• a session of Tai Chi to relax• acupuncture
  6. 6. 5. Special pillows that would make an anonnying noise if you put your cellphone on next to it 6. Daily routine to “disconnect” doin a 30 minute activity not involving an gadget before going to sleep
  7. 7. 7. Time control app to know howmuch time you’re dedicating to using a gadget when already in bed (like 8. Time control app to know how much sleep are you getting each day of the month
  8. 8. 0 Solutionske a walk at the seashore en to nursery rhymesad a boring novelactice yogake a walk in a park
  9. 9. 9. Use a chair in the office to take a 15 minute nap every 4 hours( logy/cool-chair-to-have-a-power-nap- at-office/3527/) 10. Replace your bed for with a sleeping pod ( sleeping-pods-for-some-serious- napping-job/)
  10. 10. 11. Don’t use your phone as an alarm and charge it through the night in another room 12. Make a schedule to use your phone for browsing only during certain times during the day
  11. 11. 13. do some jogging at night in order to be tired and dont want to use your gadgets before sleeping 14. hide your phone inside a shoe
  12. 12. 100 Solutions• work in a embroidery or in some kind of craft work• Listen to classical music• Not taking work to the bedroom• Schedule appointments to be more organized and less stressed• Take a hot bath
  13. 13. 15. leave the phone at the bedroom and sleep in the dining room 16. use a “gadget in bed” jar, everytime you use a gadget in bed you must put $1 in the jar
  14. 14. 17. read a book for ½ hour before sleeping (no gadget usage allowed) 18. an app that block all your social media apps for at least 6hrs in the night
  15. 15. 19. every night put all yourgadgets(laptop, phone, tablet) inside a Faradaybag ( bags-work.html) 20. Use a sleeping alarm (instead of a waking alarm) and when it goes off go to sleep and don’t touch your gadgets afterwards
  16. 16. • schedule bed time and wake up time• relax by listening to jokes • use a good pillow • sliding curtains to keep bedroom dark • comfortable nightclothes 100 Solutions
  17. 17. 21. Drink a relaxing tea before going to sleep 22. Don’t user your gadgets for stressful activities (i.e. work) after going to bed
  18. 18. 23. Instead of stay up in the night doing work activities make a to-do list to complete the pending tasks early in the morning 24. use a custom timed DNS( em) that after certain time redirects social media sites to localhost (so you can’t visit them)
  19. 19. 100 Solutions• Have a box where you can keep your gadgets• Have an app that blocks notifications at a certain time pre established.• Use night eyeglasses that avoid receiving the light of the gadgets• Have a game that gives you badges when you put your gadget in sleeping mode and if you turn the screen on it subtracts points.• Have a no electricity room. a place where you can’t charge your gadgets.
  20. 20. 25. use a timed data plan so you won’t be able to use internet after certain time 26. APP To shutdown your devices at a determined time (like TV sleep-timer)
  21. 21. 27. APP to track your sleephours according with your daily agenda, and reminds you how long time you will 28. online community that supports each other with advice and tools to improve sleep habits
  22. 22. 29. bed for devices with a charger (to put in the table next to the bed, at determined time it lights up to remind us that devices must sleep too. 30. a training program to change excessive use of devices during the day, which includes suggestions for activities in outdoors.
  23. 23. 100 Solutions• Keep your gadgets outside the room you sleep. out of sight out of mind.• Use something like that lets you schedule when to receive email or reminders• Create a sleeping routine• Find out what makes you fall sleep and do it 30 minutes before your sleeping time• Use a device to block wifi signal at a certain time
  24. 24. 31. an online community who send alerts to local users that is time to sleep. 32. Programmable clock on each device to lock the device at determined time.
  25. 25. 33. contest for 8 hours sleep, synchronizingdevices to a platform which allows to track the sleep hours, who gets more points for each night sleeping the recommended time wins 34. helmet which has an screen where people can have access to the screen of their devices, when is time to sleep, screens turns off.
  26. 26. 35. google glasses to sleep. 36. screensaver like eyedefender which changes into a calm image when is time to sleep
  27. 27. 100 solutions• Have an app that reminds you how much energy you save if you turn off your gadgets in terms of money.• Install modern outlets odern-home-electrical-outlets/•• Practice yoga or go swimming at night to relax.• Cut off light at certain time unless you schedule it to be turned off later.• use earplugs to limit sound.
  28. 28. 37. switch interruptor that turns off lights and screens (tv, tablets, smartphones, etc.) 38. exercise routine before going to bed
  29. 29. 39. device door detector, if personenters to the room with a device door will play an alarm 40. sleeping capsule
  30. 30. 41. device holder to put outside the bedroom 42. reward program for sleeping 8 hours. $1 per night, like a saving program
  31. 31. 100 solutions • Read a book instead of using your gadgets • Drink half cup of wine • Practice self hypnosis • Have a jar where you have to put $1 for every hour that you don’t sleep according to your standard. And you have to give that money. • Have an e-reader that you can schedule the amount of time you can read at night and when it gets to that time it sends you to sleep.
  32. 32. 43. psychological therapy 44. big screen to display all devices screen, each device can be disconnected separately.
  33. 33. 45. relaxing music and lighting in the room to create a calm environment which invites the person to sleep. 46. app which translates all text into japanese or arabic language to make it hard to understand until person gets bored
  34. 34. 100 solutions• Use an online social network to join a support group and share how you get a good night sleep• make a special playlist in your ipod with nature sounds• sleep with music• Wake up early you will be to tired to use your gadgets at night.• go to sleeping therapy
  35. 35. 47. app that helps user to prioritize content to read in the morning 48. bed with massaging system, which makes a person so comfortable until he falls asleep.
  36. 36. 49. “priorities in bed” like breakfast in bed, onceyou wake up, it displays an agenda of your tasks to be accomplished during the day. 50. personal assistant: productivity digital assistant who organizes activities to fit during the day.