PAO PRESS   YK Pao School
Issue 7                                                                           November 2009

Tony Jaccaci appointed Executive
Principal, YK Pao Secondary School
          The Board of Governors of YK Pao School...

                              Visit by Purdue University President
                                         We have be...

                             Teachers Day
                                       Teachers Day at YK Pao School was a v...

                                Summer Camp
                                          Over the summer holidays, YK Pao...

Welcome to New Staff

     Michelle He (PE Teacher)

     Michelle graduated from Beijing Physical Education Universit...

 Alex Callow (English Teacher)

 Alex is a graduate from the University of Nottingham. While living in
 Shanghai he ha...
  Charlotte Xia (Teaching Assistant)

  Charlotte graduated from Huadong Normal University, majoring in Chi-
  nese. She...
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YK Pao School Magazine November 2009 English


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YK Pao School quarterly magazine (English version), November 2009. Containing news of recent visits from Purdue University and Oxford University, the announcement of the Secondary School Principal, new teaching staff and summer camp news.

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YK Pao School Magazine November 2009 English

  1. 1. PAO PRESS YK Pao School Issue 7 November 2009 Headmistress Ni Guyin Receives Award for Outstanding Contribution to New China On the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Headmistress Ni Guyin is one of 100 women who have been recognised for their out- standing contribution to Shanghai in the magazine ’Shanghai Women’. This award has been presented to women whose work has provided a deep positive influ- ence in the development of society in Shanghai. Other recipients of the award include women from a number of fields including education, medicine, sport and the arts. Headmistress Ni Guyin has received many awards over the course of her distinguished career, includ- ing the Song Chingling ‘Camphor Tree Award’ for out- standing services to education and the title of ‘Shanghai Model Worker’. She has also held numerous prestigious Headmistress Ni Guyin wel- positions including Vice-Chairwoman of the Chen Heqin comes new students with a smile on the first day of the 2009-2010 Educational Research Organisation and Member of the school year Standing Committee of the Fifth National People’s Con- gress. We are indeed honoured to have such a distin- guished educationalist as our headmistress. From the Principals In the blink of an eye, YK Pao School has reached the third autumn since its founding. We are delighted to welcome the new members of our community, scores of new students and teachers from China and overseas. It is wonderful to see the School growing so healthily. In this school year, all our staff are already working together hard to meet our goals to provide a top education and to unite our three hundred students in a caring, learning community. On behalf of YK Pao School community, we would like to congratulate Headmis- tress Ni Guyin on her recent award. Her lifelong dedication to education is truly deserving of this accolade. Plans for the new Primary School Campus are taking shape and we are also de- lighted that developments for our Secondary School in Jinshan District are moving along well. News of these exciting developments in our midst give us a clear direction to work in as we create a leading school. We are all looking forward to celebrating the Expo, which starts in a number of months. We will be running several special events to support the Expo. As we work towards a bright future for YK Pao School, I would like to wish everyone a successful school year. Photo by Jonas, P3 Warren Johnston and Crick Chen YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  2. 2. 2 Tony Jaccaci appointed Executive Principal, YK Pao Secondary School The Board of Governors of YK Pao School is delighted to announce the ap- pointment of Tony Jaccaci as Executive Principal of YK Pao Secondary School. Tony will join YK Pao School from St George’s School, Rhode Island in the USA, taking up the post as the Founding Principal in 2010 in preparation for the opening of the Secondary School in 2011. Having been a boarding student himself at Phillips Academy Andover and teaching at St George’s, both highly regarded US boarding schools, Tony has deep experience of boarding life as a student, teacher and as a house master. Tony is Direc- tor of Global Programs at St George’s, where he also established and led the Chinese Department. With a particular interest in international education, Tony has organised exchanges with countries of Asia, Central America and Africa to give his students experience of other countries and cultures over the last ten years. As a graduate of Harvard University and holding a Masters degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Tony will bring a strong academic record and passion for Chinese language to delivering YK Pao School’s mis- sion. He will be applying his experi- ence in guiding and supporting students through admissions to leading US uni- versities to the development of YK Pao Secondary School’s curriculum. Tony’s wife, Lucia, is a teacher of history and coach of ice hockey at St George’s. Tony and Lucia share a passion for sport and hope to educate students to follow YK Pao School’s motto: ‘Maintain a healthy physique and be prudent in your en- deavours’. They will bring their three children with them to the YK Pao School Jinshan Campus to integrate with life there. Tony’s experience of boarding schools will complement YK Pao School’s emphasis on knowledge, sport, aesthetics and high moral values. The YK Pao Secondary School Campus in Jinshan will provide a green and healthy environment for students to Tony Jaccaci will be taking up his post in develop mind, body and spirit. 2010 in preparation for the start of the 2011 school year YK Pao School Passes Inspection YK Pao School passed an inspection by the Changning District Education In- spectorate in June 2009, and the School’s license has been renewed for a further three years. The inspectors praised the founding philosophy of the School as well as the organi- sation as a whole. They commended the curriculum for being creative and progressive and the teaching team for the strong sense of cooperation between Chinese and overseas teachers. The panel of inspectors also gave recommendations for how the School can continue to improve. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  3. 3. 3 Visit by Purdue University President We have been delighted to host high-profile visitors from Purdue University and Oxford University in recent weeks. On 9th October, we received the President of Purdue, Ms. France Córdova, and her team: Mike Brzezinski, International Programs Interim, and Cheryl Altinkemer, Asso- ciate Vice President for Advancement. Purdue University is ranked in the top Yue Kong Pao Hall of Visual 100 universities in the world overall and Performing Arts at Pur- and is in the top 20 universities for due University engineering. It has many well-known alumni, including Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. Anna Sohmen Pao, Founder of YK Pao School, is a graduate of Purdue and donated the funding to establish the Yue Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts there. In the course of the visit, we discovered that one of our regular teachers is also a graduate of Purdue, having graduated in aeronau- tics. Professor Sohmen Pao and Presi- Professor Sohmen Pao, Chairman of the Board, shows Ms France Córdova, President of Purdue dent Córdova discussed teacher train- University, plans for the new Primary School Cam- ing, developments in higher education pus in the June 1st Building and campus sustainability. Visits from Oxford University On 24th September, we were also delighted to welcome Sue Cun- ningham, Director of Development of Oxford University, and Julia Herries, Director of the China Office of Oxford University. The visit was hosted by Philip Sohmen, Co-Founder of the School and Deputy Chairman of the Board, and Principal Warren Johnston. They discussed Chinese students at Ox- ford as well as the China Oxford Schol- arship Fund. The visit follows one ear- lier in the month by Tracy Wells and Fiona Whitehouse of the Oxford Ca- reers Service in which the opportunity to further links between YK Pao School and Oxford University was welcomed by both sides. With Oxford graduates Sue Cunningham, Director of Development of on the full-time staff and having hosted Oxford University and Julia Herries, Director of an undergraduate intern for 10 weeks the China Office of Oxford University are warmly over the summer, the School already received at YK Pao School enjoys strong links with Oxford Univer- sity. The visitors from both universities were impressed by the manners and attitudes of YK Pao School students and identified several they would like to enrol in future years! YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  4. 4. 4 Teachers Day Teachers Day at YK Pao School was a very special occasion this year. At morning assembly, students presented roses to their teachers to show their respect and commitment to working hard over the coming school year. The roses were kindly donated by the Friends of YK Pao School Association. Parents also showed their support for the School by preparing a delicious lunch for teachers and staff. Everybody greatly appreciated the feast of home-made Chinese and Western dishes. The lunch was opened by some moving speeches made by Friends of YK Pao School committee members on behalf of the parents, in which teachers were thanked for all their hard work. It was a wonderful start to the year and an excellent example of the supportive parent community we are lucky to have at YK Pao School. New and returning teachers enjoy the magnificent food YK Pao School parents who came to help on Teachers Day New School Logo Over the last months a new logo that better represents YK Pao School has been devel- oped. The new logo will be an enduring feature of the School over the years to come; it will be a badge that unites our community. The new logo shows a young tree, representing growth and potential. The three fruit on the tree represent the three mis- sion statements of YK Pao School: To develop our students’ full potential; to give our students a foundation in Chinese language and culture; to help our students become global citizens. The col- ours were also chosen to represent the youth and vitality of our students and of the school community. The old logo is currently being phased out and you will begin to see the new logo being brought into use over the coming weeks. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  5. 5. 5 Summer Camp Over the summer holidays, YK Pao School successfully ran its second Manda- rin Summer Camp. 70 students from 15 different countries attended the Camp, which was held on our campus. We organised three programmes, each of two weeks’ duration, running between the beginning of July and the middle of August. The Pao Camp offered students a Mandarin immersion environment where they learned basic conversational Putonghua and written Chinese. In addition they learned drama in Chinese, calligraphy, Chinese music as well as handicrafts and kung fu. In the afternoons they spent time with their parents, exploring Shanghai. At the end of each session the students performed for their parents, showcasing what they had learned in the two weeks. There were also trips further afield which gave students an opportunity to ex- Learning the name of sea perience China in a broader way. One of the excursions was fruit and vegetable picking creatures in Chinese during a in Jinshan, near where our Secondary School Campus will be built. Students and parents visit to the Shanghai Aquar- ium also participated in trips to Suzhou and Hangzhou to explore the rich culture and fa- mously beautiful surroundings there. We arranged Chinese host families for some students. Almost all these host families were YK Pao School families. These stays benefited the host Chinese families as well as the foreign students. Host families and students alike reported a very positive experience. Thank you, YK Pao School parents! Your hospitality was very much ap- preciated! We hope more Pao School families will sign up next year. Positive comments poured in from parents of the Summer Camp children: ● The children were more confident about speaking after their two weeks on the camp ● They enjoyed the green, open space of the campus Learning about peasant paint- ● The parents commented on how warm ing in Jinshan and caring our teachers are ● The children liked our campus, espe- cially the gym and our indoor play- ground. A number of parents have already expressed their desire to enroll for next year, and friends of others are also keen to apply. In December, the School will begin taking early bookings for next year’s camp. Picking vegetables in Jinshan, near the For more information, please contact Helen future site of the YK Pao Secondary Feng, Camp Coordinator on 5237 8400 or by School campus emailing Secondary School Information Evening On Tuesday 20th October, the School organised an information evening on YK Pao Secondary School plans for P4 and P5 parents. The event was presented by Anna Sohmen Pao and Philip Sohmen, Founders of the School, Board Members and School Advisors, including seven headmasters from famous schools around the world. The newly appointed YK Pao Secondary School Principal, Tony Jaccaci, gave an inspiring speech regarding boarding schools. We were also delighted to welcome School Advisors who have collectively served as heads or in leading positions of such distinguished schools as Eton College, Chinese International School Hong Kong, British International School Shanghai and Concordian International School Thailand. Presentations given to parents included information on campus plans, boarding provision and curriculum plans. This exciting information was intended to give parents a clearer idea of how the Secondary School will build on the solid educational founda- tions offered by the Primary School and continue to strive towards the School’s mission over the preparatory year (Grade 6) and in the Secondary School. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  6. 6. 6 Welcome to New Staff Michelle He (PE Teacher) Michelle graduated from Beijing Physical Education University, majoring in sport training. She is the former goalkeeper for the Chinese women’s water polo team. Fang Qi (Maths Teacher) Fang Qi graduated from Huadong Normal University with a Masters de- gree. She has 17 years experience and is the former Deputy Principal of Taopu Primary School, Putuo District. Lingling Shi (Chinese Teacher) With a Masters degree in Chinese from Huadong University, Lingling Shi has worked as a Chinese teacher and class teacher at the school attached Shanghai Normal University. She has seven years’ teaching experience. Mia Wu (Art Teacher) Mia graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy as a stage designer, crea- tive designer and art assistant. Liz Shen Ying (English Teacher) Liz graduated from Huadong University, majoring in English. She has nine years of teaching experience as a primary school teacher. From 2001, she worked as a teacher with responsibilities in academic development, and as a supervisor in an English training school. Tammy Zhang (Chinese Teacher) Over 14 years of teaching, Mrs. Zhang has received numerous awards in English speaking and teaching competitions. Her students have also re- ceived awards in reading competitions, writing competitions and creative competitions. Jon Banks (Maths and PE Teacher) Jon graduated from St Martin’s College, Ambleside, Cumbria, with BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, specialising in P.E. In Shanghai, Jon has taught Year 4 and Primary PE at the British International School. Stephen Bolton (English and Maths Teacher) Stephen has a Bachelor of Arts and Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Edu- cation. He has taught in Japan and Australia. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  7. 7. 7 Alex Callow (English Teacher) Alex is a graduate from the University of Nottingham. While living in Shanghai he has worked as a PYP Grade 1 homeroom teacher at Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School. Geoffrey Cameron (EU and Maths Teacher) Geoff graduated from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, with a Masters of Teaching Programme – Primary/Junior Education. Prior to coming to China, Geoff taught primary and middle school in Korea and Canada. Susan Sanderson (English and Maths Teacher) Susan graduated from Lancaster University, UK, and is working towards her M.Ed. in Bilingualism in Education at Birmingham University. Susan has worked as a homeroom teacher in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt. Diana Zuo (English and Maths Teacher) Diana is a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, with an MA in Elementary Inclusive Education. She has worked in Grade 2 and Grade 4 classrooms in New York City public schools. Jolly Ge (Teaching Assistant) A graduate from Donghua University, Jolly majored in Educational Tech- nology. At university she received lots of social awards; she was also an assistant teacher at Yew Wah International School and Tian Shan primary school. Samantha Ji (Teaching Assistant) Samantha graduated from Shanghai International Studies School, majoring in English education. She has a very high Level 8 score on an international English standard level test. Mahoney Jiang (Teaching Assistant) Mohoney graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, major- ing in English. During her time at university she toured Europe with the University Orchestra. Lisa Liang (Teaching Assistant) Having graduated from Shanghai Marine University and University of Tas- mania, Lisa worked as a training assistant and teacher at some famous train- ing centers. Myra Mao (Teaching Assistant) A graduate from Hefei University, Myra has worked at the Weize Creative Training Center and British Consulate. Eva Wang (Teaching Assistant) Eva graduated from Shanghai Business School, majoring in Business Eng- lish. At university she took part in several clubs and volunteered at the Shanghai Jishengweibang World Furniture Fair and the Shanghai Grand Prix. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404
  8. 8. 8 Charlotte Xia (Teaching Assistant) Charlotte graduated from Huadong Normal University, majoring in Chi- nese. She worked as a Chinese teacher at Yew Chung International School. Jocelyn Zhang (Teaching Assistant) Jocelyn graduated from Shanghai Fudan University. She was an assistant student tutor and vice-president of the student committee. She worked as a Chinese teacher, science teacher and academic supervisor at a language training centre. Harriet Blomefield (International Teaching Assistant) Harriet graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in His- tory of Art. In the holidays she worked at Pacific Basin Ship Brokers, and as an Intern at Sotheby’s in the Old Masters Department. Antonia Forsyth (International Teaching Assistant) Antonia graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MA (Hons) in History and History of Art. She has worked as a research assistant at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, and as an Intern at Christie’s Auctioneers. Anne-Katherine Gore-Andrews (International Teaching Assistant) Anne-Katherine graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MA Hons in Classics. While at university she worked as a Brand Consultant Intern at Graphic Alliance and as a Marketing Intern for the Estee Lauder- owned company, Aveda, in London. Frances Shi (Principals’ Assistant and HR Assistant) Frances joins the Administration Department and will be responsible for supporting the Principals and Human Resources. Frances comes to us from Shanghai International Studies University, Xianda College of Economy and Humanities, where she read English. Rachel Chen (Accounts Officer) Rachel graduated from Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, majoring in Management. She joins us in the Accounts Office. Criss Gu (Logistics and Procurement Supervisor) Criss graduated in English from Jiaotong University. She has seven years’ experience working in logistics and procurement in international schools. Young Wu (Accounts Officer) Young joins the Accounts Office having recently graduated in Finance Management from East China University of Science and Technology. Yukie Yu (Accounts Officer) Yukie is a new member of the Accounts Office. She graduated in account- ing from Shanghai Shanda University and has two years’ work experience. YK Pao School, 155 Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200050 Tel: +86 21 5237 8409 Fax: +86 21 5237 8404