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Public Health Campaigns


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Public Health Campaigns

  1. 1. Welcome to the world ofPublic Health Campaigns!
  2. 2. Here is an “official definition”:Public Health is "the science and art ofpreventing disease, prolonging life andpromoting health through the organizedefforts and informed choices of society,organizations, public and private,communities and individuals" (1920,C.E.A. Winslow)
  3. 3. Public Health professionals areconcerned with YOUR health andcreate campaigns to do importantthings like:
  4. 4. Inform about theimportance of helmets for motorcyclists
  5. 5. Promote Active Lifestyle
  6. 6. So that you can chill on the beachwithout worries!
  7. 7. Here is an exampleof a Public Health Campaign that promotes a balanced diet:
  8. 8. And here Bill Clinton is discussing an important issue of HIV/AIDS
  9. 9. Public Health professionals and even politiciansuse such campaigns to keep the public healthy
  10. 10. Because it is much better toprevent diseases than treat them! And way cheaper too!!!
  11. 11. Whyshould I care?!
  12. 12. Public Health Campaigns are being used in Health Communication area to send people a messagepromoting health or warning about health risks. To put it simply: They are determined to make your life better! Awesome, right?!
  13. 13. How?! Here is an example!Did you have to do the Smallpox vaccine?! Umm…No….That’s because it Public Health professionals promotedvaccination and eradicated thedisease from the world. Now it only exists in labs and millions of people are being saved! Wow! That’s Awesome! And now I don’t have to do the painful vaccination!
  14. 14. Now can you see that Public Health Campaigns deal with big issues that affect the whole population?!Therefore…They affect YOU!
  15. 15. Public Health Campaigns really seem to beimportant….Thenwhy do they still getcriticized?!
  16. 16. Critics are concerned with things like: etc.
  17. 17. Some Interesting Facts about Public Health
  18. 18. USA is ranked number 1 among countries that spend the most on healthcare …. And number 27 in the highest life expectancy list ….We spend $100 billion a year treating heart disease whileits major causes-obesity, diabetes and hypertension are preventable ….. At the same time only 2 to 3 % of health care spending goes for preventing illnesses
  19. 19. Obesity Smoking and Alcohol , are the leading causes of deaths….Public Health CampaignsCAN change that!
  20. 20. The Government needs to invest more money into preventing diseases and create Public Health Campaigns that will make people change their behaviors!
  21. 21. StayHealthy!
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