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TeachMeet Xmas Sydney


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My show and tell.

Published in: Education, Travel, Technology
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TeachMeet Xmas Sydney

  1. 1. Celebrating Our Learning
  2. 2. Here’s some stuff I’ve learnt this year through TeachMeets, Twitter and reading blogs. Pass it on!
  3. 3. Word Magnets
  4. 4. Timer
  5. 5. Nameselector
  6. 6. Many more game and quizcreators plus team score tally- ers
  7. 7. The Mug of Misery@Dominic_MCG
  8. 8. Add points for positive and negative behaviours
  9. 9. Create
  10. 10. Creating assignments – simply drag and drop
  11. 11. Thanks – remember to pass it on! Fiona Boughey St Paul’s Grammar School @FionaR_B