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La famille sound-spelling links in French


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Some key sound-spelling phonemes in French using members of the family.

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La famille sound-spelling links in French

  1. 1. La famillePronunciation Lesson
  2. 2. Objective• To match sounds in French to spelling rules using the vocab for members of the family.
  3. 3. Key Soundsille in ouœu / eu è i an /en
  4. 4. Pour commencer…• You will be given a French sound card• Practise making your sound with the teacher• Get up and walk around the room, making the sound until you find other members of the class with the same sound• Show each other your sound – were you right?
  5. 5. ille famille fille
  6. 6. œu / eu sœur neveu
  7. 7. è pèremère frère
  8. 8. ou cousinecousin
  9. 9. i marifille
  10. 10. an / en grandparents enfants
  11. 11. cousinin
  12. 12. parents grand tantefille famille habillecousin mari stylocousine frère chèrepère sœur cœurneveu enfants dents
  13. 13. DictationWrite the words as you hear them, applying the sound-spelling rules you have learnt today.
  14. 14. Pair Speaking Activity