Consumer 3000 segmentation model


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Уж сколько раз твердили миру... Сегментирование клиентской базы и дифференцированный подход к работе - залог успеха в построении долгосрочных отношений с клиентами.

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Consumer 3000 segmentation model

  1. 1. Indonesia www.consumer3000.netMiddle-Class ConsumerCenter for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) Segmentation Supported by : Invent.ure SWA Magazine Model
  2. 2. The Model©2012 CMCS
  3. 3. The ASPIRATORSatisfied with their condition at the moment (financially)More active in managing their assets, tend to be a risk takerMore idealistic, more long-term visionGaining knowledge from their networkConcern with social and universal issues (environment,human right, democratization, etc)Updating new information, trend, knowledge, andtechnology regularlySee the competition positively
  4. 4. The ASPIRATOROpen minded toward globalization and adopt universalvaluesThink about self achievement, yet have concern on issuesbeyond themselves (social, politic, coruption,environment, etc)Hope to be the Influencer for the societyGenerally dominated by professionals and businessowners
  5. 5. The PERFORMERPersonal motivation: self-achievement and economicsuccessUpgrade their economic status is one of their missionFinancial freedom is their dreamThinking orientation: Practical-opportunisticStill not satisfied with their lifeThe priority of their life is self achievementSee the life optimistically; have a big motivation to achievesuccess; tend to be a risk takerNever stop changing, improving, and learningThey see the opportunity as a challenge and motivation
  6. 6. The PERFORMERInformation and technology is tool that give themadvantages to achieve their targetsSense of achievement and self-development are veryimportantHaving vision and sense of purposeSee the competition positively. It drives creativity that makesthem better and betterUpdate the new information, trend development,knowledge, and technologyLooking for communities that give them benefits/advantagesRelatively dominated by younger entrepreneurs andprofessionals
  7. 7. The EXPERTTheir life is their career, high self-achievementThe biggest dream is to upgrade their skill and knowledgeTrying to do something to make their life better and betterExplore the information that only related to their fieldsPrepare their kids cautiously and systematically becausethey think competition will be tougher in the futureLiving routineStriving to be the expert in their fieldTime freedom is their hopeSafety player in life
  8. 8. The EXPERTFor them, life is a giftHave high sense of family (traditional values)Their network circles are small, only related to theirprofessional fieldsTheir behavior mostly driven by social norms and familyvaluesRelatively dominated by workers and professionals withhigher buying power
  9. 9. The CLIMBERFinancial freedom and time freedom are their dreamHardworker, looking for the prosperity and appreciationHero for their familyThe biggest achievement is to upgrade their career statusTrying to do something to make their financial better andbetterLiving routine, very tight working scheduleAcquire new skills to achieve higher skills in theirprofessional field
  10. 10. The CLIMBERCareer is a journey, job hunterCareer appreciation is very important for themMore risk-taker in careerHigh sense of family (traditional values)Social networking is not quite important for them, selfachievement is still dominant motiveRelatively dominated by workers with lower-middlebuying power
  11. 11. The TRENDSETTERBecome a trend-setter is importantVictim of the trends (fashion, celebrity, gadget, lifestyle, etc)The biggest hope is to be the superstar of a trendThe tangible aspect (physical appearance, expensive goodownership, personal image) is importantSearch for the latest trendsHave a bit sense of purpose: to be admired and followed byothersBe the first in the trends is meaningful for their existenceNarcissist
  12. 12. The TRENDSETTERHigh self esteem, self-centeredAdopting the new technology/gadget to show “who I am”More followers meants more people admire them (“I’mpopular”)Updating information and adopting new technology is a must.It doesn’t make me look as follower‘Recognized by their peers is everythingBeing connected with their friends, colleagues, andcommunities is an important aspect in their lifeCompetition among peers forced them to be “the #1”Relatively dominated by senior high school and collegestudents with higher buying power
  13. 13. the FOLLOWERFriends are everything. Nothing can replace themShort-term horizonThe tangible aspect (physical appearance, expensive goodownership, personal image, etc) become an important thingfor themThe biggest hope is they can earn some money bythemselves to buy everything they wantEnvironment-driven: their environment (friends, colleagues,communities) dominantly drive their life orientation (Ababil(ABG labil)/ABG galau)Have less sense of purpose
  14. 14. the FOLLOWERPeripheral lifestyle become the expression of theirexistenceFollowing the latest trend is very importantAccepted by their peers are everythingMore friends meants more people like them (I‘m likeable)Success is about being together with peers and able tosupport their lifestyle with their own moneyBeing connected with their friends, colleague, andcommunity is an important aspect in their lifeFollowing the trend so that they can be accepted by theirfriends, colleagues, and communities
  15. 15. the FOLLOWERSocialize with friends and communities. Togetherness isdominant valuesRelatively dominated by senior high school and collegestudents with lower buying power
  16. 16. The SETTLERSatisfy with their condition at the moment (financially)At the Comfort zoneHaving many assets but still conservative in managing themOuter families are the center of their worldSocialize with their family, small society, and ethnic group becomean important moment for showing their successHelp people around (family, neighbor, and village scope) becometheir important concernCare to conserve heritage social culture (religion, social values,custom, and norms )
  17. 17. The SETTLERTheir hope is to be the role model for their families andsociety (village scope) through their economic, religiousand cultural achievementGenerally dominated by older rich people (entrepreneurs,in heritage riches, retired government officials)
  18. 18. The FLOW-erStill not satisfied with their life but they dont knowhow to change itTheir biggest hope was their kids.To achieve better life become their main motivationBetter future, better economic statusBalancing between dunia and akhirat‘Striving for fulfilling familys economic needsThey dont understand what should they do to changetheir life: “let all flow”With their placid life, makes them so passive to seethe life
  19. 19. The FLOW-erVictim of changeSeeing the technology development as a threatStrong believer of spiritual values (religion)Religion is the only guide for them to face the changing anduncertain worldFamily are the center of their world (focus to their family)They are HERO in their familyDon’t follow technology developments and trends; theyrealize they can’t utilize the power of themGenerally dominated by workers, government officers,housewives with lower-middle buying power
  20. 20. Thank YouVisit our blog: Follow : @consumer_3000 Research conducted by: Center for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) Suported by: Invent.ure SWA Magazine