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Chapter - 3(Civics)


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Chapter - 3(Civics)

  2. 2. Back ground• Previous chapter- rulers are not free• Certain rule- govt and citizen has follow• Rules together we call- Constitution• Constitution- Supreme law of the country, determines the right of citizens.• In this chapter- Why do we need a constitution? How are the constitution drawn up? What are the values shaped a constitution? Have a possibility to change the constitution?• Recent eg: South Africa- we could start from there
  3. 3. Major Aspects of this chapter• Constitutional Design in South Africa• Why do we need a constitution? (Importance)• Framing of Indian Constitution• Values of Indian Constitution• Philosophy of Indian Constitution
  4. 4. CONSTITUTION IN SOUTH AFRICAMeaning of Treason?What is apartheid system?Struggles against this system?Framing of new constitutionRole of Nelson Mandela Why do we need a ConstitutionImportance of ConstitutionWhat are the important things including in aconstitution?
  5. 5. INDIAN CONSTITUTIONCircumstances (path) formation of constitutionProminent personalities. VALUES OF OUR CONSTITUTION PHILOSOPHY OF OUR CONSTITUTION DESIGNING OF CONSTITUTIONGeneral term meaningconsolidation
  6. 6. APARTHEIDThe official policy of racial separation and illtreatment of blacks followed by the govt of SouthAfrica between 1948 and 1989. CLAUSEA distinct section of a document
  7. 7. CONSTITUTIONSupreme law of a country, containing fundamentalrules governing the politics and society in country. CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLYAn assembly of people’s representatives that writesa constitution for a country.CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTA change in the constitution made by the supremelegislative body in the country
  8. 8. DRAFTA preliminary version of a document PHILOSIPHYThe most fundamental principles underlying one’sthought and actions. PREAMBLEThe introductory statement in a constitution whichstates the reasons and guiding values of theconstitution.
  9. 9. TREASONThe offence of attempting to overthrow the govt ofthe state to which the offender owes allegiance. TRYSTA meeting or meeting place that has been agreedupon.