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MIX11アップデート ~Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 5, IE9, HTML5~ 前編


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VSUG DAY 2011 Summer, 6/9/2011

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MIX11アップデート ~Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 5, IE9, HTML5~ 前編

  1. 1. 4月26日(火) 午前0時Internet Explorer 9 日本語版 提供開始
  2. 2. 5月25日(水)W3Cで最終草案へ。勧告は2014年
  3. 3. HTML5: Native to Windows
  4. 4. The Beauty of The Web
  5. 5. Inline SVG, Parsing Rules, XHTML,HTML5 Selection APIs, Canvas, Audio & Video, Semantic tags, GeolocationSVG 1.1 As document, as image or object, inline in HTML5 Selectors, Namespaces, Colors, Values,CSS 3 Backgrounds and Borders, Fonts, Media Queries, 2D TransformsDOM Core, Events, Style, and Range, WebIDLECMAScript 262 Faster JavaScriptGraphics, Fonts JPEG-XR, TIFF, ICC Colors, WOFF Fonts
  6. 6. HTML5 Labs
  7. 7. IE Test Drive
  8. 8. IE10 Platform Preview 1
  9. 9. IE9 in Windows Phone “Mango” Media & Graphics CSS3 Additional Standards & Web Applications Support
  10. 10. MIX 11 Silverlight FireStarter
  11. 11. Reduced Network Latency DataContextChanged Event P/Invoke Text Layout Performance Listbox & Combobox Typeahead & Search ClickCount 64 Bit Local File System In-Browser OpenType Support HTML Hosting In-Browser Variable Speed Playback Text ClarityVector Printing XAML Debugging Visual Studio Profiling Pixel Snapping XAML Markup Extensions Full Keyboard Full Screen In-Browser Binding in Style Setters Hardware IE9 Hardware AccelerationMulticore JIT Performance Video Decode Ancestor RelativeSource Seamless DRM Immediate Mode Graphics API Multicolumn Text switching COM Automation In-Browser File System Access In-Browser Improved Graphics Stack 3D API XAML Parser Performance Audio Pitch Correction Linked Text Container Persian Calendar Unrestricted FileSystem Access Binding on Style Setters Pivot Initial Tasks SupportImplicit DataTemplates Tracking & Leading Default Save Filename in Dialog
  12. 12. Silverlight 5 を ”サクっと” 復習
  13. 13. Media• ハードウェア デコード• Trickplay• リモコン対応
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. ダウンロード提供開始