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Emotional Marketing


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Emotional Marketing

  1. 1. Emotional Marketing
  2. 2. Scent Marketing Sensitive Marketing (5 Senses) Color Marketing Music MarketingEmotional Cultural MarketingMarketing Impressive Marketing
  3. 3. Reading Read the text “Lush, the scent of success’ and circle the words or expressions that describe ‘sensitive marketing’ 5 senses ( sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste)
  4. 4. Scent Marketing 2.36-6.53
  5. 5. Find out what kind of emotional marketing strategies were used Lush Supporting Climate Rush in Liverpool St Station
  6. 6. Group WorkThink about any café you’ve visited.Find out its sensitive marketing strategy (five senses)Make at least three sentences for each blank using ‘only’ pasttense. Ex) I could see cosy sofas and couches in the café. Sight Hearing Touch Smell Taste