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  1. 1. Master Worship Songbook 3rd Edition Complied and edited by Isaac Surh, Level 14 Worship Master
  2. 2. Isaac’s Wicked Awesome Hella Cool Worship Songbook being G an 11th below it (an octave up for women). This than 0.5 inches. This document is formatted for A4 paper, but© August 2005 guideline was taken into consideration, as well as the other the larger margins will make it easier for letter-sized paper users criteria mentioned above such as melodic range, when keys to rescale the print job in the printer options. Also, because were selected for song transpositions. some of you may want to print this document out to use as sheetEditor’s Notes and Commentary music, a great effort has been made to arrange the songs on theWelcome to the 3rd Edition of my awesome songbook. I didn’t Regarding the placement of chord symbols, I have made an pages in such a way that they avoid awkward splits betweenthink a songbook could get more awesome than my last edition, effort to be as consistent and as accurate as possible. This is to pages. Nothing irks real musicians (like me) more thanbut I proved myself wrong. This edition is indeed more help you by minimizing any confusion regarding the rhythmic inconvenient page turns.awesome. placement of chords (especially useful for songs such as Dreamers of Your Dreams or the new and complex tune Additionally, you will be able to cut, paste and print from this I have added about a dozen new songs, including a few more Salvation Is Here). In cases where a chord is played before its file, but nothing else. I have write-protected this document tooriginals from me. I realize many of you have never heard my corresponding lyric, the chord symbol appears slightly ahead of prevent people who know less about music than me fromoriginal songs and won’t know how to sing them. This problem the lyric. If the chord is played with the lyric, the symbol is tampering with this fine piece of work and to ensure that no onecan be rectified my emailing me ( and aligned with it, and in cases where the chord is clearly played else takes credit for my hard work, from which all of you arerequesting an mp3 version of the songs in question. after the lyric is sung, the symbol appears slightly after the first benefiting. letter of the corresponding word. I have also updated the list of song titles and authors to This brings me to the commentary portion of this preface. Iinclude complete copyright information. All copyright For the sake of concision, I have adhered to the tradition of have taken hours to notate and edit every word and lyric in thisinformation has been verified with the CCLI website and is omitting chord symbols in repeating sections and in phrases songbook. I’ve listened with finely tuned earns to everycurrent as of the release of this edition. containing repeating chord patterns. As a result, no chord recording to make sure the chords printed here are the chords symbols will appear in verses subsequent to the 1st or in phrases played by the original artists. But let me assure you that not The final major change from the last edition is regarding in which the chords follow an earlier progression. In many everyone has put as much effort into their songbooks as I have.punctuation. Emphasis on grammatical accuracy has been recordings, 2nd and 3rd verses or choruses are often played with While researching these songs on the internet, I was appalled atreplaced in favour of poetic license and cleanliness of text. different chords from the 1st. These variations are considered by the shoddy workmanship and the numerous inaccuracies I foundTherefore, all punctuation has been removed except in the the editor to be the result of artistic license rather than structural in the online resources. I found no less than 7 versions of Withfollowing cases: where it was grammatically necessary to changes to the song and will therefore remain absent. All I Am, none of which matched with any of the others.include a comma to separate clauses to avoid lyrical confusion, Granted, some of the differences were small. They were on thewhere items in a list needed to be separated from one another, All choruses have been indented so that they can be easily order of “hand” versus “hands”, for instance. But if accuracywhere the poignancy of certain questions needed to be recognized at a glance. Some bridge sections have been and reliability are principles to uphold, why make even suchmaintained, and where an exclamation warranted special similarly indented, although some have not, depending on the small concessions? Furthermore, as I mentioned in theattention. space available. commentary in the previous edition, doesn’t God deserve our absolute best? My friends, do not trust online worship I have meticulously edited every lyric and chord symbol to be Regarding the use of parentheses, slashes and Arabic resources. They are riddled with flaws and fit only for theas faithful to the original recording as possible (if one exists) numerals, the following guidelines should be noted: parentheses careless.with the following exceptions. For songs that were recorded in are used only to suggest chords and progressions that are notkeys that are difficult to sing in or to play (e.g. E-flat for guitar considered vital to the song or when presenting supplementary I am quite pleased with the new songs that have been added toor C-sharp for piano), I have transposed the chords to the closest material, slashes are used to indicate bass notes (the note on the this edition. They are quite good, even by secular standards.and easiest key to make them more accessible to novice players. right-side of the slashes) and need not be observed by non- Christian songwriters are really coming into their own, and theIn some cases, I have taken the liberty of altering a few chords bassists, and Arabic numerals are used in chord symbols only songs are getting better every year. The hooks are catchier, theto improve harmonic progressions, the flow of bass lines, or when considered necessary; in most contemporary styles of chord progressions are more interesting, the instrumentation isbecause I just thought it sounded better. Don’t worry, my worship music, 2nds, 7ths, and 9ths are commonplace and are becoming more expansive, and production values continue tomusical choices are always right. In other cases, I have fully re- interchangeable with their nominal forms (e.g. D is rise. Yet they maintain the same passion and express the sameworked some songs by giving them face-melting, high-voltage interchangeable with D2, Em7 can always be played in lieu of truth that the classics did twenty years ago. I am heartened byrock progressions (check out my wicked version of I Could Sing Em, etc.). this recent development.of Your Love Forever). Regarding the page formatting, I have updated this book with In the light of these great new songs, it is becoming harder for Regarding key selection, it is generally accepted that the slightly larger margins, still making use of much of the printable songs to distinguish themselves within the pantheon of praisehighest note most people can comfortably sing is the D a 9th area of the page, yet allowing for page numbers and avoiding and worship tunes. I criticized the song Our Love Is Loud as anabove Middle C (an octave lower for men) and the lowest note problems with printers that are not able to handle margins less example of a poorly written song in the previous two editions of
  3. 3. my songbook. Call me a prophet, but does anyone sing that there comes a time when it has to start expressing itself throughsong anymore? I think it caught a brief wind of popularity and songs, forging its own identity in Christ in worship, and itsthe Holy Spirit graciously moved through it for a while. But it members have to put their personal experiences into the worshipdoesn’t have the substance to survive people’s ever-changing of the church in order for the church to continue growing andtastes and needs and will probably never become a time-tested maturing as a body. It’s a ceiling that few churches learn toclassic, whereas Blessed Be Your Name is going strong three break through because people are too timid or lack theyears running now because it’s so well written and its theme is confidence to step out and try writing. None of the majorso striking and relevant. worship ministries in the world today got where they are by copying others. Hillsong, Vineyard and Soul Survivor forged Many of the new songs I’ve added to this edition are from their own paths (led by the Spirit, of course), and that led toHillsong United. God is certainly moving through them in a their incredible development as ministries.powerful way today. I love their songs and don’t have anyproblem with them. Isn’t the melody for Still just breathtaking? If the worship at your church is becoming stagnant, I urge youYet I can’t help wondering if there is something wrong with to consider trying to write original songs that express thelatching on too closely to one ministry and glorifying them in personal experience of your church. No one is a masterour own eyes. The last thing Reuben Morgan or Marty Sampson composer at first. It takes years of practice, but God will honorwould want is to be deified and worshiped by others. They don’t those who step out in faith and equip them to do the job well. Iwant to take away any glory from our Lord. Yet we put these truly believe there are many individuals within every churchfigures on such high pedestals all the time that we force them to who are capable of writing genuine, heart-felt songs, peopleend up doing what they don’t want to do. who have lots of rough gems within their hearts that need to be dug out and cut into finely crafted pieces. Find the gems in your I’ve heard from friends back home in Toronto that many heart and take the time to craft them as a pleasing offering to theyouth groups are singing Hillsong United songs almost Lord today.exclusively because they’re so popular. Do you see somethingwrong with this picture? There are so many other wonderful If you would like to suggest specific songs to be entered intoworship ministries out there that have a lot to offer. Why limit the next edition, or if you have any comments, criticisms,yourself to the songs of just one church? God is doing many questions or general concerns about this songbook, please emaildifferent things around the world, and if we focus on only one me at . Similarly, if you see anyworship ministry, we miss out on the experiences of other unauthorized, bootlegged copies of this songbook floatingbelievers and the move of God in other places. We should be around the internet or email servers, please write a stronglycareful not to fall into this pattern in our own ministries and written email to them expressing your deep disapproval.churches. I sincerely hope you enjoy this songbook and that it is a Also, the endless promoting and merchandizing of Christian helpful blessing to you. If it facilitates your personal orworship has got to correct itself somehow. The Sampsons and corporate worship in any way, then my job is done, and youMorgans of the church are becoming Australian Idols or pop should be a good Christian and give me a love offering (astars like Chris Martin and are seen as such, especially by young minimum donation of $100 US suggested). So far, I havebelievers. There’s nothing wrong with being successful as a received $0 for my work. But that’s okay. I am still awesome.worship leader or as a Christian artist. There’s nothing wrongwith trying to disseminate your work to a wider audience. Myproblem is more with the marketing behind these artists and thechurch policies that allow or even promote such idolizing. We - Isaac Surhshould do our part as individuals to keep ourselves from suchidolatry. This brings me to my final point. Recently, something I’vebeen feeling God revealing to me is that He’s calling morepeople and more church to start writing their own songs insteadof singing the songs of others. I believe that for every church, 3
  4. 4. List of Song Titles and Credits Every Move I Make (David Ruis, © 1996 Mercy/Vineyard Holy Fire (Brian Doerkson, Steve Mitchinson, © 1998 VineyardA Love Song (Isaac Surh, © 2000) Publishing) Songs)Aaronic Blessing, The (Andi Roselund) Everyday (Joel Houston, © 1999 Hillsong Publishing) Holy Holy (Nathan Fellingham, © 1995 Thankyou Music)Agnus Dei (Michael W. Smith, © 1990 Milene Music) Exalt the Lord (Cindy Rethmeier, © 1991 Mercy/Vineyard Holy Is the Lord (Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, © 2003All Heaven Declares (Noel & Tricia Richards, © 1987 Publishing) songs) Thankyou Music) Holy Love (Andy Park, © 1995 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing)All Who Are Thirsty (Brenton Brown, Glenn Robertson, © Falling Into Grace (Isaac Surh, © 2005) House of the Lord (Glen Veenstra, © 1991 Lehsem Music) 1998 Vineyard Songs) Faithful Father (Brian Doerkson, © 1996 Mercy/Vineyard How Good It Is (Louise & Nathan Fellingham, © 2000Arise (John Barnett, © 1996 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Publishing) Thankyou Music)Arms of Love (Craig Musseau, © 1991 Mercy/Vineyard Faithful One (Brian Doerkson, © 1989 Vineyard Songs) How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash, Publishing) Famous One (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, © 2002 © 2004 the Dawn (Stuart Gerrard, © 1994 Thankyou Music) songs) How Great Is Your Love (How High And How Wide) (Mark Father of Lights (John Barnett, © 1991 Mercy/Vineyard Altrogge, © 1991 Integrity’s Praise! Music)Be Glorified (Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, © 1999 Publishing) Humble King (Brenton Brown © 1999 Vineyard Songs) songs) Father’s Song, The (Matt Redman, © 2000 Thankyou Music) Hungry (Kathryn Scott, © 1999 Vineyard Songs)Be the Center (Michael Frye, © 1999 Vineyard Songs) Forever (Chris Tomlin, © 2001 songs)Beautiful One (Tim Hughes, © 2002 Thankyou Music) Freedom (There Is Freedom) (Michael Larson, © 1999 Flood I Believe In Jesus (Marc Nelson, © 1987 Mercy/VineyardBeautiful Savior (Stuart Townend, © 1998 Thankyou Music) Songs) Publishing)Because of You (Paul Oakley, © 1995 Thankyou Music) Friend of Sinners (Matt Redman, © 1994 Thankyou Music) I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (Martin Smith, © 1994Before the Throne of God Above (words by Charitie Lees Curious? Music) Bancroft, public domain 1863, music by Vikki Cook, © 1997 Give Us Clean Hands (Charlie Hall, © 1997 Generation Music) I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (chords by Isaac Surh) PDI Worship) Glory (Reuben Morgan, © 2002 Hillsong Publishing) I Exalt Thee (Pete Sanchez, Jr., © 1977)Better Is One Day (Matt Redman, © 1995 Thankyou Music) God Is the Strength of My Heart (Eugene Greco, © 1989 I Give Thanks (Brian Thiessen, © 1991 Vineyard Song)Blessed Be Your Name (Matt & Beth Redman, © 2002 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music) I Give You My Heart (This Is My Desire) (Reuben Morgan, © Thankyou Music) God of Wonders (Marc Byrd / Steve Hindalong, © 2000 New 1995 Hillsong Publishing)Breathe (Marie Barnett, © 1995 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Spring Publishing) I Have Come to Love You (Paul Oakley, Martin Cooper, ©By Your Side (Noel & Tricia Richards, © 1990 Thankyou God You Are My God (Stuart Gerrard, © 2000 Curious? 1999 Thankyou Music)Music) Music) I Long For You (Isaac Surh, © 1999) Good to Me (Craig Musseau, © 1990 Vineyard Songs) I Stand In Awe (Mark Altrogge, © 1987 People of Destiny Int.)Come Now Is the Time (Brian Doerkson, © 1998 Vineyard Great In Power (Russell Fragar, © 1998 Hillsong Publishing) I Will Lift My Hands (Bruce Ellis, © 1996 Vineyard Songs) Songs) Great Is the Lord (Steve McEwen, © 1985 Maranatha Praise) I Will Offer Up My Life (Matt Redman, © 1994 ThankyouConsuming Fire (Tim Hughes, © 2002 Thankyou Music) Music)Conqueror (Isaac Surh, © 2005) Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) (Brenton Brown, Brian I Worship You (unknown)Could You (Brian Houston, © 2000 Thankyou Music) Doerkson © 2000 Vineyard Songs) I Worship You Almighty God (Sondra Corbett, © 1983Create In Me A Clean Heart (Andy Gilbert, © 1989 One Way He Knows My Name (Tommy Walker, © 1996 Doulos Integrity’s Hosanna! Music) Ministries) Publishing) In Christ Alone (words by Stuart Townend, music by Keith Hear Our Praises (Reuben Morgan, © 1998 Hillsong Getty, © 2002 Thankyou Music)Days of Elijah (Robin Mark, © 1996 Daybreak Music) Publishing) In the Blessing (John Barnett, © 1992 Mercy/VineyardDid You Feel the Mountains Tremble (Martin Smith, © 1994 Heart of Worship, The (Matt Redman, © 1997 Thankyou Music) Publishing) Curious? Music) Here I Am (To Be Used By You) (Bob Baker, © 1994 In the Secret (Andy Park, © 1995 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing)Draw Me Close (Kelly Carpenter, © 1994 Mercy/Vineyard Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Indescribable (Jesse Reeves, Laura Story, © 2004 Publishing) Here I Am to Worship (Tim Hughes, © 2000 Thankyou Music) songs)Dreamers of Your Dreams (Noel Richards, Ken Riley, © 2001 His Banner Over Me (Kevin Prosch, © 1991 Mercy/Vineyard It’s Rising Up (Matt Redman, Martin Smith, © 1995 Thankyou Thankyou Music) Publishing) Music) His Love (David Ruis, © 1992 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing)Eagle’s Wings (Reuben Morgan, © 1998 Hillsong Publishing) History Maker (Martin Smith, © 1996 Curious? Music) Jesus All For Jesus (Robin Mark, Jennifer Atkinson, © 1991Enough (Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio, 2002 Holy and Anointed One (John Barnett, © 1988 Mercy/Vineyard Authentic Publishing) songs) Publishing) Jesus Friend of Sinners (Paul Oakley, © 1998 Thankyou Music) 4
  5. 5. Jesus Lover of My Soul (Paul Oakley, © 1995 Thankyou Noise We Make, The (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, © 2000 We Are Hungry (Brad Kilman, © 1999 Brad KilmanMusic) songs) Publishing)Jesus the Same (Raymond Badham, © 2003 Hillsong Not To Us (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, © 2001 We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin, © 1998 worshiptogether.comPublishing) songs) songs)Jesus We Enthrone You (Paul Kyle, © 1980 Thankyou Music, Now That You’re Near (Marty Sampson, © 2002 Hillsong We Want To See Jesus Lifted High (Doug Horley, © 1993 chords by Isaac Surh) Publishing) Thankyou Music)Jesus You Alone (Tim Hughes, © 1999 Thankyou Music) Who Is There Like You (Paul Oakley, © 1996 Thankyou Music)Joy (Jon Ellis, additional words by Tim Hughes, © 1997 O Praise Him (All This For A King) (David Crowder, © 2003 With All I Am (Reuben Morgan, © 2003 Hillsong Music) Thankyou Music) songs) Wonderful Cross, The (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, J. D. Walt, O Sacred King (Matt Redman, © 1999 Thankyou Music) © 2000 songs, original words and musicKing of Majesty (Marty Sampson, © 2001 Hillsong Publishing) Once Again (Matt Redman, © 1996 Thankyou Music) by Isaac Watts, 1707, public domain)Knocking On the Door of Heaven (Matt Redman, Steve One Thing I Ask (Andy Park, © 1987 Mercy/Vineyard Wonderful Maker (Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, © 2002 Cantellow, © 1996 Thankyou Music) Publishing) Thankyou Music) One Way (Joel Houston, Jonathan Douglass, © 2003 Hillsong Worship You Forever (Todd Fields, © 2000 Integrity’s Praise!Let Everything That Has Breath (Matt Redman, © 1999 Publishing) Music) Thankyou Music) Open the Eyes of My Heart (Paul Baloche, © 1997 Integrity’sLet My Words Be Few (Matt & Beth Redman, © 2000 Hosanna! Music) You Are A Holy God (Brian Duane, Kathryn Scott, © 1999 Thankyou Music) Our Love Is Loud (David Crowder, © 2002 Vineyard Songs)Let Your Glory Fall (David Ruis, © 1992 Mercy/Vineyard songs) You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) (Mark Imboden and Tammi Publishing) Rhoton, © 1994 Imboden Music)Light the Fire Again (Brian Doerkson, © 1994 Mercy/Vineyard Potter’s Hand, The (Darlene Zschech, © 1997 Hillsong You Are In Control (Scott Underwood, © 1997 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Publishing) Publishing)Like A Child (Paul Oakley, © 1995 Thankyou Music) Praise God From Whom (Old One Hundredth) (words by You Are My God (Kent Henry, © 1992 Integrity’s Hosanna!Listen To Our Hearts (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman, © Thomas Ken, music by Louis Bourgeois, public domain 1674) Music, chords by Isaac Surh) 1994) You Are My King (Brian Doerkson, © 1991 Mercy/VineyardLord Almighty Reigns, The (Terry Butler, © 1994 Refiner’s Fire (Brian Doerkson, © 1990 Vineyard Songs) Publishing) Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Rock of My Salvation (Brent Helming, © 1997 Mercy/Vineyard You Are My King (Amazing Love) (Billy James Foote, © 1999Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Rick Founds, © 1989 Publishing) songs) Maranatha Praise) You Are My Shining Light (Tim Wheeler, © 2001 Infectious,Lord Reign In Me (Brenton Brown, © 1998 Vineyard Songs) Salvation Is Here (Joel Houston, © 2004 Hillsong Publishing) words adapted by Isaac Surh)Love You So Much (Russell Fragar, © 1996 Hillsong Shout to the Lord (Darlene Zschech, © 1993 Hillsong You Are Worthy of My Praise (David Ruis, © 1991 Publishing) Publishing) Mercy/Vineyard Publishing) Sing to the King (Billy Foote, Charles Silvester Horne, © 2003 You Draw Me Closer (Brent Helming, © 1997 Mercy/VineyardMagnificent (Raymond Badham © 2001 Hillsong Publishing) songs) Publishing)Majesty (Martin Smith, Stu Garrard © 2003 Curious? Music) So Good to Me (Darrell Evans, Matt Jones, © 1998 Integrity’s You Must Increase (Matt Redman, © 2000 Thankyou Music)May the Words of My Mouth (Tim Hughes, © 2000 Thankyou Hosanna! Music) Your Beloved (Brent Helming, © 1996 Mercy/Vineyard Music) Still (Reuben Morgan © 2002 Hillsong Publishing) Publishing)Meet Us (Cindy Rethmeier, © 1996 Mercy/Vineyard Surrender (Marc James, © 2000 Vineyard Songs) Your Love Oh Lord (Mac Powell, © 1999 New SpringPublishing) Publishing)Meet With Me (Lamont Hiebert, © 1999 Maranatha! Music) Take All of Me (Marty Sampson, © 2003 Hillsong Publishing) Your Name Is Holy (Brian Doerkson, © 1999 Vineyard Songs)My Glorious (Martin Smith, Stuart Gerrard, © 2000 Curious? Thank You For the Blood (Matt Redman, © 1999 Thankyou Music) Music)My God Reigns (Darrell Evans, © 1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! There Is A Redeemer (Melody Green, © 1982 Birdwing Music) Music) There Is None Like You (Lenny LeBlanc, © 1991 Integrity’sMy Jesus I Love Thee (words by William R. Featherston, 1864, Hosanna! Music) music by Adoniram Gordon, 1876, public domain) Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evens, © 1998 Integrity’sMy Redeemer Lives (Reuben Morgan, © 1998 Hillsong Hosanna! Music) Publishing) 5
  6. 6. A D D/F# G Asus A Alleluia I’m accepted, You were condemnedA Love Song D E A E A D/F# G Asus AC F/C C Ho - ly, holy I’m alive and well, Your Spirit is within me My Jesus You are beautiful D/A A F#m E D/F# G A DC F Gsus G Are You Lord God Almighty Be - cause You died and rose again Your light compels me to draw near Bm A/C# D D Dm7 C/E F G Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb D G To gaze upon the beauty of Your face D E A E A Amazing love, how can it be Dm7 C/E F You are holy, holy D A Is Heaven’s greatest prize D/A A F#m E That You my king would die for me? Are You Lord God Almighty D GC F/C C Bm A/C# D A Amazing love, I know it’s true One day I’ll hold You in my arms Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb, Amen D/F# G AC F Gsus G It’s my joy to honor You And whisper words of love to You All Heaven Declares D/F# G A D Dm7 C/E F G G G/B C D C G In all I do I honor You Your tender touch fulfills my heart and soul All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord Dm7 C/E F Gsus G G/B C D C G D You heal the deepest part of me Who can compare with the beauty of the Lord? You are my king G/B C D G Em You are my king C Dm/C G/B C Forever He will be the Lamb upon the throne Jesus You are my king Your love, Your grace abounds in me C D C G You are my king F G F/A G/B I gladly bow my knee and worship Him alone O I love You Lord, Yes I love You Lord C Dm/C G/B C I will proclaim the glory of the risen Lord Arise For Your hands, Your feet have brought me peace Who once was slain to reconcile man to God E B/D# C#m E/B F G C Forever You will be the Lamb upon the throne For You are good, Your love endures forever O my Jesus I love You Lord I gladly bow my knee and worship You alone A E/G# B And we rejoice in Your unfailing loveThis is a simple song of love All Who Are Thirsty E B/D# C#m E/BThese little words express my heart E G#m Consume our praise with fire down from heavenJust as an infant needs it’s mother’s care All who are thirsty, all who are weak A E/G# BSo I need Your great love my Lord A F#m E/G# A And fill us with Your power from above Come to the fountain, dip your heart in the stream of life B E G#m E B A B E BThe Aaronic Blessing (Welcome Song) Let the pain and the sorrow be washed away Arise, arise, arise G C G Am D A F#m E/G# A B A B E May the Lord bless you and keep you In the waves of His mercy as deep cries out to deep, we sing Oh Lord our God arise G (B) C D E A E B May the Lord make His face to shine upon you(C) G/B C G/D C/E Come Lord Jesus come Arise oh Lord within our midst E A A E B E And give you peace, and give you peace G/B Em Am D G Come Lord Jesus come As we declare Your righteousness (2nd time) E B With the Lord we welcome you into this place Holy Spirit come Lift up the name that we confess Holy Spirit come A E B EAgnus Dei As we proclaim Your holinessA DA D AAlleluia, alleluia for our Lord God Almighty reigns Amazing LoveA DA D A D/F# G Asus A Salvation comes from You aloneAlleluia, alleluia for our Lord God Almighty reigns I’m forgiven because You were forsaken Oh Lamb of God, the Chosen One 6
  7. 7. That we might be Your resting place Living your lives as a praise offering F GWe worship You, we seek Your face Beautiful One I love youArms of Love Be Glorified F G(intro G D/F# Em C) E A D A E A B Beautiful One I adoreG D/F# Em Your love has captured me, Your grace has set me free F G C I sing a simple song of love E A D A F#m B E (A D A) Beautiful One my soul must sing C Em D Your life the air I breathe, be glorified in me To my Savior, to my Jesus Powerful so powerful, Your glory fills the skiesG D/F# Em A E Your mighty works displayed for all to see I’m grateful for the things You’ve done You set my feet to dancing, You set my heart on fire The beauty of Your majesty awakes my heart to sing C Em D A E How marvelous how wonderful you are My loving Savior, oh precious Jesus In the presence of a thousand kings, You are my one desire A C#m B A F GAm Em D/F# G I stand before You now with trembling hands lifted high You opened my eyes to Your wonders anew My heart is glad that You’ve called me Your own A E A D A F GAm Em D Be glorified You captured my heart with this love There’s no place I’d rather be F G C E/G# A B Because nothing on earth is as beautiful as You G D/F# Em C (originally G Bm C) Be glo - ri - fied in me Than in Your arms of love E/G# A B F G G D/F# Em C (here as well) Be glo - ri - fied in me [x4] My soul my soul must sing In Your arms of love F/A G/B Em D/F# C My soul my soul must sing Be The Center Holding me still, holding me near D Dsus F G C D G D/F# Em C My soul my soul must sing Beautiful One Jesus be the center In Your arms of love A G D Be my source, be my light, Jesus Beautiful Saviour D Dsus C#m D E A/C# D AAwaken the Dawn Jesus, be the center All my days I will sing this song of gladness(Intro: F Bb/F Db C) A G D C#m D E A/C# DF Bb/F Be my hope, be my song, Jesus Give my praise to the fountain of delightsSing to the Lord with all of your heart Bm D+7 E D A/C# EF Eb C A D A D For in my helplessness You heard my crySing of the glory that’s due to His name Be the fire in my heart, be the wind in these sails Bm D+7 C#m7 F#/A# BF Bb/F A Bm A G D And waves of mercy poured down on my lifeSing to the Lord with all of your soul Be the reason that I live, Jesus, JesusF Eb C I will trust in the cross of my RedeemerJoin all of heaven and earth to proclaim Jesus be my vision I will sing of the Lamb that never fails Be my path, be my guide, Jesus Of sins forgiven, of conscience cleansed F Bb/F Of death defeated and life without end You are the Lord, the Saviour of all Gm Bb C Beautiful One B/A E/G# A B B/D# E God of creation we praise You F Bb/F F G C/E Beautiful Saviour, Wonderful Counselor Wonderful so wonderful is Your unfailing love F#m F#m/E We sing the songs that awaken the dawn Gm C F Bb/F Db C F G Am Clothed in majesty, Lord of history Your cross has spoken mercy over me B/D# C#m B God of creation we praise You F G C/E You’re the Way, the Truth, the Life No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart could fully know B/A E/G# A B B/D# ESing to the Lord with all of your mind F G C Star of the Morning, glorious in ho – li – nessWith understanding give thanks to the king F#m F#m/E How glorious how beautiful You areSing to the Lord with all of your strength You’re the Risen One, Heaven’s Champion 7
  8. 8. B/D# C#m B C#m D E D/F# G D/F# D Asus A E/G# A Bsus And You reign, You reign over all My name is graven on His hands Better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere D/F# G D/F# G A Bm EI long to be where the praise is never-ending My name is written on His heart Than thousands elsewhereYearn to dwell where the glory never fades Bm/A G D/F# A BmWhere countless worshipers will share one song I know that while in heav’n He stands One thing I ask and I would seek to see Your beautyAnd cries of “worthy” will honor the Lamb Bm/A G D/F# Em G/A Bm To find You in the place Your glory dwells No tongue can bid me thence de - part For here my heart is satisfied within Your presence Bm/A G D/F# Em G/A D I sing beneath the shadow of Your wingsBecause of You A No tongue can bid me thence de - partThere’s a place where the streets shine C#m B A BWith the glory of the Lamb When Satan takes me to despair My heart and flesh cry out for You the living GodThere’s a way we can go there And tells me of the guilt within C#m B A BWe can live there beyond time Upward I look and see Him there Your Spirit’s water to my soul Who made an end to all my sin C#m B A E A I’ve tasted and I’ve seen, come once again to me Because of You, because of You Because the sinless Saviour died E/G# F#m A Bsus E A My sinful soul is counted free I will draw near to You, I will draw near to You, to You Because of Your love, because of Your blood For God the Just is satisfied To look on Him and pardon me Blessed Be Your NameNo more pain, no more sadness To look on Him and pardon me (A E F#m D everywhere unless indicated otherwise)No more suffering, no more tears Blessed be Your name in the land that is plentifulNo more sin, no more sickness Behold Him there the risen Lamb Where Your streams of abundance flow My perfect spotless righteousness D (hold 2 bars)No injustice, no more death! The great unchangeable I AM Blessed be Your name D A The King of glory and of grace All our sins are washed away and we can live forever Blessed be Your name when I’m found in the desert place E A One with Himself I cannot die Though I walk through the wilderness Now we have this hope because of You D (hold 2 bars) My soul is purchased with His blood D A Blessed be Your name My life is hid with Christ on high Oh we’ll see You face to face and we will dance together With Christ my Saviour and my God E A Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise With Christ my Saviour and my God In the city of our God because of You When the darkness closes in Lord still I will say Better Is One DayThere is joy everlasting E A Bsus Blessed be the name of the LordThere is gladness, there is peace How lovely is Your dwelling place O Lord Almighty Blessed be Your nameThere is wine ever flowing E Bsus Blessed be the name of the LordThere’s a wedding, there’s a feast My soul longs and even faints for You D (hold 2 bars) E A Bsus Blessed be Your glorious name For here my heart is satisfied within Your presenceBefore The Throne of God Above E Bsus Blessed be Your name when the sun’s shining down on meNote 1: G D7/F# Em D for intro and in between verses I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings When the world’s “all as it should be”Note 2: Bass passing notes written in parentheses Blessed be Your name D G D D (D E) F#m E/G# A BsusBefore the throne of God above I have a strong a perfect plea Better is one day in Your courts, better is one day in Your house Blessed be Your name on the road marked with suffering G D/F# A Bm E/G# A Bsus Though there’s pain in the offeringA great high priest whose name is Love Better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere Blessed be Your name Bm/A G (F#) Em G/A DWho ever lives and pleads for me E/G# A Bsus You give and take away Better is one day in Your courts, better is one day in Your house You give and take away 8
  9. 9. My heart will choose to say A E A C Lord blessed be Your name One day every knee will bow Oh where are they now? Where are they now?Breathe A C#mG C G C Still the greatest treasure remains for those C D G/B This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe F#m B But You still remainG D/F# Em C Em D Who gladly choose You now [2x] C D G/B Your holy Presence living in me Yes You still remainG C G C Consuming Fire C D G/B This is my daily bread, this is my daily bread Em D/F# G You were there back then and You’re here right nowG D/F# Em C Em D There must be more than this C D Am C Your very Word spoken to me C Em D C Lord You still remain O breath of God come breathe within G D/F# Em C Em D Em D/F# G G Bm And I, I’m desperate for You There must be more than this And we sing, we sing G D/F# Em C Em D (C Em D) C Em D C Em Bm C (Em Bm C G) And I, I’m lost without You Spirit of God we wait for You We sing to our God [x2] Am G/B D Am G/B D Fill us anew we pray, fill us anew we pray The arrogant live and dieBy Your Side The Pharisees have been put to shame Bm E(/G#) A G D Proud men they rise and fallBy Your side I would stay Consuming Fire fan into flame Oh where are they now? Bm E A Em CIn Your arms I would lay A passion for Your name All treasures will turn to ashA/C# D A/C# Bm Bm/A E G D And seekers of youth will fade to dustJesus lo - ver of my soul Spirit of God fall in this place Em D G/B C Celebrities come and goA A/C# D A/C# Bm Bm/A E Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way with us Oh where are they now? Where are they now?Nothing from You I with - hold D A/C# Come like a rushing wind, clothe us with power from on high And we sing, we sing Lord I love You and adore You Now set the captives free, leave us abandoned to Your praise We sing to our God [x2] Bm E A (Em A7) Lord let Your glory fall, Lord let Your glory fall And we scream, we scream What more can I say? We scream without fear D A/C# C D For He lives, He lives You cause my love to grow stronger Stir it up in our hearts Lord, stir it up in our hearts Lord Yes Jesus is here Bm E A C D With every passing day Stir it up in our hearts, a passion for Your name [x2] Death could not conquer my Lord The grave could not contain Him Conqueror And now He reigns forevermore [2x] (Intro: Em Bm C G)Come, Now Is The Time To Worship Em C Dsus DE The Caesars have come and gone Could YouCome, now is the time to worship Em C G Bm EmB F#m E/G# A Napoleon has been laid to rest When the way ahead is not clearCome, now is the time to give your heart Em C Dsus CE Empires rise and fall And inspiration’s not hereCome just as you are to worship D A C D EmB F#m E/G# A E Oh where are they now? When I’m in a dry and desert placeCome just as you are before your God, come C The monuments turn to ash And I want to see You face to faceA E And Pyramids all will fade to dustOne day every tongue will confess You are God Temples they come and go D 9
  10. 10. I don’t wanna worship from afar C Am D C F/AI don’t wanna follow foreign gods Of famine and darkness and sword Open up the doors and let the music play Am G C Dm C GAnd if to worship is to kiss Still we are the voice in the desert crying Let the streets resound with singing C G D G C F/AI won’t settle for any less than this “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” Songs that bring Your hope and songs that bring Your joy Dm C G C G G D G C Dancers who dance upon injustice Could You look into my eyes tonight? Behold He comes riding on the clouds C G D Do you feel the darkness tremble Could You purify my mind tonight? Shining like the sun at the trumpet call When all the saints join in one song Am G D G C And all the streams flow as one river Could You come and change my life tonight Jesus? So lift your voice it’s the year of Jubilee To wash away our brokenness? G G D G (C G D) If I worship You because You are Lord And out of Zion’s hill salvation comes And here we see that God You’re moving C A time of jubilee is coming when young and old return to Jesus Who shaped the heavens and created the world These are the days of Ezekiel, the dry bones becoming as flesh Fling wide… etc. Am And these are the days of Your servant David And called my name before the day I was born Rebuilding a temple of praise G D Em (G last time) Draw Me Close And these are the days of the harvest G Am(/G) Jesus You’re my Lord The fields are as white in Your world Draw me close to You And we are the laborers in Your vineyard D(/G) GWhen the Scriptures seem so dead to me Declaring the Word of the Lord Never let me goAnd I don’t feel like I’ve been set free D(/G) C(/G)When all around they sing of victory G C I lay it all down againBut it’s only darkness that I see There is no God like Jehovah, there is no God like Jehovah Em Em/D C (C/D) G D To hear You say that I’m Your friendCreate In Me A Clean Heart There is no God like Jehovah, there is no God like Jehovah [x2] G D C G You are my desire, no one else will do Create in me a clean heart O God Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble ‘Cause nothing else could take Your placeEm D C G C Em Em/D C And renew a right spirit within me [2x] Did you feel the mountains tremble? To feel the warmth of Your embrace F/A Dm7 G/D Am C/D G C/D D C D G D/F# Em Did you hear the oceans roar when the people rose to sing of Help me find the way, bring me back to You Cast me not away from Thy presence O Lord F G C C G C G C D G Jesus Christ the Risen One? G D C And take not Thy Holy Spirit from me You’re all I want C D G D/F# Em G D C D Did you feel the people tremble? Did you hear the singers roar Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation You’re all I ever needed When the lost began to sing of Jesus Christ the Saving One? C D C G G D C And renew a right spirit within me You’re all I want F/A C And we can see that God You’re moving Am D GDays of Elijah F/A C Help me know You are nearG C G D G A mighty river through the nationsThese are the days of Elijah declaring the Word of the Lord F/A C Dreamers of Your Dreams G C G D/F# Em C When young and old return to Jesus,And these are the days of Your servant Moses Dm When we turn our hearts to heaven and bow downG D C G D/F# Em C Fling wide you heavenly gates!Righteousness being restored F G C G C G We’ll see fathers and their children reconciled Bm Em D C G Gsus G Prepare the way of the Risen Lord!And though these are days of great trials We’ll be the dreamers of Your dreams 10
  11. 11. D C G Gsus G Still more awesome than I know E G#m F# We’ll be the dreamers of Your dreams Everyday its You Ill live for G C D C G/B B E G#m F# B G D/F# More than all I want, more than all I need Everyday Ill follow after YouWhen Your fire falls from heaven C D E G#m F# B/D# E G#m F# Em C (etc.) You are more than enough for me Everyday Ill walk with You my LordWe will rend our hearts to You More than all I know, more than all I can seeWe will tell it to our children all the wonders You have done You are more than enough B E G#m F# B E G#m F#And in every generation we will sing of Your great love Its You I live for every day, it’s You I live for every dayWhen Your fire falls from heaven we’ll return to You again B E G#m F# B E G#m F# Every Move I Make Its You I live for every day G C DEagle’s Wings Every move I make I make in YouAm D G C C Exalt the Lord Here I am waiting, abide in me I pray You make me move Jesus Em D Em D EmAm D G G C D C Exalt the Lord our God (exalt the Lord our God) Here I am longing for You Every breath I take I breathe in You D Em D EmAm D G C G C D And wor - ship at His feet (and wor - ship at His feet) [x2] Hide me in Your love, bring me to my knees Every step I take I take in You D/F# GAm D G (C D) C For He (for He) is holy May I know Jesus more and more You are my way Jesus G C D C G Em C D G C/G G C G/B Am D Every breath I take I take in You For the Lord our God, He is (You are) holy [x3] Come live in me, all my life take over Yes the Lord our God, He is (You are) holy G C/G G C G/B Am G/D D G G Am G/B Am Come breathe in me, and I will rise on ea - gle’s wings Waves of mercy, waves of grace G Am G/B C G Faithful Father Everywhere I look I see Your face G D/F# Em C D Am G/B Am Father I can’t explain this kind of love this kind of graceEnough Your love has captured me G D/F# EmG C D G/B C G Am G/B C G I know I still break Your heart and yet You are my supply my breath of life Oh my God this love how can it be? C Dsus D (G/B) Am D/F# (D) (La, la, la…) You run to welcome me Still more awesome than I knowG C D G/B C G C D You are my reward worth living for Everyday This is my song of praise to You (G/B) Am D E B G#m F# E G C D Still more awesome than I know What to say Lord? Its You who gave me life and I For who You are and all that You do B G#m F# Em C D G C/E D C G Cant explain just how much You mean to me now From the moment my life began All of You is more than enough for all of me E B G#m F# E C (D) C/E D C G That You have saved me Lord, I give all that I am to You You have been faithful For every thirst and every need B G#m F# E B G#m F# C/E D C G/B That everyday I can be a light that shines Your name Father I love the way You hold me close and say my name You satisfy me with Your love I know when my life is through my heart will find C D Everyday Lord Ill learn to stand upon Your Word Its home in You And all I have in You is more than enough And I pray that I, that I might come to know You more That You would guide me in every single step I take that This is my song of praise to YouYou’re my sacrifice of greatest price E B G#m F# B For who You are and all that You doStill more awesome than I know Everyday I can be a light unto the world From before the world beganYou’re the coming King, You are everything You have been faithful 11