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two degrees 2013


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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two degrees 2013

  1. 1. Why was it started  When Two Degrees founders, Lauren Walters and Will Hauser encountered these effects in-person while traveling in Africa, they decided to use what they knew best – the power of business – to do something about it.  Lauren Walters, 60, and Will Hauser, 25, found Two Degrees in 2010. With Lauren acting as the co-founder and CEO and Will as the co-founder and President.Barr Hogen is the Bar Guru & Product Developer.
  2. 2. The approach  Two Degrees bars are healthy, natural, and gluten free. It is made with real fruit, nuts, seeds and heritage grains like chia, quinoa and millet.  For every bar sold, they give a meal to a hungry child.
  3. 3. The mission  Two Degrees purchase nutrient rich meals and medically formulated nutrition packs.  They got a network of non-profit partners in developing countries. Each organizations has gave meals through health clinics, schools, and community groups in areas where children are suffering from hunger or malnutrition.
  4. 4. The impact of Two degrees  Myanmar Two Degrees provides hot meals and fortified biscuits to children in Myanmar through World Food Program USA. Through its school meals programs, WFP places special emphasis on girls’ education. It works with families and communities to help make it possible for girls to attend school.  Colombia Two Degrees works with World Food Program USA to provide hot, nutrient dense meals to school children throughout Colombia. Serving food at school not only helps alleviate hunger among the world’s poorest children, it helps to get them into school, providing them with education, lifeskills and also helps to build character
  5. 5. partners  In Two Degrees, they are partnering with organizations such as Action Against Hunger , ACF International, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Feeding America, IMA World Health, Partners In Health, Relief International , Valid Nutrition and last but not least, WFP USA .
  6. 6. partners  These oragnisations help to save 937657 children already when my group check on this date, 03/10/13,they have mange to save and help these children.  SO HELP THEM NOW, THEY NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!
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  8. 8.  Done by:  Yi ying  Yong hong  Gerapat  Kay jin  Kian siong  Jacobkoh