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Paul Hunter: why MOOCs and Executives Don't Mix


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presentation for "MOOCs: Here to Stay" panel at OEB'15

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Paul Hunter: why MOOCs and Executives Don't Mix

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  3. 3. 3© 2007-2013 IMD Agenda 1. BriefOverviewofIMD 2. DigitalLearning@ IMD • BlendedLearning • IMD’sGlobalLeadershipintheCloudPrograms 3. Sevenkey takeawaysfromIMD’sDigitalLearningJourney
  7. 7. 7© 2007-2015 IMD  More than8,000executivesfrom98countriescome toIMDeachyear  120globalcompanieschoose IMDfortheircustomizedprogramseachyear  Ouralumninetworkcountsmore than80,000membersand40clubs worldwide  Over34differentnationalitiesrepresentedintheIMD Facultyandstaff  IMDisrankedFIRSTinexecutiveeducationworldwide(FinancialTimes2008-2015)andFIRSTin openprogramsworldwide(FinancialTimes 2012, 2013,2014&2015) Facts and Figures
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  15. 15. Global Leadership In the Cloud programs IMD’s ‘Global Leadership In the Cloud’ (GLC) Programs are online learning journeys combining a range of digital input, individual assignments, virtual group work, personalized feedback from an IMD program manager, live case studies, peer reviews and a summative assessment. Each program is: • Intensive: approximately 8 weeks duration and requires 4-6 hours’ work per week • Convenient: develop your global leader skills without leaving the office • Flexible: plan your personal learning around your professional schedule • Personalized: an action learning assignment embedded in your current challenges ensures immediate transfer of learning to your professional context and a measurable ROI
  16. 16. 16© 2007-2013 IMD What makes IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud so successful? • Personalized feedback from IMD Your program manager will be your learning partner every step of your journey, providing feedback and guidance as you apply the learning to your context • Individual action-learning project Every program has an integrated action-learning project specific to a current business challenge you are facing • Qualitative interaction with accomplished global leaders Access to IMD’s GLC programs is exclusively for high- potential and developing global leaders with a minimum of 6- 10 years experience managing projects, functions or business units at a regional or country level • Small–scale cohorts Each cohort has a maximum of 50 participants providing sufficient diversity to challenge your assumptions whilst remaining a truly personalized learning experience • IMD Executive Education Certification Successful completion of all assignments, on time together with the final summative assessment leads to IMD certification • Become an IMD Alumnus/Alumna On successful completion of your GLC you become a lifelong member of IMD’s worldwide alumni community
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  20. 20. 20© 2007-2013 IMD Fabian Kühne Senior Manager Strategic Controlling & Systems FM Daimler AG The IMD Leading Strategic Initiatives Program in the Cloud was an outstanding experience for me. An intensive learning process combined with well selected real life cases study, mixed with group and team exercises, lectured by great teachers and executives via videos and supported by outstanding coached created a real value and not only for my own skills, but also had a direct impact in my day to day business. (…) Vincent Pommier, Systems Engineering Director NetApp France It was very interesting to take some time to think differently about our traditional way of looking at an industry. (…) It’s key to be able to switch off from our day-to- day job for a few hours to better feel immersed in the program. Web learning when done properly is a great alternative to instructor-led training in a formal class room. Hichem Khadhraoui Regional Head of Middle East, Sector Central Tracing Agency & Protection Division ICRC Learning Leadership was more than a course, it was a journey both for our professional and personal life. Susann Bhatti Business Manager/Chief of Staff Wealth Management Europe International UBS AG (…) Looking back, I acquired a new tool set, which I have the ambition to apply to my daily business problems, hence contributing to my company's overall success. For executives, who look for learning opportunities to complement their skills, while staying full speed on their jobs, this program may have the answer. Ronald Christen Country Manager Global Blue Schweiz AG "... new learning experience in a virtual environment where participants are independent of timings and venues to get a maximum out of their invested time… and it's fun too !" Henri Navarro Strategic Planning Manager Vale (…) I actually found the course excellent, had doubts about the effectiveness of a web course, but I saw the professionalism and organization. Really surprised me. You are all to be congratulated!!! GLC - Feedback
  21. 21. 21© 2007-2013 IMD © 2007-2014 IMD 21 GLCVIDEO DEMOS Introduction to programs Click on thumbnail to play video Pricing Excellence (PE) Strategic Thinking (ST) Learning Leadership (LL) Being Innovative (BI) Leveraging Strategic Partnerships (LSP) Leading Strategic Initiatives (LSI)
  22. 22. 22© 2007-2013 IMD © 2007-2014 IMD 22 GLCVIDEO DEMOS Selected content excerpts Click on thumbnail to play video Being Innovative Race to the South Pole Strategic Thinking How industries sometimes evolve Leading Strategic Initiatives Think it through Finance Fundamentals for Executives Capital budgeting Pricing Excellence The pregnancy test Learning Leadership What’s your leadership style?
  23. 23. 23© 2007-2013 IMD © 2007-2014 IMD 23 GLCVIDEO DEMOS Selected content excerpts Click on thumbnail to play video Leveraging Strategic Partnerships Search, Screen, Select Being Innovative iPod review Strategic Thinking Performance moves Learning Leadership – The Journey (sample syllabus) Learning Leadership The bonding cycle Being Innovative – S curves (sample individual assignment)
  24. 24. 24© 2007-2013 IMD © 2007-2014 IMD 24 Learning Leadership Team meeting (roleplay) Being Innovative Ideas and viruses Learning Leadership A challenging conversation (roleplay) GLCVIDEO DEMOS Selected content excerpts Click on thumbnail to play video
  25. 25. Intuitive & interactive platform to optimize learning Horizontal menu with chapter tasks Week by week progression Dynamic videos with embedded animations Student progress tracker Individual, Buddy & team assignments Forums for exchange Screen capture from the Learning Leadership GLC
  26. 26. 26© 2007-2013 IMD Agenda 1. BriefOverviewofIMD 2. DigitalLearning@ IMD • BlendedLearning • IMD’sGlobalLeadershipintheCloudPrograms 3. Sevenkeytakeawaysfrom IMD’s DigitalLearningJourney
  27. 27. 27© 2007-2013 IMD 7 key takeaways 1. Startattheend 2. Treatexecutiveslikeexecutives 3. Changethechannel 4. Respecttheholytrinityofvirtuallearning 5. Keep thecontentfreshandeasytodigest 6. ContinuouslydemonstrateROI 7. Leveragequalifiedfeedbackasa catalystforchange
  28. 28. 28© 2007-2013 IMD Back Up
  29. 29. 29© 2007-2013 IMD LEADING STRATEGIC INITIATIVES (LSI) Enables managers to understand and overcome the key challenges involved in driving strategic change and equips them with pragmatic tools to successfully launch a strategic initiative within their organization. Bettina Büchel 29 >> Biography
  30. 30. 30© 2007-2013 IMD SandraBorges Governance& Change SeniorManager Vale IthadbeenalongtimesinceIhaveparticipatedinaprogramasinterestingasthis.Honestlythisprogramnotonlymetbutexceeded myexpectationsandlearningobjectives.WhatIlikedmostwasthewell-structuredmethodology,especiallyfortheimplementation phase.Allsupportmaterials:book,cases,templates,etc.,areverygood,practicalandhelpfulandcomplementeachother. FabianKühne SeniorManagerStrategicControlling& SystemsFM Daimler AG TheIMDLeadingStrategicInitiativesProgramintheCloudwasanoutstandingexperienceforme.Anintensivelearningprocess combinedwithwellselectedreallifecasesstudy,mixedwithgroupandteamexercises,lecturedbygreatteachersandexecutivesvia videosandsupportedbyoutstandingcoachedcreatedarealvalueandnotonlyformyownskills,butalsohadadirectimpact inmy daytodaybusiness.(…) ResimateBaloyi SeniorManager,Project, StructuredFinance MTN Aprogramforreallifechallenges,thelessonscanbeusedevenbeforeonecompletestheprogramVerypractical. FrankRydbirk HeadCollaborationand Mobility F. Hoffmann-LaRocheAG (…)Thematerialprovidedanddiscussionswehavehadduringthecoursehastriggermanythinkingonmyendforhowtoimprove theexecutionofthestrategicinitiativewhichIamleadingtoday.Learningsaroundstakeholdermanagementandfocusand alignmentaroundkeymilestonesandKPI'shavealreadybeenincludedinmywork.Ialsofounditveryusefultobeabletotakea courseanddoworkwhenmyscheduleallows.Theoutlineofworkrequiredanddateswaswellplannedandachievable.Havingthe coursegooveran8weekperiodalsohelpedsolidifythetopicsinmyheadwhichissometimesdifficultifonlyhavingafewdays intenselearningandthenbeingbackinthefloodofdaytodaybusiness. ThomasSoerensen OperationsDirector GrundfosBrazil TheLSImodulewasmyfirstexperienceofadistancelearningcourseandIwassomewhatscepticalifthiswouldprovidevalueforme. ButaftercompletingthemoduleIhavegainedsomereallearningsintheareasIwaslookingforimprovements,inparticularregarding stakeholdermanagementandcommunication.ThiswasagoodexperienceandsomethingIwouldrecommendtoanybodywanting tolearnorrefreshtheirskillsonmanagingstrategicinitiatives. LSI - Feedback
  31. 31. 31© 2007-2013 IMD BEING INNOVATIVE (BI) Equips managers to understand the limitations of current managerial models in a world of flux and ambiguity and enables them to incorporate the lessons from successful innovators into their own personal managerial context. Bill Fischer 31 >> Biography
  32. 32. 32© 2007-2013 IMD BI -Feedback Vincent Pommier, SystemsEngineeringDirector NetAppFrance It was very interestingto take some time to thinkdifferentlyaboutourtraditionalwayof looking at an industry.(…) It’skey to be ableto switch off from ourday-to-dayjob fora few hoursto betterfeelimmersedin the program.Web learningwhen doneproperlyisa great alternativeto instructor-ledtrainingin a formal class room. Kim Nielsen, Vice President LEGO SystemA/S Denmark Thiswashighlymotivating andengagingwith everyoneleaninginto thediscussionsandcocreated - great experience Working with the S curve had me focusonthe elementsof ourown company/productdevelopmentwhich for me was a differentandnew way of usingthis tool.(…) From thisfirst time thegroupcame together,therewe great dialogueandeveryonecontributedactively. (…) GuilhermeSilva, CountryManager JTICambodia Thisweekwasvery insightfulas notonlywe learneda methodologyto testsomeof ourideasbut alsowe had a chanceto reflect onsomeof ourpastprojectsandlet them be evaluatedunderthisframework. (…) RalphWieskamp, AssistantVice President, Accounting,Reporting& Administration GlobalBlueFinland I have alsogainednew ideasonhowto improve interactionin a virtual environment,which isextremely relevantforme asI am working with a team locatedonthreedifferentcontinents.(…) DeepenJhina, SeniorManager,Project& StructuredFinance MTN GroupLtd. SouthAfrica Excellent program, great contentandjusttheright workloadto keepa professionalengaged.
  33. 33. 33© 2007-2013 IMD LEVERAGING STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS (LSP) Equips managers with the fundamental tools in leveraging strategic partnerships for competitive advantage through a six stage process of strategizing, searching, selecting, structuring, starting and steering. James Henderson 33 >> Biography
  34. 34. 34© 2007-2013 IMD LSP - Feedback MarcosChiorboli CorporateStrategyDirector Vale Strategicpartnershipsarea mustto competein thereal globaleconomyandthe IMD/LSPprogram drivesyou througha structuredapproachof the processof thinking, designingand implementingstrategicpartnerships. Very well structuredwith a good balanceof theoryandpractice.Prof Hendersonguidance(…), andalwaysvery well structuredcommentsonthe individualassignments,contributedto my positiveexperiencewith the program. (…)Thecaliberof the participantsspeaksforthemselves. Dirk Abeel GlobalHead BusinessIntegrationManagement NestleNutritionSA I wouldlike to expressmy gratitudeto the wholeteam andmy colleagues.It wasa fantastic8 weeks. EdsonRibeiro Director Exploration Vale Levering StrategicPartnershipsis critical for anyindividualorcompanyin a globaleconomy, where competitionand complexityareincreasingeveryday.Thisprogram providesa simple,soundand structured approachto guide youthroughthe processin orderto maximize yourresults. MerijnvanMourik SeniorManagerStrategy AccentureNetherlands LSPis a greattraining forprofessionalsactivelyinvolvedinpartnershipsaswellasthoseembarking on a partnershipjourney.
  35. 35. 35© 2007-2013 IMD LEARNING LEADERSHIP (LL) Enables leaders to understand their individual leadership approach, reflect upon their leadership impact and adopt strategies to remain resilient in the face of adversity. George Kohlrieser 35 >> Biography
  36. 36. 36© 2007-2013 IMD LL - Feedback HichemKhadhraoui RegionalHeadof MiddleEast, SectorCentral Tracing Agency& ProtectionDivision ICRC LearningLeadershipwas more thana course,it wasa journeyboth for ourprofessionalandpersonallife. KarinSchöfegger Managerof ProductOwners GlobalBlue Theprogram was offeredto me at theexact moment in my careeras I justtookover the roleof a team lead, during a time of change.I could immediatelyapplyvery relevantleadershipconceptsin my day-to-day activitiesand seethe immediatepositiveeffectin my team! Theprogram not onlyhelpedme to establish myselfasa caring team leadbut taughtme theimportanceof keepinga positivemindset,to seemyself throughthe eyesof othersandsupportedmeto developa clearleadershipvisionofwhoI’d like to become. ChristophSchroeder BusinessManager DuPontBuildingInnovationsRussia&CIS My biggestlearningfrom thisprogram isthat leadershipisnot onlyaboutachievingtargetsbut about continuouslybuildingrelationships:bondingwith people. Showingresilienceandcoaching asa leaderis the bestwayto leadsustainablyteamsandevenmore sobuildstrongteams.Ihada great connectionswithmy Buddyduring the program, from whom I gainedgreat insightsandlearningswhich Icould applyduring the program in realbusinesslife.
  37. 37. 37© 2007-2013 IMD STRATEGIC THINKING (ST) Equips managers with a methodology to complete an industry analysis, examine strategic alternatives, measure strategic risks and make the best strategic choices. 37 Paul Strebel >> Biography
  38. 38. 38© 2007-2013 IMD SusannBhatti BusinessManager/Chiefof StaffWealth ManagementEuropeInternational UBS AG (…)The program followsa very practicaland structuredapproach,which helpedme analyzemy business problemanddevelopmy strategicconceptstepby step.Looking back, I acquireda new tool set, which Ihave the ambitionto applyto my dailybusinessproblems,hencecontributingto my company'soverallsuccess.For executives,wholookfor learningopportunitiesto complementtheir skills,whilestayingfull speedontheir jobs,thisprogram mayhave the answer. RonaldChristen CountryManager GlobalBlueSchweizAG "... new learningexperiencein a virtual environmentwhere participantsareindependentof timings and venuesto get a maximum out of theirinvestedtime… andit's fun too!" HenriNavarro StrategicPlanningManager Vale (…)I actuallyfoundthe courseexcellent, haddoubtsabouttheeffectivenessofa web course,but I saw the professionalismandorganization.Reallysurprisedme.You areall to becongratulated!!! ModupeKadri CFO ScancomLTD MTN Ghana I will be applyingthe learninghereinthechoiceswe will be making to maintainourleadershippositioninthe country.(…)Thisisthe firsttime I have takena cloudcourseandI thinkitsa great way of learning.(…) ST - Feedback
  39. 39. 39© 2007-2013 IMD© 2007-2013 IMD SF 39 Nuno Fernandes
  40. 40. 40© 2007-2013 IMD© 2007-2013 IMD PE