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patterns for civic empowerment

  1. 1. Patterns for civic empowerment A joint workshop of the  Pattern Language Network , the  Public Sphere Project , and  PRADSA network
  2. 2. Draw & Tell In a conversational activity, start off by a structured task in which participants represent a personal reflection in drawing and present it to the group. The subject of the task should be related to the theme of discussion at an abstract level so that it inspires the ensuing conversation.
  3. 3. Three hats / S.T.A.R.R S ituation T ask A ctions R esults ( R eflections)
  4. 4. Force mapping Alexander defines a pattern as equivalent to a diagram resolving a set of interacting and conflicting forces. Many pattern authors see the articulation of forces and relations as key to the problem description. Others claim that the notion of forces causes confusion, and is an obstacle to novice pattern writers. To resolve this conflict, groups of authors are asked to represent forces as icons and draw the links between them.