Mobile Learning Day - LocalLearn Scenarios


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Mobile Learning Day - LocalLearn Scenarios

  1. 1. LocalLearn Scenarios:Help us shape the next big thingMobile Learning Day, 22 Feb. 2012 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  2. 2. What’s the story?• LocalLearn is a new initiative driven by the Open Media Unit.• It proposes to use mobile and social media to develop means of accessing locally relevant free educational material / services from the Open University• IET are helping define and design the thing that LocalLearn will be. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  3. 3. ‘Go Further with the OU’Aims• Awareness - Enhancing OU brand through association with mobile services and reinforcing idea of OU - open and relevant to people anywhere, any time. Exploiting innovative semantic/linked data and ‘social layer’ activity to enhance service.• Engagement - Means of engaging learners at point of need/interest based on location exploration and relevance.• Conversion - Clear routes from free and open materials, locally relevant to formal study opportunities. Opportunity to indicate local study centres/study buddies.• Asset Return - Using power of crowd to user tag and relate materials, using semantic web activity to enhance existing Open Media materials with geo-relevance.• Opportunity to monetise service.• Opportunity to build relations (and expose OU content) with new partnersincluding National Trust, British Library The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  4. 4. Your jobYou will be presented with two usage scenarios we have envisioned for LocalLearn. These scenarios try to depict potential users and their possible patterns of use. Put yourself in these users’ shoes, and walk through the scenarios.• Are you convinced that they describe a genuine need and address it adequately?• Are they tempting, exciting, inspiring? Do you imagine the technology inducing a change of practice?• What are the possible points of failure?• How could the scenarios be extended / enhanced / improved?Scribble your comments on the paper version,Or comment online at text 460653 followed by frame number and your comment to 07624806527 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  5. 5. Scenario 1: Joe Kirpatis businesstrip to PerthJoe Kirpatiis driving toPerth for abusinessmeeting
  6. 6. As he drinks hisHistory morning coffee,Nature he uses googleLiteratureArchitecture maps app on his phone to plot the route, and uses the LocalLearn plugin to note his interests
  7. 7. On the way, theLocalLearnapps reads outcontent aboutplaces hepasses by theinterests henoted.
  8. 8. Whensomethingsparks hisinterest, he tapsthe phone tosave it for later. Save
  9. 9. Joe arrives early, so he uses his laptop to followup on the points of interest he saved. The linkstake him to the relevant OpenLearn pages. Joe Kirpati Melrose Abbey Hadrian’s wall Millenium bridge, Newcastle
  10. 10. Scenario 2: The Kirpatis trip to theLake District Meet the Kirpati family from Leeds Android iPhone phone Kobo Android phone Simple Laptop (cheap) phone Joe Beth Clarisse (15) Maisy (12)
  11. 11. Beth planning the family holiday Windermere Plan your trip with OpenUniversitys LocalLearn? Register | Download app Beth Kirpati Download app My Learning Trails | My local area | Plan a trip
  12. 12. Beth plans a trip:Marks a route on the map, notes interests, system recommends relevantcontent, chooses and arranges.Shares her trail with family members Beth Kirpati Download app Plan a trip : Lake District * Beatrix Potter * William Wordsworth beatrix * ..... potter * ..... Share this trail with a friend
  13. 13. email from: Beth shared the learning trail "lake district" with you Register | Download app Joe Kirpati Download app Plan a trip : Lake DistrictJoe receives theinvite from Beth, * Beatrix Potterregisters * William Wordsworthand notes his Wray * Wray Castleinterests (scenery, Castle * .....gardens)edits the trail. Share this trail with a friend
  14. 14. iPhoneDownloadLocalLearn Android Kobo phone Download Download LocalLearn LocalLearn
  15. 15. Durring the Kobodrive toWindermere,the girls readthrough thetrail, anddiscuss theinformationwith theparents.
  16. 16. At Wrey Castle,Clarisse takes aphoto with her phoneand attaches it to thefamily trailShe also spots aninteresting mushroomand uses the iSpottab to upload it andlink it to their trail
  17. 17. Back in the B&Bthe family usesJoes laptop tofollow up on thedays experiences,and check out thelinks the system Joe Kirpatisuggests
  18. 18. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  19. 19. Thank You!Yishay