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Fels survey

  1. 1. the Survey…Mobile Learning Day, 23 May. 2012 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  2. 2. 25Who are you? 20 15 45 10 40 35 30 5 25 20 15 10 0 5 0 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  3. 3. What have you? 1430 1225 1020 815 6105 40 2 0 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  4. 4. What do you use? 50 phone 40 mp3 iPod 30 iPad tablet 20 kindle kobo 10 eReader laptop 0 dont use personal research teaching The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  5. 5. What do you use…• I use my iPhone to keep up with my emails and calendar while on the go. I also use frequently apps like Google maps, weather, around me, iBooks, Skype and others.• I use my (laptop / iPad / mobile / kindle) for personal, research and teaching.• Use the basic phone as a carrier for SD video for teaching cf English in Action• … and a mobile digital recorder for research.• I am e- dependent• I am frustrated that the systems are not always compatible and that using personal equipment for work is not better supported. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  6. 6. What do you know about.. 35 30 25 20 15 mVLE mLibrary 10 5 0 know it exists havent heard of tried it use it regularly but never seen it it The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  7. 7. What would you like to learn? 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Mobile VLE Mobile Library eBooks Location Social-Mobile Mobile Design for Based Games Learning Learning and Mobile Google Apps Learning The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  8. 8. What would like to learn about?• How learners are using these devices and what we can do to meet their learning styles• I would like to learn how to write an app• The work done by English in Action in putting all their course materials onto an SD card• Mainly interested in how to write materials for mobile learning. And how to ensure that materials I write for a remake module are future proofed for mobile learning.• Im particularly interested in functionality in relation to learning activities involving video and audio• How to identify those elements of a curriculum which can be effectively supported by mobile learning or mobile teaching• Location based information applications, language specific applications• Im interested in the possibilities with Tablet use. Im interested in what can be downloaded to then be used offline (e.g. for projects in Africa, OU students based in the developing world)• Mobile learning as a way of bringing informal and serendipitous learning closer to formal learning• results of research conducted so far in terms of student learning, teaching design etc. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  9. 9. How would you use it?• We want to design an online study guide which can be downloaded and used on mobile devices, and module books which can be used on kindle• As an alternative way to deliver audio and video materials, and interactive activities for language learning.• To explore ways to develop language learning activities located on site (e.g. in a country where the language is spoken) but done by the students on their own.• social learning; location based information• For encouraging informal learning. For easy access no matter the location.• I would like to learn more about what is available to make sure that the students can use their devices in any way that can help them learn• For new project in Bangladesh, developing use of English in HE• Id like a good PDF annotation tool so that students could annotate their course books on iPads, for example.• I need to keep in touch with students and tutors when away from the office.• To support reflective accounts of practice of students The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  10. 10. examples of how you used it?• Have been involved in the Learnosity project and would like to see more materials developed for mobile access in foreign language learning.• Use laptop for ETMA marking and take to tutorials with USB.• I have used mobile digital recording equipment to record naturally-occurring speech samples for teaching and as part of a research project.• Advising students e.g. telling a taxi driver who phoned the regional centre to say he used to be able to study with books between rides, but now it was all on the computer he couldnt do that any more that in fact he could access it on his phone, which he hadnt thought of and was delighted to know• We have a photo blog on U214. Students can upload photos of linguistic landscapes to a map and blog page. Others can read and comment. This enhances a unit which discusses the impact of English on linguistic landscapes around the world.• just to keep in touch• Podcasting• mobile blog activity, part of L204: residentialschoolblogs.open.ac.uk/santiago/blog.php The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  11. 11. Barriers / concerns / worries?• Cost for participants, who are not a data plan, is one concern. It would exclude a section of the student community.• The size of the device for reading (phone), focus on listening and speaking seems more appropriate.• Length of teaching session, concentration and focus more limited than a f2f teaching environment.• I dont have a smart phone.• FlashPlayer doesnt work on iPod or iPad. Lots of interactive things need Flash, not just video, so, e.g. BBC material uses Flash and is therefore unusable.• Im rubbish at texting. Tiny screen is annoying. I just want to know enough so that other people are enabled and that I dont create materials that prevent use.• Any application developed for teaching would have to be usable on several platforms to ensure as many students as possible can use them.• Might not provide opportunity for deeper thinking or critical analysis - just a superficial response• Accessibility & usability• Producing documents on iPads is laborious and you still need to send it to a pc or laptop to print. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  12. 12. Barriers / concerns / worries?• With modules studied by OU students who are based all over the world, including in developing/low-income countries (e.g. ET821), need VLE which always works (e.g. loads quickly, links to pages/documents/external sites which always work); concerns are always about connectivity, needing to download materials to be safe etc, download sizes etc• If we are to move (slowly!) to wider use of technology-based approaches to disseminating TESSA materials, need to offer download (i.e. continuous connectivity is not assumed) in forms which work for the medium - e.g. preserve the good aspects of web-based materials in ways which work with materials which will be used offline.• At present our photo blog has no button to report unsuitable content and no way for the module team to respond quickly if anything unsuitable is posted. This is a concern. Using technology like this can therefore have ongoing implications for workload and teaching practices.• We currently expect all students to have a computer with Internet. If we provide additional elements which need something more than a basic mobile phone, we will exclude those (like me) who choose not to go for additional expensive options. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  13. 13. Comments?• I have come across some work done by the Dept of Language on Learnosity(?) which I need to investigate in order to see if we could adapt it / adopt it for use with PGCE modern languages students.• Will handouts from the day be made available and where?• My real interest is in using mobile devices in schools ...• Will someone in LTS check and comment on materials to ensure were not preventing mobile use?• I am very interested in mobile learning but unfortunately I cant make it on the day so I will have to learn from colleagues and any info available afterwards.• I have completed this survey on my iPhone• Timely questions The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  14. 14. Is the future of the OU Mobile? http://www.smspoll.net/poll.result.chart.php?pollid=1389 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  15. 15. Would you come? http://www.smspoll.net/poll.result.chart.php?pollid=1409 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  16. 16. http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/MTgzMzc1NjU1NQ The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  17. 17. Thank You!Yishay MorYishay.Mor@open.ac.ukhttp://iet.open.ac.uk/Yishay.Morhttp://www.slideshare.net/yish/social-sciences-mobile-learning-day-the-surveywww.open.ac.uk/iet