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ASLD 2011: Info for delegates

  1. 1. ASLD 2011: The Art and Science of Learning DesignInformation for DelegatesRegistrationRegistration for the workshop is required and is managed at EventBrite, and you will bereceiving an invitation by email from EventBrite. You will need to register for a ticket to theworkshop and if you desire, for the dinner on the first night. Note that the ticket for the dinner islisted as “free”, but delegates will be responsible for their costs at the dinner event. Registrationallows us to plan for catering at the venue. If you have any special dietary requirements, do letus know. The registration deadline is: October 7.PreparationActive participation will be essential to deriving the most benefit from the workshop activities.We will be posting all of the workshop contributions on Cloudworks for review ( The papers will be streamed into 3 strands, with 4-5 in each. Your contribution will be organised into the relevant “cloud” within the ASLD 2011Cloudscape. We expect delegates to review the papers in their session and providecomments by 10 October. We recommend that delegates block out sufficient time to reviewthem in the next couple of weeks.Several delegates are providing Learning Design software for the activities on Day 2. If you aredoing so, please provide the chairs with installation instructions and a copy of the software, or ifit is online, a link to the software and a guest account we can use. Please provide the necessarydetails and software by October 7. If you will need a laptop to demo your system, please let usknow.Delegates who are not providing software will have the opportunity to use the tools to work withthem to implement a design. To support this, we request that each of you who are not providingsoftware will bring some materials/lesson plans/other resources so that you will be able to makea credible attempt to use the tools, without having to “fabricate” a learning design on the spot. Ifpossible, we suggest that you post this material to Cloudworks in advance, which may give thepresenters of software an idea of what you are planning to do.PublicationsWe are currently negotiating publication of papers in a special issue of Research in LearningTechnologies (formerly ALT_J) or Instructional Science. In addition to print, this includes anonline access component, which would allow for inclusion of multimedia content. We havealso received an expression of interest from the editors of the Sense TEL series for an editedbook. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an expanded abstract to be includedin a formal proposal, which would then be subject to approval by the Sense TEL editors. Wewould like to encourage participants to publish their contributions as open access materialsand recommend that you post your papers in the telearn archive ( or onSlideShare. If you do so, please send us a link and we will include it in the workshop site.Venue and ParticularsThe workshop will begin promptly at 1pm on 13 October and will end at 14:00 on 14 October.It is important that you arrive on time, because we intent to keep very closely to the schedule
  2. 2. (below). The workshop is to be held at the London knowledge Lab. A map, travel information,and accommodation details are available on the practical information page of the workshopwebsite. ( AgendaDay one13:00 Arrival (Tea and Coffee served)13:20 Welcome Keynote (Prof Richard Noss) and Plenary. Conference co-chairs will give an overview and explain how the workshop works.14:00 Group Work along three subject strands. Delegates will join the group related to the strand in which their paper was submitted: ○ Practices & Methods ○ Theoretical Frameworks + Representations ○ Tools & Resources ○ Delegates submitting software can select a strand to join. The activities will consist of paper presentations, collaborative concept mapping, and production of a short presentation.15:30 Tea & Coffee Break16:00 Plenary: Each stand presents their work and takes quick questions.16:30 Group Work: Delegates regroup into different subject strands to map issues, raise questions and identify directions for further work. Groups produce a presentation on their work.17:30 Closing Plenary18:00 End of day19:30 DinnerDay two09:00 Arrival (Tea and Coffee served)09:15 Plenary09:30 Group Work - demos of the software tools will be available for each group to work with. (Each delegate submitting software will assist others in using it.) Using a template (provided), each participant will produce a brief review of the tool, the process, and how it reflects on the issues from Day 1.11:30 Plenary Discussion: emerging themes, outputs, reflections, and ways forward12:30 Lunch (provided)13:30 Discussion of future plans, publications, and goodbyes14:00 End of WorkshopFor STELLAR Theme Team Delegates15:00 Planning meeting for STELLAR Learning Design Grid Theme Team only (agenda provided separately)17:00 End of meeting