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My vacation yinneth 1


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my vacation

Published in: Travel
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My vacation yinneth 1

  1. 1. Yinneth Panqueva Nemocon Recursos humanos (English) Year 2014
  2. 2. Where were you?
  3. 3. I was in Cartagena, It’s very beautiful and big. It have city wall, the great sea. CARTAGENA
  4. 4. Medellin is a excellent city, it have a meter and cable meter, his buildings are impressive. MEDELLIN
  5. 5. The experience of the caterpillar in Cartagena was unforgettable. We were good when we were falling in the water. Caterpillar
  6. 6. Are the peoples small? Not, the people aren’t little but in meter cable, they see small. METER CABLE
  7. 7. How soon I vomited, I was in the bus. I felt very weary and senseless. My vomit
  8. 8. ¡¡¡The food was very delightful!! I ate many fish with lemon, and plantain. In Medellin my favorite food was the beans. I did not eat trice with coco. I drunk excessive water, juices and lemonade. We bought much cocadas.
  9. 9. was weather hot? if the weather was very hot but very nice.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. I was with my friends last week in my vacasiones