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Gillette ppt


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Company Analysis and Outlook

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Gillette ppt

  1. 1. The Gillette Company: Dinosaur or Innovative Survivor? Yinka DaramolaA presentation by:
  2. 2. Organizational Overview • Founded in 1903 by King C. Gillette and Will Nickerson as an innovative approach to improving men’s daily shaving experience • Still predominantly known today as a shaving brand, 111 years later • Grew its market share and global presence by aggressively acquiring different firms between 1955 and 1996 • Acquired by P & G in 2005 for a record $ 57 billion (5 X Sales) • Currently ranked world’s 23rd most valuable brand by Forbes
  3. 3. Case Breakdown • Holds a 70% share of global blades and razors market • Revenues are currently at $ 8.03 billion • Its acquisition by Procter & Gamble has not done much to increase its earning power • Former Global Gillette has now been ‘stripped’ of its acquisitions by P & G management • Currently positioned in the personal grooming market selling Razors & blades, pre & post shave creams and deodorants and body washes
  4. 4. Case Breakdown • Acquired by P & G because of its great success and expertise in marketing its products to men • Its alliance with P & G appears to be far more beneficial to the parent company than to the brand • Has devolved from a multi-market player into a single market player • Uses high research and development budgets to stay innovative, and high advertising budgets to maintain image status • Favors sports endorsements and sponsorships as promotional tools, in comparison to other forms of traditional advertising
  5. 5. Challenges • No longer has a diverse portfolio to grow its revenues and brand image with • Conflicting management philosophies are shrinking sales for Gillette • Competitors such as Wilkinson Sword and Bic offer similar and less complicated products at good value • Shrinking advertising, promotional, and research and development (R & D) funds • Stagnant sales figures despite high advertising and R & D expense by parent company
  6. 6. Challenges • Products are becoming increasingly complicated and somewhat pricey • Sports endorsements losses could impact brand image and value • Competitors such as Wilkinson Sword and Bic offer similar and less complicated products at good value • Although entrance has been gained into the global women’s market, the synergies are not reflective of expectations • Brand has now reached maturity and needs to devise a strategy to grow sales or risk losing market share
  7. 7. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1997 2011 2012 2013 2014 Sales ($ billions) Sales ($ billions) Brand Global Sales, Lifecycle Stage Sources: Craft and Quick, 1999. P & G Annual Reports 2013, 2014
  8. 8. Market Impact • Parent firm spent $ 9.2 billion on advertising in 2014; using radio, television, print, and in-store advertising • R & D expense by P & G has remained at $ 2 billion annually over the last 3 years • Sales have remained stagnant regardless; hovering around $ 8 billion over the last 3 years • In 2006 it launched the six-bladed Fusion, which has sold over a billion dollars • Continues to use sports marketing and endorsements to maintain brand image
  9. 9. Market Impact • Has ventured successfully into the global women’s shaving market • Spent $300 million to research, develop, and market its Venus line • The resultant success earned Gillette a 50% share in the global women’s market • Has launched a new men’s shaving line called Fusion ProGlide Flexball in 2014
  10. 10. Projected Outcome • Gillette needs to develop a new strategy to grow brand revenues • Partnering with professional social media marketers can greatly enhance brand image and inform product development • New strategies and products should be engaged in, to expand foothold in women’s markets • Gillette should strive to keep itself in the forefront of consumers minds using technology to its advantage • Gillette will need to develop less complicated and more efficient products to stay competitive
  11. 11. Q1 • Mach 3 (1996) and Fusion (2006) both surpassed the $ 1 billion dollar mark in sales in record time • Both were products of interactive and expensive R & D investments • 7- bladed Fusion ProGlide Flexball (2014) took 5 years to develop and was tested on 24,000 men before its launch • Products may be becoming too complex, and just marginally more efficient. Strategy may need to change because complexity may scare off users • Focus should now be on developing less complex, and more efficient solutions to stay competitive • Serious priority should also be given to garnering a stronger foothold in women’s shaving markets
  12. 12. Q2 • Sports advertising has featured prominently in Gillette’s advertising strategy since 1939 • Brand endorsers are often chosen to mirror company values • Tiger Woods’ marital infidelities are in conflict with P & G company values of integrity • Supporting Woods’ would also have been a conflict of interest for a parent company distributing so many products consumed by families • A Bloomberg poll conducted shortly after the 2009 incident showed a fall in Woods’ popularity from 6th to 24th among consumers • Accenture also withdrew endorsement for the same principles
  13. 13. Q3 • Alliance with P & G not yielding expected benefits to Gillette. Will Gillette benefit commensurately from their experience with women? • Some success was recorded with the introduction of the Venus Shaving Line • P & G has not always had success with propelling its acquisitions into female markets • For instance, Tampax and Olay took 5 and 15 years respectively to yield tangible benefits after their acquisition • It will require a careful combination of P & G’s knowledge of women with properly channeled and interactive R & D to create the right products
  14. 14. Summary • Gillette’s marriage with P & G is clearly one-sided • Gillette needs to re-think its strategy of growing market share faced with shrinking budgets and increasing competition • Maintaining its prominence with sports advertising and endorsements works • Using the benefits of social media marketing to design new products and enforce existing brand image is essential to survival • Increasing its share in the global women’s market using P & G’s experience in marketing to women, will shorten the learning curve • Gillette can still grow market share if it focuses on developing less complicated new shaving products for men
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