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THAI Airways Intern report00chutima-Paris Business College

  1. 1. PARIS BUSINESS COLLEGE GROUP INSEEC Internship Report Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Co., Thailand June 03rd – August 30th, 2013 Submitted by: Chutima GULTANGVATTANA 3rd Year of Promotion 2014 September 16th, 2013
  2. 2. 2 Contents Page Abstract………………………………………………………………………………………3 Preface……………………………………………………………………………………..…4 Acknowledgment……………………………………………………………………………..5 Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………...6 Company Profile………………………………………………………………………………7 Tasks, Projects and Activities of internship …………………………………………………9 - Process of THAI Global Corporate Sale…………………………………………10 - Personal Assistance works……………………………………………………….11 - Global Corporate Sale works……………………………………………………11 - Media Commercial……………………………………………………………….13 - Report presentation………………………………………………………………14 Internship work reflection…………………………………………………………………...16 - Reflection on work………………………………………………………………16 - Reflection on personal development……………………………………………16 Problems and difficulties……………………………………………………………………17 Benefits from the internship…………………………………………………………………17 Recommendation……………………………………………………………………………18 Conclusion ………………………………………………………………………………….18 Annexes - Cover letter in English version - Cover letter in French version - Certificate of Internship from Director of Alliance Development Department at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, CO. - Company’s internship evaluation - Thai Airways International PCL, Co.’s organization chart
  3. 3. 3 Abstract This report refers to work during 3 months my internship with Global Corporate Sale in Alliance Development Department at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Co. from 3rd July 2013 until 30th August 2013. During my internship, I have contributed several activities to achieve my goals. I was a personal assistance of Director Alliance Develop Department to understand and have total view of the work. I completed the pricing grid for customer. I prepared a presentation company profile ready for presentation to customer. I participated in the meeting with customer both conference call and face to face meeting and participated in internal meeting with functions concerned. Also I did update the customer data base from time to time. In this internship report will describe all my works and experiences of my internship. It contains an overview of the internship company and the inside activities, tasks and projects that I have worked on during my internship. I also wrote about my learning objective and personal goals that I focus and expect during my internship period.
  4. 4. 4 Preface Currently I am a 3rd year student of Paris Business College group INSEEC therefore I made this internship report to completing a Bachelor’s degree of INSEEC BBA (Bachelor of Business Administrative) during 3 months of my internship at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Co. The reasons that I choose to do my internship in Thailand because I want to benefit from the experience and I want also provide my knowledge that I get from another country. As Thailand is my home place so that I want to provide my knowledge that I gained from school in aboard to compare and provide the difference of knowledge and work process with other people so that we can share and improve for the best solution in our work to develop our country. I want to do my internship to experience the international business world and to leaning, improve and develop new sets of skills. One of my goals is to use my knowledge and learn process in big company. Another goal is that to know more people in the company.
  5. 5. 5 For this opportunity, I thank; Nitana Maluangnon, who is the Director of Alliance Development Department and my job assigned. I really want to thank her for giving me the opportunity to follow my internship at her department. She had the kindness to accept me and guide me though my internship with advise, feedback and tips despite her busy schedule. Amornrut Sriyaphai, who work as a company’s human resource. I want to thank her for giving me an opportunity to work at Thai Airways International PCL, Co. and finding me a good position that suit with my interested for my internship. Anon J, Who is manager of Global Corporate Sales. He always support me and give me many information about THAT. Prapaporn, who is my internship coach at THAI. She helps and training me during my internship by giving feedback and tips in any works. She had always answered me all my questions concerning my task with her pleased. Also I appreciated all the staffs I worked with and spent a nice moments with during my internship at THAI. I want to thank Mrs.Sirin, Mrs.Kassama, Mrs.Kachaphat and Mrs.Vimonwan. Refer to my internship at Thai in Alliance Development Department, I was very happy and enjoyed with them. It is a great experience and I really want to thank everyone for it.
  6. 6. 6 Introduction This report presents a description of my three months internship at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand between 03 July 2013 and 30 August 2013. Since I am interested in Marketing, the work was concentrated on Global Corporate Sale in Alliance Development Department (Star Alliance) and I worked also as an assistance of Director Alliance Development Department. Internship Objectives This is my first time that I work at a big company such as THAI Airways International so that I expect to learn company process, organization and how to work as a professional. Even I have learned many things from school but I do not know how it is in real life. This time THAI, one of the world best airlines company who gave me an opportunity to be a part of their employee thus I intend to take advantages to learning and collect a precious experience for my future life. In addition, to meet a variety of people, it can improve my communication skill with people in different levels whether the seniority of qualifications, work experience, race, culture, etc. It is a good chance for me to see how apply my knowledge from classroom in the real life. Before my internship began I expect and have focus several leaning goals, which I want to achieve: - To understand the process and working condition in a big company; - To see how is work in a professional environment; - To see that this kind of work is a possibility fro my future work; - To see what knowledge I need to work in a professional environment; - To see how my knowledge from class can use in work; - To learn and see more people work in a real life; - To learn about the organization of a company such as planning, preparation, process, etc.; - To use my skill and knowledge from class in the work; - To improve my knowledge; - To get experience in working in another country or another company with people from another culture; - To enhance my communication skills;
  7. 7. 7 - To know more people, have more connection. With my knowledge I obtained, my energy and responsibility, I knew that I could learn much and I could achieve my learning objectives. Thai Airways International PCL, Co is one of an international company in Thailand and I have also interested in the marketing and communication field so that is why I choose to do an intern in this company. It is suitable and I could achieve my learning goals from here. Company Profile Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand flying domestic and international routes and is a state enterprise under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. The Aviation Business and Business Unites related to air transport form the Company’s core business. THAI is also known as one of the world’s leading ground handling service agents. The corporate headquarters is in Chatuchak District, Bangkok and primarily operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai Airways is a founding of the Star Alliance and is the largest shareholder of the Nok Air 49 which is the low-cost carrier and it launched a regional carrier under the name “Thai Smile” in 2012. There are 75 destinations in 35 countries that Thai flies using more than 80 aircrafts. Currently, Thai has new Airbus A380 6 aircrafts are flying a class configuration. Thai Airways route network is dominated by flights to Europe, East Asia and South/Southwest Asia, though the airline serves Johannesburg in South Africa and five cities in Oceania. THAI has one of the largest passenger operations in Europe. Vision “The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai” To serve the First Choice Carrier by providing customers quality service with high level of satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships through consistent delivery of memorable unique quality of service with Touches of THAI. THAI has qualified human resources and well maintained ground service equipment to serve airlines allowing them to meet own service standards at a reasonable cost.
  8. 8. 8 Mission  Offering air travel both in Thailand and international services with a convenient and safe to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.  Maintaining international standards with effective management, transparency and honesty to increase performance and maximize benefits gained by its shareholders.  Creating a suitable working environment and offer salary increments as a motivator for the staff to show higher work performance with high job satisfaction for the smooth running of business.  Be socially responsible as the national airline. Objectives To achieve the vision, THAI recognizes the role of the national airline with social responsibility. Therefore, THAI have the following objectives, 1. Retain all customers and business partners fairly and honestly and protect the interests of every customer. 2. Be natural in politics for the benefit of both Thai nation and society. 3. Run business on the basis of fair competition. 4. Support the efficient use of domestic resources while preserving natural resources with minimum impact on the environment. Board of directors The president of the Thai Airways is Dr. Sorachak Kasemsuvan and Mr. Ampon Kittiampon serves as the Chairman of the company. Thai Airway’s Board of Directors is made up of knowledgeable and qualified individuals of various backgrounds and experience including airline industry, finance, accounting, legal and high ranking government officials. Members of the board actively contribute in various areas of the Airway’s operations including the Airway’s vision, mission, objectives, strategies, goals and approving the strategic directions and policies.
  9. 9. 9 Star alliance In 1997, Thai Airways International joined with Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS, and United Airlines to establish “Star Alliance”, the first global airline alliance. From the first launch on 14 May 1997, Star Alliance is still having the leading and the largest global airline alliance, comprising 28 quality airlines. There are Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airline, Austrian Airlines, Avianca-TACA group, Brussels Airlines, COPA Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, EVE, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Swiss Int’l Airlines, TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways Int’l, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways. Star Alliance offers a comprehensive global network to more places of 1,329 airports in 195 countries with more than 21,900 daily departures. It offers top flight products and services delivered with a cultural flair. A wide rage of frequent flyer travel benefits and better connections via coordinated schedules at key hubs. Vision To be the leading global airline alliance for the high value international travelers. Mission To contribute to the long-term profitability of its members beyond their individual capabilities. Tasks, Projects and Activities of internship During my internship, I had been assigned to work on projects and activities that mostly focus on Global Corporate Sale and personal assistance. My daily tasks and activities consisted of the following:  Personal Assistant to understanding and have total view of the work  Complete the pricing grid for customer  Fare loading/ fare filling  Prepare slide presentation, company profile ready for presenting to customer
  10. 10. 10  Participated in the meeting with customer both conference call and face to face meeting  Participated meeting SAAT  Internal meeting with functions concerned  Update the customer data base from time to time  Mailing letters to clients  Prepare template for agreement between THAI and customer company  Participated in shooting TV commercial advertising  Research report AEC (Asian Economic Contribution) Process of THAI Global Corporate Sale Firstly, I want to show you a process of THAI Global Corporate Sale how is work. THAI Global Corporate Sale Department Mutually agreed on Fares and Conditions, Contract finalizing and Signing the agreement. THAI sends template of main Contract to Corporate Customer to review and comment. THAI and Corporate Customer final review for the proposal. THAI sends proposal to Corporate Customer for 1st negotiation. THAI analyses REP and consolidates fares each PoS and prepare proposal. Once NDA agrees and signed by authorized signatory, one copy return to Corporate Customer and another for THAI. THAI receive request for Proposal (REP) from Corporate Customer. Global Corporate Customer Complete THAI sends Template of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to Corporate Customer to review and comment.
  11. 11. 11 Personal Assistant works I have worked with Director of Alliance Development Department. I helped her preparing a presentation for internal meeting such as a business plan, manpower, etc. and preparing material for training new cabin crew and pilot about Star Alliance. I also helped her arrange documents and make in a file. Global Corporate Sale works Mailing letters to clients Most Corporate Sale customer is international company. We target company who is frequently flying. To mailing and contact with our client is an important daily work. The fares need to be updated and propose them therefore email letters need to be sending out to clients. I also send out fare loading about the next season to the department of fare loading to give them to upload fare and test fare before launching. Complete the pricing grid for Corporate Customer Before we have proposed fare to client, we have to arrange the price in each Point of Sale first. By using an excel program, I create a form and table in each Point of sale and divided in 8 points; Original of destination, Route, date of fare agreement, Airline, Classes, Origin price, Price Discount and High/low season. Propose fares to Corporate Customer To propose fares to customer, firstly I have to select fares from the Point of Sale which relates to the route that company would fly and propose them. Fare loading/ fare filling After we have a new price for next session, I have to send out the fare to download on online system to the department of fare loading and test the fares before launching on system. Mr.Dullapong who is a fare loading teams that I always contact with him. He will update me when the fare was loaded or when there is a problem of fares. Prepare slide presentation, company profile ready for presenting to customer I prepared a presentation of company profile in PowerPoint to present to customer and to let them more understanding about our company. In the presentation, it included company
  12. 12. 12 profile and products. First of presentation, I presented company’s overview that consist of company’s history brief, operation flights, routes, aircrafts, services and awards. Second, I presented THAI products which are Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy class. I also chose to present the Royal Orchid Spa in the presentation that it shows what “Touch of Silk” is. At the last of my presentation, I presented the Environment Awareness of Thai Airways International PCL, Co. that we are in Green Peace member. Participated in the meeting with customer both conference call and face to face meeting It was two times that I have chance to participate in the meeting with customer, once is conference call from Toyota Motor in Thailand and once in face to face meeting with Kodak Company. According to Toyota is a big company, there is a number of manufactures in Asia and Thailand, so that they will our clients and without problem with our fares. They are satisfied with our proposal both routes and fares and they have done the agreement with THAI. In the other hands, Kodak Company who is having been Bankruptcy Company, after we have discussed, they propose us to decrease price for them. See from their financial situation that is not stable therefore now the contract have not done. It is on process of negotiation between THAI and Kodak. Update the customer data base from time to time To update the customer data base, we are always searching and contacting with our partners such in Sale department, Star Alliance office in Frankfurt GmbH Department (Headquarter) etc. The process goes through the phone and email. We request and check the information together time to time by one or two times per month. Documents will be sent regularly throughout in the day or two days and most documents have to be edit and reviewed regarding in that moment. Prepare template for agreement between THAI and Customer Company According to the process of Global Corporate Sale, there is a contract have to be signed between our company and Customer Company, therefore my work is also preparation the agreement between two companies and follow the movement and the signature of both THAI’s CEO and Customer Company’s CEO.
  13. 13. 13 Analysis Annual Revenue Report 2012 of Global Corporate Sale On 25th June, 2013 there is a Internal meeting with VP of Alliance & Commercial Development therefore I have analysis annual report 2012 which consist of the budget of TG own and Star Alliance in 2012, revenue of TG Own and Star alliance 2012 and analysis a number of accounts of customer in both TG own and Star in 2012 VS 2013. I analyzed a number accounts of TG own and TG Star between 2012 and 2013 by counting a new accounts, who is a new account of TG own and come from Star account, what is a target budget for 2013, an adjusted target and a different actual and target in a percentage. Participated meeting SAAT (Star Alliance Airport Team) On 22nd August 2013, I participated the meeting SAAT which is the meeting to present and introduce SAAT’s work to EVA air who is a new member in the teams. The meeting was occurred at Suvannaphum airport, Bangkok that most of participants are Station master of Airlines Company such as Thai Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airline, Ethiopia Airline, etc. at totally 30 participants. The meeting is talk about a general work, the organization, and updated news. From this meeting, it make me know more about SAAT and understand how it work. Participated Internal meeting with functions concerned On 25th June and 26th August 2013, I participated in the internal meeting with VP of Alliance & Commercial Development. There are 20 participants in the meeting which are Marketing & Commercial department, Sale department and Alliance Development Department. From this meeting I more understand the process of work and professional working environment. Media Commercial Participated in shooting TV commercial advertising I have an opportunity two times to visit a studio shooting TV commercial of Thai Airways International. First time is on 22nd July 2013, it is a TV commercial shooting to present “Smooth as silk”. It placed at Suvanaphum Internatioanal Airport in Bangkok. My second time is on 29th August 2013, it is an advertisement of Star Alliance which is Mr.Buekaw as a presenter. To promote and attract the world to fly with Thai Airways therefore we chose Mr.Buekaw who is currently most popular Thai boxer in the world. From this activity, it made me much more interested in Advertising work. I felt enjoy and touched of professional
  14. 14. 14 work because the team of advertising, they are a real professional team who came from England. It is very lucky for me to get this chance and work with them. Research report Report of AEC (Asian Economic Contribution) During my internship at Thai Airways International PCL, Co., I was assigned a report about AEC (Asian Economic Contribution) from my director of Star Alliance Development Department because the AEC is the hottest issue in currently and she wants to know what is AEC and opportunity for THAI. So I made the report that consists of the history and objective of AEC and opportunity for THAI company that will get from the ACE. Summary of AEC report: AEC stands for ASEAN Economic Community shall be the goal of regional economic integration by 2015 which comprises The 10 ASEAN member countries: Brunei, Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Asean leaders have agreed the AEC could be launched on Dec 31, 2015. The goal of establishing AEC to transform the region into a single market and production base with a highly competitive advantage to make it a stable and prosperous region. The characteristics and elements of AEC : A. Single Market and Production Base:  Free flow of goods  Free flow of services  Free flow of investment  Freer flow of capital;  Free flow of skilled labour B. High Competitive Economic Region, according to the AEC blueprint:  Competition Policy  Consumer Protection  Intellectual Property Rights
  15. 15. 15  Infrastructure Development  Taxation  E-Commerce C. Equitable Economic Development:  SME Development  Initiative for ASEAN Integration D. Integration into the Global Economy :  Cooperative Approach towards External Economic Relations  Enhance Participation in Global Supply Networks. Pros in ACE’s member Myanmar : Agriculture and Fisheries Products Malaysia : Rubber and Textile Products Indonesia : Moto Industry and Wood Products Philippines : Electronics Singapore : Information Technology Thailand : Tourism and Aviation Vietnam : Logistic Opportunity for THAI company from AEC According to pros of Thailand, you can see that we will be a leader of tourism and Aviation in Asia Pacific. Therefore, THAI will directly get an opportunity from AEC because Thailand is a central of Asian Pacific, the central of commercial and rich of tourism therefore when Thailand is a center of passenger in the same ways Thai Airways International PCL,Co, will gain more passenger.
  16. 16. 16 Internship work reflection Reflection on work Working as a Personal Assistance and Global Corporate Sale in Alliance Develop Department helped me develop and learns many things. As a Personal Assistance, I have many works in different kinds, I went many place in that different works such as a preparation presentation, preparation material for presentation and meeting, participated internal meeting and outside meeting, participated in shooting TV commercial and participated in class of cabin crew. The good thing is that these works are all aspects of the knowledge I obtained during my communication education. This knowledge has helped me a lot with the projects that I have done for Thai Airways International PCL, Co. I had studied the structure of company, business plan, manpower, and budget. I learned how to do marketing, business plan and how to come up with strategies. The knowledge that I obtained of my education has really help me in this work. During my internship I have worked on analysis revenue report and budget. I have analyzed Global Corporate Sale’s financial. This is the first time I had done this, I did not know how to do. The budget was really complicate and the description was very difficult. Each equipment has other equipments with all different costs and that made it complicated but after I understood how it work it made me easier to work on it. To work on analyzing it has helped me more develop and improve my capability of analysis and my future research. During the internship, I had conduct on analysis revenue and budget. This helped me understand the annual report and budget process. As for my observing and analyzing skill, I had to monitor and observe the use of excel program weekly. It has also helped me understand about the financial such as cost that are involved in the report. Calculated revenue and budget target, has help me improve my financial skill too. Reflection on personal development I have achieved how to work effectively on my internship by working and using to-do list. Mrs.Nitana, who is my director she was usually sending me to-do list by email. The to-do list is show work that I have to make it done first and had more priority than other daily tasks. I want to work more precisely. At the beginning of my internship, I noticed that there are lots of mistakes found in my work. Most of mistakes are grammar, spelling and not well pay
  17. 17. 17 attention. So now I have improved that by reading, focusing and pay attention better on my work. Problems and difficulties The only main problem with me in this work is that I did not have any knowledge of Aviation Business. That is why first two week of my internship were a litter bit difficult because most of time I have to learn and understand the Aviation business. I have to study the process of Global Corporate Sale and all about Star Alliance. But most of time, at least what I tried to do is figuring out everything on my own and support from my inter coach at office. By working this why I learned about the subject on my own and I keep learning by doing. Benefits from the internship From my internship at Thai Airways International PCL, Co., I got many opportunities to learn and develop myself in many areas. I gained a lot of experience, especially in Corporate Sale and communication. A lot of the tasks and activities that I have worked on during my internship are familiar with what I am studying at the moment. I more understand company’s structure and particular work process and team work. I was developed my language skill such a English that I have to use everyday in my work. I have self development, be more responsible and work as a professional. I learned a lot from my college and the different intern that I have been working with during my internship. Each people have a different experience and education background and that made it interesting for me. By working with them I got to learn from them and become aware educational background.
  18. 18. 18 Recommendation Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Co. is a good company for interns. THAI supports and helps interns improve and develops their skills. But THAI normally accept just interns from Thai university therefore I would recommend THAI to open and give opportunities for the interns in international and Thai student who studying aboard. I think If THAI open this opportunity to them, THAI could gain more benefits because interns from aboard they have a different culture so that THAI can take that different to learn and adapt in the company in win-win term. I would recommend to interns who like Thailand. To work at Thai Airways International PCL, Co. you will learn and gain many things from here. Firstly, you will understand the process of work, to see Thai culture with Touch of Thai. I confirmed that this place will make you enjoy and happy with work. Especially in Alliance Development Department, I would recommend to all international interns to work in this department because they always welcoming and support an intern from international. The work will relate to your appearance. For example most customers are foreigners so English will be very useful in this work to contact with customer. Moreover life in Thailand is very nice and most of Thai people are friendly, smiley, kindness these are charm of Thai that most people loved it therefore I would recommend that you will have a happiness and a good moment while you work here. Conclusion First of all I want to thank all Staffs at Thai Airways International PLC, Co. About three months that I’d worked as an internship at Thai Airways International PLC, Co I had gain lots of knowledge and very good experiences. I’d learned about the process of operation, did have a chance to contract with customers by sending emails. They assigned works such as fare filling, the contact between company and customers, personal assistance, prepare slides for presentation to customer and participate in the meeting, etc. All these works that they assigned me, I am very glad to do and learn. Moreover I have more understanding of company’s structures, particularly for work process, teamwork, developing my English skill and self-development which made me have more responsibility, more awareness of the role and importance of the work, more confidence and more professional. I also learned how to have good relationship with people around me. I
  19. 19. 19 thoroughly enjoyed my work in Alliance Develop department in the company. Honestly, I can say that I am so lucky to be participating in this team. During the internship, colleagues make me feel warm like a family they are very nice and are willing to teach me, help me and support me every thing. I do I have improved my computer skill such as program excel and power point that I gained more knowledge from works of accounting. And I know how to use Airline program for checking or booking ticket that is usually in general Airline industry. In these days, these things that I learn are very in my future life. Therefore the knowledge and experiences, which learned by this internship, is regarded as my opportunities for work in the future. I am willing to work in this company.
  20. 20. 20 Annexes