Six rows of flowers corregido


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Six rows of flowers corregido

  1. 1. SIX ROWS OF FLOWERSMeet The Author Toshio Mori (1910~1980) grew up in California. He has writtenhundreds of stories. Most of them are about his experiences as a JapaneseAmerican. Mori worked for many years in a flower shop owned by hisbrothers. You can see how that led him to write “Six Rows of Flowers.”Mori’s most famous book is Yokohama, California, a collection of shortstories.Summery: Tatsuo’s uncle Hiroshi wanted Tatsuo to learn through experience,Hiroshi believes that experience is a good teacher. He gave Tatsuo sixrows of pompons to take care of. And Tatsuo learnt everything with whathis uncle said. But most of his flowers had died. So Tatsuo’s fatherwanted to cut down his flower rows and burn them. Tatsuos uncle said tolet Tatsuos plants stay. Even though Tatsuo had only reap one bunch offlowers, he could still take that money and do anything he wanted.Because this is an experience for him.Plot analysisRising action:1. Tatsuo asked a lot of questions. Toshio Mori told his uncle “ We must do something about this. We can’t spend our time continually answering little Tatsuo questions.” And his uncle said, “yes, we’ll let little Tatsuo learn through experience. Experience is a good teacher.”2. Tatsuos uncle gave six rows of pompons to Tatsuo to take care ofthem. 3. Tatsuos uncle tough Tatsuo how to take care of the flowers suchas spray bugs, pull out the weeds, how to check the moisture in the soil… etc. and his uncle told him that when he have enough flowers to make a big bunch, they will sell them for him at the flower market.4. A few of the plants in the six rows of flowers survived. But most of the plants had died before the cool weather arrived. Some died because the earth was too dry. Some were killed by the gopher. And some were
  2. 2. crushed by the tall weeds that were growing everywhere. When Tatsuo’s father saw, he wanted to cut down the flower rows and burn them. But Tatsuos uncle said to let Tatsuos plants stay.Climax: Little Tatsuo had just enough flowers to make one bunch. But hisuncle helped him to sold the flowers, and Tatsuo earned the money.Tatsuo’s father hope Tatsuo save his money but his uncle said to let himspend it and enjoy his money.Resolution:Tatsuos uncle, Toshio, and Tatsuo’s father said “Tatsuo is probably theworse gardener in the world.”Characterization:Tatsuo: a little boy who loved to ask and is curious.Hiroshi: foresight, wisdom and bold.Moral of the story:Hiroshi was the man with patience and tolerance. He believes evena child can learn something difficult. But they need to accumulateexperience.Student opinion:We can not limited the ability of human, even if it is a child. Thatis why when we want to do something, we cannot do our best, it isbecause that we have always limited ourselves.