Age UK Conference Shrewsbury 14 Nov 2013


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Fuel poverty, affordable warmth, sustainable energy, sustainability, health.

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  • Rural properties still more susceptible
  • It is quite a complex problem. But that means there are also a number of routes to the solutions. These basically fall into two categories; buildings and people. (Note bullet points). These are the sorts of things we will be covering today so you best placed to help people in your area. For some of them, this training will enable you to provide the solution yourself – like where to access help or advising people on ways they can change the way they use energy. For others, we will advise you of where you can send people so they can get more specific advice.
  • Age UK Conference Shrewsbury 14 Nov 2013

    1. 1. AGE UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Annual Conference 2013 The Energy Trilemma: Cost, Carbon & Security How older people can insulate themselves from rocketing energy costs Richard Davies MBE
    2. 2. Copyright Statement: The images used in this presentation are assumed to be in public domain and are used under the fair dealing principle. This presentation has been created by the not for profit charitable organisation Marches Energy Agency for educational and non-commercial purposes. If you are the owner of the images and you believe that their use in this presentation is in violation of any copyright law or other law, then please contact Marches Energy Agency at and we will respond to your concerns.
    3. 3. ‘We see nothing truly till we understand it’ John Constable 1836
    4. 4. “It’s endlessly fascinating. From up here one can see the strained worried faces of mere mortals as they struggle to pay their gas bills.”
    5. 5. Good morning!
    6. 6. AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. Marches Energy Agency? ‘We need to talk about energy’? The Energy ‘Trilemma’ What support is out there, and how can I help? 5. What do we do on Friday? 6. Some inspiration…….?
    7. 7. What have future generations ever done for us?
    8. 8. Mission… Local sustainable energy ‘Do Tank’. Honest broker. Not for profit. Our mission is to fix unsustainable energy: 1. fuel poverty 2. energy security 3. climate change. We try to do this in ways that improve places economically, socially and environmentally.
    9. 9. Local Authority Telford & Wrekin Total annual domestic Annual Cost energy spend/£ £/household Annual Cost £/person Total £1,282 £512 £194,640,674 Shropshire £85,391,456 £1,501 £636 £280 million Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire are spending: £23.3 million per month £5.4 million per week £767,000 per day £32,000 per hour £8.88 per second…….. During my 35 minutes slot: £18,700
    10. 10. £200,000,000 pa Gas: £252 pa Elec: £156 pa Total: £408 pa
    11. 11. Some of the Headlines from 14th March 2013 UK ‘woefully unprepared’ for an ageing population, warns committee ‘A big shift in services is essential so that the many more older people with long-term conditions can be well cared for and supported in their own homes and in the community and not needlessly end up in hospital’. ‘Living longer is a blessing and should bring great benefits’ This debate primarily revolves around health and social care BUT will this debate include how those older people can keep warm?
    12. 12. The energy tri-lemma
    13. 13. Fuel poverty and rurality…. Source NEA Type of locality Urban Number of households in fuel poverty (thousands) Total number of households (thousands) % of households in this group that are in fuel poverty % of all fuel poor households that are in this group 2,691 17,414 15.5% 76.1% Rural – town & fringe 326 2,033 16.0% 9.2% Rural – villages, hamlets & isolated dwellings 520 2,152 24.1% 14.7% 3,536 21,600 16.4% 100.0% Total
    14. 14. Latest DECC Marches Fuel Poverty Statistics Published 16th May 2013 Locality 2010 % HH’s in FP 2011 % HH’s in FP Ranking out of 325 (previous) Herefordshire 27.1% 23.7% (-3.4%) 6th (2nd) Shropshire 25.0% 21.2% (-3.8%) 20th (4th) Telford & Wrekin 16.7% 12.9% (-3.8%) 202nd (147th) Source: DECC Sub-Regional Fuel Poverty Statistics
    15. 15. George Monbiot
    16. 16. Local Authority Annual cost to the NHS of cold related ill health Telford & Wrekin £4.1 million Shropshire £8.0 million TOTAL £12.1 million Total cost: £1.0 million a month £1,380 an hour £23 a minute
    17. 17. Health impacts of cold homes…… o Hypothermia o Increased respiratory illness chronic bronchitis or emphysema o Increased blood pressure leading to heart disease and strokes o Worsening arthritis and rheumatism o Increased falls and accidents o Worsening of long-term medical conditions including mental health issues o Poorer nutrition o Increased admissions to acute services
    18. 18. 85% of existing houses will be standing in 2050 Government commitment to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050 (25% of emissions currently from housing). 196,282 homes across Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire – most do not meet thermal targets. We need to be retrofitting 5,452 homes a year or 105 per week across T&W and Shropshire. For Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire this is a £83 – 113 million per annum market. Between 2,720 & 3,670 jobs would be created or supported by this level of investment.
    19. 19. Green Deal Basics….
    20. 20. The Energy Company Obligation I…..
    21. 21. The Energy Company Obligation II…..
    22. 22. Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
    23. 23. Fuel poverty causes o Low income o Expensive energy costs o Energy inefficient homes o Under occupancy
    24. 24. Who can identify fuel poverty? oAnyone oYou! oTrusted, known, knowledgeable oHow might you spot it?
    25. 25. Triggers: What you may SEE? Outdoors: o Severe condensation on windows o Curtains kept closed to retain heat Indoors: o Mould stains on walls or curtains o Portable bottled gas or electric heaters o Heating controls absent / not working / switched off o Visual evidence that heating appliances are not being used. e.g. dust on heating elements o Blocked vents
    26. 26. Triggers: What you may SENSE? o Cold o Large differences in temperatures between rooms o Draughts o The smell of damp
    27. 27. Triggers – What you may HEAR? o ‘Sorry about the cold.’ o ‘That draught gives me an achy neck.’ o ‘I don’t know how I’m going to pay that next bill.’ o ‘I just use this room really – that’s all I really need’ o ‘I can’t get rid of this cough.’ o ‘They talk about direct debits but I like this key meter.’ o ‘I don’t need the heating yet – I’ve got jumpers and my little heater.’
    28. 28. Fuel poverty solutions o Maximising income - benefit entitlement checks o Minimising outgoings - household budgeting o Draught proofing o Insulating the home o Heating controls o Changing behaviour o Getting cheaper energy: switching, bulk buying o Accessing help e.g. fuel debt……
    29. 29. New MEA approach - very significant opportunity Agreement signed with Stretton Climate Care Developing relationships with other core partners Seeking ‘light touch’ relationship with many other groups “Stretton Climate Care is delighted to join the eco@MEA scheme and are looking forward to working with them to take advantage of ECO and Affordable Warmth Funding for people in our community. Being local, keeping things simple and knowing the people we shall work with, rather than using some national provider with a distant call centre, will have many advantages” Jon Cooke – Chair of Stretton Climate Care – Nov 13
    30. 30. “The crisis is in implementation.” Kofi Annan, 2002
    31. 31. “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” John Ruskin
    32. 32. Telling people to live differently doesn't work. If we are really to live differently, it will not be as a result of moralising; it will happen because we want to, and because we come to reconnect with our environment and the other living things that make life worthwhile. As psychologists are increasingly telling us, two emotions dominate modern life: feelings of emptiness strongly linked with materialism, and feelings of hope linked to a belief that we can find better ways to live. Our dependence on nature extends far beyond our material wellbeing, and informs our sense of meaning at the deepest level. This sense of meaning will provide a motivation for us to change the way we live – not because we are told that we ought to, but because we feel that we want to. Jane Kendall 27th February 2008
    33. 33. Don’t just stand there, do something!
    34. 34. For more information…. Contact: Richard Davies MBE 01743 277100 07941 155538