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Safe and Caring Schools


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Published in: Career, Technology
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Safe and Caring Schools

  1. 1. Safe and CaringSchoolsby Yihong Zhang
  2. 2. Safe School
  3. 3. Cyber BullyingCyber-bullying is the cyber bullying is more likelya invisible action at which it happens, thenumbers of people involved, but the targeted kidcan„t get away because there‟s no safe place forhim or her to go.In addition, Adult will not find out the cyber-bullying, because its "virtually invisible to adults,where the harassment or intimidation comesdirectly to the child through a text, or email or asa social media posts.
  4. 4. Why do you think some people bully others?The reason is children who are mistreated at homestart as a result some of them become bulliesbecause this provides them with a great deal of reliefand may let them feel worthy and strong..Why do some people stand by and passively observebullying, rather than intervene?people would not like to be involved in this kind ofsituation and don‟t want to be the next bullying victim.On other hand, some people just want to see what isgoing to happen and they feel good about it, just likewatching a comedy movie.
  5. 5. I have seen a bullying incident before. My best friend‟s younger brother Jack,who is in Grade 7. His classmate was sending him a text message to say,“ You are loser.” And Jack told us this guy is the same person who alwaysmake joke on him when they are at school. Those kinds of bullying incidentsare really make jack feel terrible and wants to quit school.In my own opinion, some people like to use cyber-bullying now rather thantraditional-bullying, cyber bullying is more likely a invisible action at which ithappens, the numbers of people involved, but the targeted kid cant get awaybecause theres no safe place for him or her to go. Secondly, Adult will not findout the cyber-bullying, because its "virtually invisible to adults, where theharassment or intimidation comes directly to the child through a text, or emailor as a social media posts until they tell us about it.I think the best way to prevent those kinds of bullying is actually sit down andwatch these kind of bullying news together with their young family members asthese news give out very valuable knowledge to help parents to comfort and towork out the situation with the their family members. Besides that these newswould actually show the result of sending personal nude picture, allowingyoung people to think about their actions before proceeding. Lastly, I think forparents to understand the law and proceed to legal action in forcing the viral
  6. 6. Reflective ResponseThe Internet acts as a spider web, where everybody can know everything from theweb with the latest update. A great example is the YouTube viral video from Koreanpop star PSY, his “Gangnam style” video went viral with more then 1.6 billion viewsin 10 months when the world itself only holds around 6.9 billion. The Internet allowsinformation to reach more people in the least time; it would be devastating if thispower were used in a negative way such as cyber bullying.Cyber bullying is a serious issue that needs to be address immediately. Cyberbullying basically starts with a humiliating post that can either be a picture, a video,or a status post that is published on a social media that the victim and the bully shareand most mutual friends are connected. As the post is shared, others see it wouldadd their personal opinion and continue sharing the humiliating post. This then placean enormous amount on the victim and when she/he has no where to go to forcomfort they then hurt or take their own life‟s.Sadly, teenagers do not take the action of sharing as a form of bully. Some peoplejust want to see what is going to happen and they feel good about it, just likewatching a comedy movie. And others would say that they own the freedom ofspeech and they can share anything they please on their social media site. But I amhere to share my knowledge on cyber bulling, and the action of distributing andcontinuously sharing certain post are illegal, therefore everyone has theresponsibility in regard to the privacy of others online.