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Make Your Own Charting Library with d3


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Make Your Own Charting Library with d3

  1. 1. BOSTON D3.JSMAKE YOUR OWN CHARTING LIBRARY WITH D3 Created by Erik Solen / @eriksolen
  2. 2. WHAT WELL DO TONIGHTShow an example of wrapping up d3 code as a jQuery plugin and discuss the technologies involved.Dig into the d3 code and mess around with different parts of the viz.
  3. 3. WHY WERE DOING ITExamples for d3 code can be excellent in what they do,but often lack an opinion on how to package the viz for general use.Im trying to remove the packaging as a barrier to entry and allow innovation with d3 to be more reusable.
  4. 4. BIG PICTURELots of librariesAnd frameworksUsed where appropriateMakes a Serious Front End Stack
  7. 7. SNEAK PEEK
  8. 8. STEPS TO GET SETUPRepo 1. Clone the Repo 2. $ c d - l g n t l d 3pui-ak 3. $ p t o - S m l H T S r e yhn m ipeTPevr Instructions are in the
  9. 9. CODE EXAMPLES Potential for Success IMPORTANT FILESexamples/bike.htmlexamples/bike-config.js ( docs )examples/bike-main.js ( docs )plugins/matrix.js ( docs )
  10. 10. REFERENCESD3.jsjQueryjQuery UIRequireJSLo-Dash (Underscore.js replacement)
  11. 11. THANKS ERIK SOLEN yieldbot.comcode and slides available on github